Collection: CUAV Nano Autopilot

Nora Autopilot

Nora is an advanced autopilot launched in May 2020; it uses a higher performance STM32H7 series processor than the PX4 previous-generation flight controller (FMUv5), and integrates high-precision industrial-grade sensors and ultra-low temperature drift sensors. The first generation flight controller has better performance, more stable and reliable

Faster than ever

X7 series autopilot use STM32H7 series processors, CPU operating frequency increased to 480Mhz, storage 1024K, FLASH 2048K, has a faster processor and larger storage, and uses 512K EEPROM, can expand waypoints to 2048, Bring more imagination to flight applications

Always stable

Invensense + Bosch + ADI + TE series sensors are used, which have lower noise and stronger anti-shock and vibration performance. With the industrial-grade compass RM3100, the flight stability and anti-interference performance have brought a qualitative improvement

Adapt to harsh environment

The x7 series autopilot adopts a large number of car-level chips and has a built-in high-precision sensor temperature compensation system, which makes the sensor work at a constant temperature to ensure that the sensor can operate with high accuracy and high sensitivity in high and low temperature environments.

Integrated design

Nora autopilot adopts integrated FPCB design, and the overall structure is integrally formed by patch, without any secondary welding and insertion parts, ensuring the highest reliability of the hardware structure.

Support LTE Link communication module

All CUAV series flight controllers support LTE Link series communication links, use 4G and 5G networks for communication, unlimited distance control, support real-time high-definition video transmission and video sharing, team management functions, and realize the allocation of UAV permissions.

Optional C-RTK for centimeter-level positioning

By matching the C-RTK series high-precision positioning module, the centimeter-level positioning function is expanded to meet the application scenarios of high-precision positioning such as surveying and mapping, and plant protection.

Dual platform compatible

Supports the current mainstream PX4 (PX4 is being adapted) and Ardupilot two open source platform firmware to meet the needs of different users.

Accessories include digital PMU power modules

default packing list include UAVCAN protocol digital PMU-SE digital power detection module, built-in CUAV self-developed ITT algorithm, help accurately measure the real-time voltage and current of the UAV, and make the flight time estimation more reliable.
CAN PMU SE supports up to 60V / 80A input and measurement, voltage and current accuracy reaches + -0.15V / 0.2A, and can choose higher precision CAN PMU