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Anti Drone Device - 2.0km UAV Strike Anti Drone Device Drone Drop Device Equipment SHIELDING for DJI UAV Most Drone

Anti Drone Device - 2.0km UAV Strike Anti Drone Device Drone Drop Device Equipment SHIELDING for DJI UAV Most Drone


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Working hours: 35-40min

Weight: 4.8KG

Size: 860x60x300mm

Single channel power: 5W

Product name: Drone interception equipment

Origin: Mainland China

Operating Voltage: 12V

Longest distance: ≥1km

Certification: CE

Antenna angle: 60

Antenna Gain: 8dB

Active frequency band: 2.4G,5.8G,GNSS: 1.56Ghz-1.61Ghz

Accessory Type: Charger Accessories


Equipment weight (including battery) 4.8KG
Equipment size (including battery) 860*300*60mm
Interference frequency band 2.4G、5.8G、GPS
Interference distance 1000m
Antenna type Directional
Antenna gain 8dB
Antenna angle 60 degrees
Power supply mode Lithium battery, pluggable and replaceable
Battery Specification Built in battery:12V、10Ah
Working hours 35-40 minute
Single channel power 5W
Working temperature -10~+50C
Relative humidity 80%RH
Expand function Equipped with guide rail. night vision recorder, etc

Please be noticed:

The difference between the new model and the old model is that the front
part of the new model has changed its appearance, the signal is better,
and the battery can be removed.

For Russia:

Please contact me via +86 15814759156 and we could offer much better price.

Product Highlights
1. The surface of the handle is non-slip rubber, and the shape is ergonomically designed, which can be easily held, portable and lightweight
2. UHF broadband shielding technology can effectively interfere with blocking signals within 5s
3. Long-distance shielding distance:1000-2000 meters for high power (1000 meters for frequency hopping aircraft), 300-1500 meters for low power (300-500 meters for frequency hopping aircraft)
4. Built-in lithium battery, the built-in power adapter can be used for 45 to 1.5 hours for a long time after being fully charged (the higher the power, the shorter the use time), which is convenient for indoor and outdoor
5. The remaining power display prompts you to prepare for charging in advance
Anti Drone Device, the front part of the new model has changed its appearance . the signal is better, andAnti Drone Device, 4.8KG Size : 860x60x300mm Single channel power : 5
Anti Drone Device, e Further distance 84113387296938 Pro Series DZO1 UAV

Additionally, the Pro Series DZO1 UAV Reaction System features a rifle-like design that makes it easy to operate, allowing for rapid deployment and single-person operation.

Anti Drone Device, low altitude Strike System Pro Series Equipment weight 4.8KG (including battery) Equipment size

The Pro Series Strike System has the following specifications: it weighs 4.8KG (including battery) and measures 860mm x 300mm x 60mm in size. The device runs on a single channel power source and has a working temperature range of 10°C to 50°C, with an operating humidity level of up to 80% RH. Additional features include an expandable function, guide rail, and night vision recorder capabilities.

Anti Drone Device, link between the UAV and the control- ler and GPS positioning system is blocked .

When the link between the UAV and controller, as well as the GPS positioning system, is disrupted, the device will either hover (automatically landing after battery exhaustion) or autonomously return to its original location according to the preset program set in the control end software.

Anti Drone Device, built-in high-capacity battery ensures time standby . directional high

The device features a built-in high-capacity battery that provides extended standby time. Additionally, it comes equipped with a directional antenna for enhanced signal transmission over long distances.

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