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BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro - Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)

BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro - Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)


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Warranty: 30 Days

Warning: No

Video Capture Resolution: 720P HD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 100m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y,14+y,6-12y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: BT 2.0

Package Includes: Original Box,Camera,Batteries,Remote Controller,Charger,USB Cable,Operating Instructions

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Expert

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: Meteor 75 Pro HD

Material: resin,Carbon Fiber,Plastic,Fiberglass,Metal

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: 4-6 mins

Features: FPV Capable

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 550mAh 1S

Control Channels: 8 Channels

Charging Voltage: 3.7v

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount

Brand Name: BETAFPV

Aerial Photography: No

The new epic 1S HD digital whoop quadcopter boasts impressive visuals and powerful performance. Upgraded frame from Meteor75 and 45mm props make it the largest 1S whoop quadcopter with greater thrust and lift, equipped with a lighter 1.1g canopy, easy to carry the Walksnail or HDZero Digital VTX system, bringing immersive flight experience and impactful images to the pilots. Combined with F4 1S 5A FC, 1102 22000KV motors and new larger BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery, it makes the Meteor75 Pro HD quadcopter faster, more responsive, and flight time, which would be ideal for FPV racing or acrobatic flying indoors or outdoors.

Bullet Points

  • The upgraded frame that fits 45mm props perfectly makes Meteor75 Pro the largest 1S whoop drone. Powered with 1102 22000KV motors, it performs smoothly in the air and is maneuverable for freestyle tricks.

  • It features a roomier battery slot that can accommodate a bigger battery such as BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery, which provides a larger capacity and higher discharge rate, bringing more flight time and robust flight performance to the quadcopter.

  • Ultralight weight for Meteor75 Pro HD 35.77g (Walksnail)/ 34.87g (HDZero), this largest 1S drone combined with Walksnail or HDZero HD digital VTX system gives pilots an immersive flight experience and impactful visuals.

  • Micro Canopy Lite has an adjustable camera lens of 0-40°. This new canopy weighs only 1.1g, which is very suitable for HD digital VTX drone, and the open design makes the electronics cooler better.

  • Equipped with F4 1S 5A flight controller (Serial ELRS 2.4G or SPI Frsky). The ELRS 2.4G RX version comes with the default ELRS V2.0 firmware and supports being upgraded to ELRS V3.0 separately without flashing Betaflight flight controller firmware. The SPI Frsky version can be also used as the PNP version to connect external receiver due to the two UART ports on the board.

  • The various colors of the spare parts including the Meteor75 Pro frame and Micro Canopy Lite, offer pilots more choices. Using them with BETAFPV waterslide decals, pilots can easily DIY and build their unique whoop drones.


  • Item: Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)

  • Flight Time: 5:30 (Walksnail)/ 5:40 (HDZero)

  • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0-40°

  • Motors: 1102 22000KV Motor

  • Battery: BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery

  • Frame: Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame

  • Propellers: Gemfan 45mm 3-Blade Propellers

  • Canopy: BETAFPV Micro Canopy Lite

  • Weight Without Battery: 35.77g (Walksnail)/34.87g (HDZero)

  • Receiver: Serial ELRS 2.4G/SPI Frsky/TBS

  • FC&ESC: F4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G) V2.0/F4 1S 5A FC (SPI Frsky) V3.0

  • VTX Power Output: 350mW (Walksnail), 25mW/200mW (HDZero)

  • VTX: Walksnail Avatar HD Mini 1S Lite Kit/HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle

  • Camera: Wanlksnail Avatar Lite Camera/HDZero Nano Lite Camera

Note: Please make sure that the battery voltage must be 3.1V at least when flying, otherwise, the HD digital VTX would stop working.

Meteor75 Pro HD VS Meteor75 HD

Upgraded from Meteor75 HD, the Meteor75 Pro HD is the largest 1S HD digital whoop drone with 45mm propellers, which is able to generate more thrust and lift. It comes with a 1.1g Micro Canopy Lite, a 550mAh larger battery, and higher KV motors. The total weight of Meteor75 Pro HD is lighter than Meteor75 HD, making it more agile and easier to handle.

Meteor75 Pro HD

Meteor75 HD


35.77g (Walksnail)/34.87g (HDZero)

40.50g (Walksnail)/36.40g (HDZero)


Micro Canopy Lite

Micro Canopy for HD Camera


Meteor75 Pro Frame

Meteor75 Frame


1102 22000KV Motors

1102 18000KV Motors


45mm 3-Blade Pros

40mm 3-Blade Props


550mAh 1S Battery(Default), 450mAh 1S Battery

450mAh 1S Battery (Default), 550mAh 1S Battery

HD Digital VTX System

The Walksnail Avatar HD Mini 1S Lite uses H.265 high-efficiency video coding, an industry-leading technology, providing 1080P/60FPS image recording with 22ms ultra-low latency. It is specially designed for 3.1-5V power input and 7.8g lightweight, compatible with 1S whoop drone. Built-in 8 GB storage, this VTX has the capability of recording HD video without interference from capacity and exporting video by USB cable. Besides, with Canvas Mode, Betaflight full OSD display is supported and can be adjusted easily by remote control.

