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Bwine F7 MINI Drone - with 60Mins GPS 4K HD UHD Camera for Adults - 5GH FPV RC Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, Auto Return, Follow Me, Circle Fly, Waypoint Fly, Altitude Hold, Two Battery Long Flight, Customized Carrying Case Professional Camera Drone

Bwine F7 MINI Drone - with 60Mins GPS 4K HD UHD Camera for Adults - 5GH FPV RC Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, Auto Return, Follow Me, Circle Fly, Waypoint Fly, Altitude Hold, Two Battery Long Flight, Customized Carrying Case Professional Camera Drone


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Bwine F7 MINI Drone QuickInfo

Brand Bwine
Media Type SD
Video Capture Resolution 2 k, 4 k
Are Batteries Included Yes
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion


Bwine F7 MINI Drone Features

  • 【4K UHD CAMERA】: The optimized full HD camera built with a shock absorption ball imported from Germany ensure that camera can catch much more UHD 4K(4096x3072P) high-resolution details. Videos can be recorded with 2k stored on an SD card and 2K in phone watching. 5GHz FPV transmission plus 90° adjustable camera with a 130°FOV lens enables to capture epic wide-angle shots from 1,640 feet in a bird's-eye view.
  • 【GPS SMART FLY】: ①It returns automatically whenever the battery is low, the signal is lost or you press one key to return. No more worrying about losing your drone. ②More intelligent functions just for you, like following you automatically, flying along a path you set and flying around a point in circles. ③Moreover, it is equipped Multi Sensors, air optical flow and air pressure altitude control system, the drone can hover stably both indoors and outdoor, very friendly to young beginners.
  • 【DOUBLE BATTERY, DOUBLE FUN】: Comes with 2 batteries and up to 60 minutes of flight time let your drone swim in the sky freely. Even if you're flying the drone for the first time, the training time is long enough to train you from beginner to proficient. Less charging, more flying. 9 kinds of over-current protection when charging and very safe to store when not in use.
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】 ①Weight under 250g to save you from FAA registration, take it like a hamburger in your hand with an advanced foldable design, which makes it very easy and convenient to fly everywhere anytime without restrictions. ②Besides, F7mini brushless motors run more powerful with much less noise compared to brushed motors, in addition, it adds a layer of protection net, which is better free from the interference of foreign objects when flying, so that your motor has a longer life
  • 【WHAT WILL YOU GET?】: 1 x Bwine F7mini Drone, 1 x Transmitter 2 x 7.6V 2100mAh Batteries, 8 x Propeller Blades, 3 x Manual guide, 1 x Portable bag, 2 x USB Cable, 1 x Screwdriver, 10 x Screw. Besides, we offer a 2-year warranty for replacing your damaged item and 30-day money back for any reason. Any questions, we are always here for you.


Product Description

F7MINI 4k Drone
fpv drone
4k drone
gps drone
Mini drone for beginner

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
F7 MINI Drone Review

I just received the drone and didn't get a chance to explore more. However, it looks good out of the box and light weight. I also like the carrying case is very durable and nice looking.
Customer service was so far great. they respond back to me quickly so I appreciate that kind of customer care and faster response time.
I will post some pictures once I play with this toy enough.

Bwine F7 MINI Drone Review

This is an awesome little drone and it works perfectly for my needs. I ordered this one after checking it out on YouTube and some other sites. It doesn’t have all the fancy features of a premium drone, but for the money it’s an excellent value. The seller was also offering an instant rebate which helped seal the deal for me. Battery life is pretty good considering how much power this thing seems to have. I wanted to get a drone to fly around the property with my kids and I’m very pleased with this set. I’ve crashed a few times (I’m still learning the basics) but this thing has held up well. The controls are easy to learn and the smart phone integration is easy. I’ve seen some bad reviews regarding the downloadable app, but my experience has been excellent. For the price you get a great value if you’re looking to break into this hobby.

Bwine F7 MINI Drone Review

So, I've held off on my review to fully test the done. I didn't want to say it's good without testing it in every condition available to me. But it's good! Especially at its price point.

First of all, I've gone running with my drone (follow mode), hiking (take a picture at the peak), desert hiking, kayaking (GPS route planned), skateboarding (follow mode), and playing tennis (left mid-air to watch from above). Plus tested the drone in different wind conditions, from level 1 to level 4 wind conditions.

The drone has surpassed my expectations. I can literally take it anywhere with me. Since it's the size of a small lunch bag, including the controller and the batteries, it's super convenient and I don't have to care. I simply charge the batteries overnight and take it with me everywhere I go. It has a permanent spot in my car. The only complaint I have is that I want more batteries since I use it pretty often and I forget to charge it or I just absolutely fly it like a madman.

Since I've started training my running form I have taken my drone with me and put it on follow mode. That way I can record my form through the whole run. It sounds kind of silly, but right now I'm trying to get faster and it works out perfectly. I can see when I'm leaning too far back, or slouching too much, or when I'm not pushing from my toes and just lifting my legs, or when my cadence is off, etc. Kinda geeky, but that's what I mainly use it for on my morning runs.

The f7 comes with 2 batteries in the bag, so you are able to fly it for 1 whole hour in two 30-minute intervals. It will alert you when you need to change the battery and go back to "home" if it dies mid-flight. It's pretty good considering you are using the camera and other stuff. It does last a little longer if it's on manual mode and you aren't actively taking video and just messing around. But if you put it in sport mode and fly like I do it will last 20-24 mins. Still, pretty good considering all the stress I put this through haha.

Talking about the battery, the drone lasts less in high wind conditions. But that's not a bad thing. It auto-corrects so it doesn't drift with the wind. In level 4-5 conditions, it does struggle. Close to 17-23 mph and I didn't feel too comfortable flying it without risking feeling like it was going to crash if I wasn't careful. I didn't want to risk breaking it after I've come to use it so much. I hope you understand...

I would honestly compare it to my friend's DJI mini 2 but at half the price.

Something that I thought was funny was the location of the SD card slot. It's on the side of the drone and it blends right in, so I just kept looking over it. I don't want to admit it but it took me looking at the manual to find it... You need to format or something on the SD card the first time you use it if you are trying to fast-speed write. But you don't have to until you are ready and you can use it at normal write speed. Thought I would share that so you didn't accidentally click on it. After it was configured for fast writing it didn't ask for anything else and hasn't asked about it since.

There is a message in the app, that you can skip over, that teaches you how to set up and use the drone. So you don't need to worry about reading the instructions every time you want to fly. Especially if you lost them. Plus it's pretty intuitive, so it works great.

I can honestly say that it's a great drone. It follows me everywhere I run, it's pretty smooth when I record my friend's skateboarding, or when I go out kayaking or hiking. It's half the price of a DJI mini 2 and has all the same features, so I'm pretty happy with it. I did reach out to BWine to buy more batteries since I wanted to have some backup ones and didn't have the link and they helped pretty quickly with that. I was honestly surprised at their customer support. I genuinely expected them to take a week to reply but they sent a reply overnight. So that was pretty cool.

Hopefully, this helps, I love when I can check out other people's reviews before I buy something :)