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ATOMRC Penguin - Fixed Wing Twin Motor 750mm Wingspan FPV Aircraft RC Airplane KIT PNP S RTH Outdoor Toys Flying Wing for RC Model

ATOMRC Penguin - Fixed Wing Twin Motor 750mm Wingspan FPV Aircraft RC Airplane KIT PNP S RTH Outdoor Toys Flying Wing for RC Model


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Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Recommend Age: 14+y

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: ATOMRC Penguin

Material: Composite Material


ATOMRC Penguin is an FPV aircraft with a 750mm wingspan with LED Navigation lights Twin Motor, the wingsuit flight layout is suitable for mid-range flying in low altitudes chasing. the penguin has many advantages such as easy take-off and landing, in the full speed range. It retains the maneuverability of the traditional flying wing layout and improves the controllability of the height. Allows you to fly with ease in FPV.

The new buckle design is fastened firmly, the left and right wings can be quickly disassembled, and the integrated built-in always-on navigation light increases the visibility of the aircraft. Penguin's newly designed nose is compatible with most image transmission installations. After assembling the flight control equipment, the aircraft is easy to adjust the cg balance. Provide you with a stable flight experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, the penguin will give you the most reliable flight experience.


Brand Name: ATOMRC

Item Name: Penguin

Wingspan: 750mm

Length: 640mm

WingArea: 15.06dm²

Material: EPP

Servo: 3pcs 9g servo

Recommended Motor: 2004/2206

Recommend ESC: BLS 30A~4S

Recommend Propeller: 6026

Recommend Battery: 2000~3000mAH 4S Lipo(200~300g)

Item weight: 1.6kg

Package Size: 60.3*39.2*14 cm

>>>Penguin Features:

1. The core of the dual-engine power drive, sufficient power, in the blue sky to enjoy flying.

2. Magnetic nose design, can quickly remove the nose, simple and solid.

3. Wing quick release design, no busy operation, just push the wing to fasten the fixed.

4. Aircraft center of gravity mark, the aircraft center of gravity can be seen, reduce more leveling time.

5. LED constant light navigation light, in the flight cool at the same time can also identify the position of the aircraft.

6. High compatibility of the nose, can be equipped with analog, Vista, Avatar, O3 and other graphics.ATOMRC Penguin, ATOMRc Penguin Fixed Wing 750mm Wingspan Twin Motor Fixed Wing Manu

ATOMRc Penguin Fixed Wing 750mm Wingspan Twin Motor Fixed Wing Manuverable Twin Motor Detatchable JYNOiV

ATOMRC Penguin, Goled Ratio Build for FPV Low Speed Glide Assembly Payload Launch

Designed with a Golden Ratio, this kit features two distinct builds: one optimized for low-speed glide and payload launch, and another for high-speed buildouts for FPV flying. The hatch design makes it easy to install the receiver, flight controller, battery, and GPS unit.

ATOMRC Penguin, WingSuit Design Speed and Manuverabitlity To Balance With different video

Featuring WingSuit design, this aircraft achieves excellent speed and maneuverability while maintaining balance. The wing is designed to be easily balanced with various video systems. For optimal performance, ATOMRC recommends pairing the Penguin with an FC (flight controller) that matches the VTX system's output: F405 for 180-450g, NAVI 03 for 140-370g, or Avatar for 160-400g.

ATOMRC Penguin, FPV Nose fits for multiple video system Avatar 03 Vista Wing JUNATOMRC Penguin, penguin RTH version comes with flight light Make it easy to recognize the attitude of the plane

The Penguin's RTH (Return-to-Home) version features a built-in flight light, making it easy for pilots to recognize the aircraft's attitude and orientation. This makes it an excellent option for beginners, allowing them to enjoy FPV flying with confidence.

ATOMRC Penguin, Penguin Specifications 750mm Length 640mm WingArea 15.06dm

ATOMRC Penguin Specifications: Wingspan - 750mm, Length - 640mm, Wing Area - 15.06 square decimeters. Recommended components include: Motor (2004/2206), ESC (BLS 30A 24S), Propeller (6026), and Battery (2000-3000mAh 4S LiPo). Please note that actual specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific configuration, and are subject to change according to the latest manual and real-world objects.


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