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CUAV Raefly VT260 VTOL - 260KM Range 2650mm Wingspan 210 Minutes 2.5KG Payload Carbon Fiber VTOL UAV for Surveying Mapping Fixed Wing Airplane Drone

CUAV Raefly VT260 VTOL - 260KM Range 2650mm Wingspan 210 Minutes 2.5KG Payload Carbon Fiber VTOL UAV for Surveying Mapping Fixed Wing Airplane Drone


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CUAV Raefly VT260 VTOL Specifications

  • Body Material: Carbon fiber composite
  • Wingspan: 2650mm
  • Body Length: 1450mm
  • Maximum Flight Speed: 30m/s
  • Economic Cruising Speed: 19~22m/s
  • Stall Speed: 16m/s (13kg)
  • Endurance Time: 210min (12S 30000mAh Battery), 160min (12S 22000mAh Battery)
  • Maximum Cruising Range: 260km (12S 30000mAh Battery)
  • Maximum Flying Altitude: 5000m
  • Maximum Payload: 2.5kg
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 13.5kg
  • Load Compartment Size: 300mm x 180mm x 150mm
  • Wind Resistance: Multi-rotor (VTOL stage) level 5, Fixed wing level 9
  • Power Energy: Electric
  • Disassembly Method: Tool-free disassembly


CUAV Raefly VT260 VTOL - Unleashing Efficiency in Surveying and Mapping

The CUAV Raefly VT260 VTOL stands as a pinnacle of efficiency and performance in the realm of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAVs. Tailored for surveying and mapping applications, this high-performance drone is equipped with cutting-edge features to meet the demands of diverse scenarios. Let's explore the key attributes that make the Raefly VT260 a standout in its class.

Key Features:

  1. High-Strength Composite Material:

    • The Raefly VT260 boasts a robust fuselage crafted from high-strength composite materials, ensuring stability during flight. The use of carbon composite honeycomb sandwich material imparts durability, noise reduction, and heat insulation to the UAV.
  2. Efficient Aerodynamics:

    • Utilizing a streamlined shape and optimizing the aerodynamic layout, including the wing, flat tail, vertical tail, and fuselage, the Raefly VT260 achieves exceptional flight efficiency. The aerodynamic design is based on the conventional inverted T layout, resulting in enhanced performance.
  3. Screw-Free Quick Release Design:

    • The innovative quick-release design allows the wing, aileron, and vertical tail to be swiftly disassembled and assembled without the need for tools. This not only improves operational efficiency but also facilitates convenient storage and transportation.
  4. Dual Battery Long Battery Life Cabin:

    • The Raefly VT260 features a dual-battery configuration, accommodating two 30000mAh batteries. This setup ensures an extended battery life of up to 210 minutes. The spacious task cabin can carry loads such as surveying lenses, megaphones, or other mission-specific equipment.
  5. Intelligent Flight Control:

    • Equipped with the CUAV intelligent flight controller, the Raefly VT260 ensures powerful, safe, and stable flight operations. The intelligent flight control system supports over 20 flight modes, including route planning, pointing flight, one-key take-off/landing, off-site take-off and landing, and terrain following.
  6. C-RTK 2 PPK for High-Efficiency Aerial Survey:

    • The inclusion of the C-RTK 2 high-precision rear differential module enables the Raefly VT260 to conduct high-efficiency aerial surveys. Capable of recording raw data and shutter records, supporting RTK and PPK, this drone is ideal for applications such as aerial survey operations and agricultural plant protection.

Application Scenarios:

  • The Raefly VT260 is versatile and can be deployed in various scenarios, including off-site take-off and landing, material transportation, geographic surveying and mapping, forest fire prevention, drone training, security inspections, and more.

In conclusion, the CUAV Raefly VT260 VTOL is a formidable solution for surveying and mapping applications, providing efficiency, durability, and intelligent flight control. With its high-strength composite construction and advanced features, it stands as a reliable choice for professionals in need of a versatile and high-performance VTOL UAV.

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