Collection: Hobbywing EZRun Series

Unleash the Power: Exploring the Hobbywing EZRUN Series

In the dynamic world of RC car enthusiasts, precision control and powerful performance are paramount. Hobbywing, a pioneering brand in the field, introduces its EZRUN series, a collection of state-of-the-art brushless motors, ESCs, and accessories designed to elevate the RC car experience. Let's delve into the key products within the EZRUN series:

1. Hobbywing EZRUN MAX8 G2 3-6S Brushless Sensored Motor

  • Price: $154.22 USD (Regular), From $102.81 USD (Sale)
  • This brushless sensored motor is tailored for 1/8 and 1/10 trucks and cars. With options for 4278SD 2250KV or 4268SD 2500KV, it provides a perfect balance of power and efficiency, offering RC enthusiasts a thrilling experience.

2. Hobbywing EZRUN MAX5 HV G2 ESC - 250A 6-12S

  • Price: $326.48 USD (Regular), From $233.20 USD (Sale)
  • The MAX5 HV G2 ESC is a powerhouse with a 250A rating, suitable for 1/5 RC buggies, trucks, and cars. The sensored speed controller, designed for 6-12S configurations, ensures precise control and responsiveness.

3. Hobbywing EzRun Max Series ESC - Max6 V3/ Max5 V3/MAX10 SCT

  • Price: $198.38 USD (Regular), From $141.70 USD (Sale)
  • The EzRun Max Series ESCs, available in Max6 V3, Max5 V3, and MAX10 SCT variants, offer waterproof brushless ESC solutions for 1/6 and 1/5 RC cars and trucks. With options for 160A, 200A, and 120A, they cater to a range of performance needs.

4. HOBBYWING EZRUN MAX8 G2 - 160A ESC with 4268SD 2500KV/4278SD 2250KV Motor COMBO

  • Price: $173.38 USD (Regular), From $115.59 USD (Sale)
  • This combo includes the MAX8 G2 ESC and a choice of either a 4268SD 2500KV or 4278SD 2250KV inductive brushless motor. Optimized for 1/10 and 1/8 RC cars and trucks, this combo delivers a seamless blend of power and control.

5. Hobbywing EzRun MAX6 G2 - 200A Brushless Waterproof ESC

  • Price: $204.75 USD (Regular), From $146.25 USD (Sale)
  • The MAX6 G2 ESC, coupled with a 4990/5690 motor, is a waterproof powerhouse designed for 1/5, 1/6, and 1/7 trucks and off-road vehicles. It ensures top-notch performance even in challenging terrains.

6. Hobbywing EZRUN Max8 V3 - 150A Waterproof Brushless ESC

  • Price: $229.70 USD (Regular), $164.07 USD (Sale)
  • Specifically designed for RC 1/8 cars like Traxxas E-REVO and Summit, the Max8 V3 ESC with a T plug offers a waterproof solution for enthusiasts seeking both speed and reliability.

7. Hobbywing EZRUN MAX4 HV 300A ESC - 6-12S Waterproof BEC 6V/7.4V/8.4V 10A

  • Price: $598.62 USD (Regular), $427.59 USD (Sale)
  • The MAX4 HV 300A ESC is a beast designed for 1/5 RC cars and off-road trucks. With a waterproof design and a high amperage rating, it ensures top-tier performance in extreme conditions.

8. HobbyWing EZRUN MAX10 G2 ESC - 80A 140A Sensored Brushless ESC

  • Price: $107.55 USD (Regular), From $71.70 USD (Sale)
  • Available with motor options like 3652 3665 G3 in 2400KV, 3200KV, 3300KV, 4000KV, and 5400KV, the MAX10 G2 ESC caters to 1/10 RC cars and trucks, delivering sensored brushless precision.

9. Hobbywing EZRUN Combo for 1/18 Car (A Series)

  • Price: $70.00 USD
  • The EZRUN Combo for 1/18 Car includes the EZRUN 2030 brushless motor and EZRUN 18A ESC, offering a compact yet powerful solution for smaller RC car and truck models.

10. Hobbywing EZRUN Mini28 Combo - EZRUN 1626 Sensored Motor with EZRUN Mini28 ESC

  • Price: $159.00 USD
  • This combo, featuring the EZRUN 1626 sensored motor and Mini28 ESC, is designed for RC car and truck enthusiasts looking for a blend of precision and compactness.

11. Hobbywing EZRUN MAX10 G2 Combo - EZRUN 3665 G3 Motor with EZRUN MAX10 G2 ESC

  • Price: $209.00 USD
  • The MAX10 G2 Combo offers a potent pairing of the 3665 G3 motor and MAX10 G2 ESC, ideal for RC car and truck enthusiasts seeking high-performance capabilities.

12. Hobbywing EZRUN MAX8 G2 COMBO - EZRUN 4268SD/4278SD G2 motor with EZRUN MAX 8 G2 ESC

  • Price: From $288.00 USD
  • This combo includes either the 4268SD or 4278SD G2 motor with the MAX 8 G2 ESC, delivering a balanced solution for 1/8 RC cars and trucks.

13. Hobbywing Ezrun Max6 Combo - Ezrun MAX 4985SL/5687SL Motor with Ezrun MAX6 ESC

  • Price: $299.00 USD
  • The Ezrun Max6 Combo features either the 4985SL or 5687SL motor paired with the MAX6 ESC, offering a high-performance solution for RC car and truck enthusiasts.