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BoYing Paladin V2 - Automatic Flight Controller System for Agriculture Drone

BoYing Paladin V2 - Automatic Flight Controller System for Agriculture Drone


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Boying Paladin flight controller system is specially designed for agriculture drones. This is the basic version for the flight controller. The radar, obstacle radar, liquid sensor, Radio with RTK, 4G module and other parts are optional for it. 

Main Functions:

Manual flight
Altitude maintenance: the remote control sticks back to the center, the aircraft maintains its attitude autonomously, and the mid-throttle position can be fixed for altitude, but accurate fixed-point hovering cannot be achieved, and manual correction is required.

High-precision fixed-point hover
Position retention: when the satellite signal is good: high-precision fixed-point hovering and speed limit can be achieved, the maximum flight speed can be set by the ground station, the default is 5 m/s

Unlimited speed hovering
GNSS assistance: when the satellite signal is good: you can hover at a high-precision fixed point, and the remote controller can control the angle of the aircraft. The maximum angle is 35 degrees, and the default cannot be modified.

AB point semi-autonomous work
Semi-autonomous mode: According to the set points A and B, semi-autonomous flight is realized. This mode depends on satellites.


Main Features:
--The Paladin autopilot integrates dual degree CPU and sensor, which can automatically detect and switch independently to ensure flight safety.

--With the comprehensive flight status monitoring alarm function (including the state of power supply voltage, state of inertial navigation, GPS, link-state, etc.) and perfect emergency protection mechanisms (including return, hover, autonomous landing, etc.), and Paladin system can realize the control law of restructuring in some failure cases of sensors or attitude algorithm, thus the maximum guarantee the safe operation of the user's system;

--Provide highly integrated ground station software BY- GCS, which has the functions of flight data monitoring, dashboard status display, abnormal status alarm, flying remote control, electronic map, route planning, etc;

--The attitude algorithm of Paladin system adopts KALMAN filtering technology, which has high measurement accuracy, and reduces the probability of attitude divergence, thus ensuring the reliability and safety of the system work;

--Combined with the remote control device, the Paladin flight controller can be controlled by the remote control mode to control the operation, thus ensuring that multi-rotor UAV can step in and ensure flight safety during take-off and landing.

--It provides a strong route planning capability and flexible task control function, and users can use ground station software to make a variety of flight tasks conveniently service;

--The Paladin system integrates high precision inertial and satellite navigation sensors, and the sensor data is covered by the pretreatment and the whole temperature range compensation and data fusion can obtain flight attitude, position coordinate and working status in real time, and complete the high-precision attitude and route control of the multi-rotor UAV platform.

Specifications of Main Controller Module:
Weight: 183g (±3g)
Size: 10.0cm*6.5cm*3.3cm (±0.1cm)
Working voltage: 5.1V (±5%)
Maximum power consumption: 10W (including peripheral equipment)
Interface form: molex3.0 high reliability interface;
Working temperature: -10℃~55℃
ESC control frequency: EXT-CH1~8, 50Hz; MT-CH1~8, 400Hz

Specifications of GPS:

Weight: 70g
Size: Φ7.09cm×1.41cm (±1cm)
Input line length (including connector): 5.12cm (±1cm)
Working voltage: 5V (±5%)
Signal line interface: molex3.0 high reliability interface (6P)


LED Indicator
Weight: 28g (±2g)
Size: 2.9cm*2.5cm*1.4cm(±0.1cm)
Working voltage: 5V (±5%)
Signal line length (including connector): 51cm (±1cm)
Signal line interface: molex3.0 high reliability interface (4P)

Power Management module
Weight: 61g (±2g)
Size: 4.6cm*3.2cm*2.2cm (±0.1cm)
Input voltage: 6S-12S (24V-48V)
Output voltage: 5.2V
Input interface: XT60 male
Input line length (including connector): 20cm (±1cm)
Output interface: molex3.0 high reliability interface (5P);
Working temperature: -10℃~55℃;

Package Included:
1. Main Controller Module x 1
2. GPS Module x 1
3. LED x1 
4. Power Module x 1 
5. Cable bag x 1

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