Note: Recommend Walksnail Avatar Goggles and Walksnail Avatar VRX for Meteor75 Pro Walksnail HD version.

HDZero Nano Lite Camera is designed for feather-lite drones where every gram counts. At a weight as low as 1.5g, combined with the new Whoop Lite VTX at 4.5g with 0.4g dipole antenna enables a world's-first production digital FPV solution of about 7g. The HDZero Whoop lite Bundle supports 1-3S power input with 25mW/200mW RF power and is capable of recording in 720P/60FPS with super low latency of less than 19ms. What's more, pilots can activate and configure its OSD function on Betaflight Configurator.

Powerful 1S Drone Combo

Even carrying the HD digital VTX system, Meteor75 Pro HD still performs well in power and speed thanks to its upgraded frame that is suitable for 45mm props, allowing it to be the largest 1S power whoop drone with greater thrust and lift. Fit out with 1102 22000KV motors and BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery, this 1S drone combo has an excellent thrust-to-weight ratio performance and provides an immersive flight experience to pilots.

Flight Controller

The latest F4 1S 5A flight controller is applied to all BNF versions of Meteor75 Pro HD. It features Serial ELRS 2.4G instead of SPI ELRS 2.4G for ELRS version compared to the previous version. The Frsky version reserves two UART ports for the available external receiver so it can be used as PNP. The ESC on the new board is powered by BB51 hardware in place of BB21. Last but not least, we update the gyro to BOSH BMI270 for better performance and stability since the new F4 1S 5A FC.

Meteor75 Pro HD (ELRS)

Meteor75 Pro HD (Frsky, PNP, TBS)

FC Inside

F4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G) V2.0

F4 1S 5A FC (SPI Frsky) V3.0




FC Firmware




One UART Port

Two UART Ports

External RX

Not Supported


Note: For Serial ELRS 2.4G, the Betaflight firmware 4.3.0 and up start to support BMI270 gyro. For SPI Frsky, DO NOT flash the other firmware, otherwise, the RX will be lost in control at a very close range. Please flash betaflight_4.2.11_BETAFPVF411RX firmware built by BETAFPV for SPI Frsky.

Micro Canopy Lite

Micro Canopy Lite is specially designed to be compatible with HD digital VTX and has an adjustable camera lens of 0-40°. By using the new Micro Canopy Lite, the weight of the drone is reduced, which in turn can improve flight performance and increase flight time. The open design helps to dissipate heat more effectively, reducing the risk of damage to the VTX or other electronic components inside the drone.

Meteor75 Pro Frame

Meteor75 Pro frame is the largest 1S whoop frame with 45mm propellers currently and comes with more features. The frame features a roomier battery slot for more battery choices such as BT2.0 550mAh battery. The motor holder is using a triangle bilateral stretch structure, giving pilots a more durable and smoother flight experience. In addition, the Meteor75 Pro frame offers seven colors for options, which pilots should purchase separately.

Endurance Boosting Battery

With the new BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery, Meteor75 Pro HD ensures more flight time up to 5:30 (Walksnail)/5:40 (HDZero) so that pilots can less worry about the battery. What's more, it has a discharge of 40C (continuous) and 80C (burst), bringing a robust flight experience to pilots.

Meteor HD Series

BETAFPV has been optimizing and upgrading the Meteor series for better performance. The Meteor HD Series whoop drones including Meteor75 1S HD, and Meteor85 2S HD with Walksnail or HDZero HD digital VTX system aim to provide pilots with an immersive flight experience for FPV racing and high-definition images.

Recommended Parts

  • Radio Transmitter: LiteRadio 3 Pro, LiteRadio 3, LiteRadio 2 SE

  • Battery: BT2.0 550mAh Battery, BT2.0 450mAh Battery

  • Props: Gemfan 45mm 2-Blade&3-Blade Propellers (1.5mm Shaft 4PCS)

  • Colorful Frame: Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame

  • Colorful Canopy: Micro Canopy Lite

  • Sticker: BETAFPV Waterslide Decals

  • Charger: 6 Ports 1S Battery Charger & Adapter

  • Screws: Meteor Series Motor Fixing Screws Pack (40PCS)

  • BT2.0 Series Accessories


  • 1 * Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (Walksnail or HDZero Version)

  • 2 * BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery

  • 1 * Type-C USB Cable

  • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

  • 4 * 45mm 3-Blade Props (1.5mm Shaft)

  • 1 * Screwdriver

  • 1 * VTX USB Cable (Walksnail or HDZero Version)

  • 1 * Pack of Screws

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Thurman Kihn

BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro - Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)

Tommie Greenfelder

BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro - Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)

Marcella Mertz

Дошло в срок, фирменная коробка с дроном без повреждений, хотя внешняя упаковка была помятой. Дрон шустрый, пока опробовал только внутри помещения.

Davin Kovacek

BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro - Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)

Arlie Schneider

BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro - Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)