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DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone - 3 inch 2-3S FPV Racing RC Drone PNP Quadcopter F4 FC 15A AIO ESC 1104 Motor 5.8G VTX Caddx Ant Camera

DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone - 3 inch 2-3S FPV Racing RC Drone PNP Quadcopter F4 FC 15A AIO ESC 1104 Motor 5.8G VTX Caddx Ant Camera


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DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone SPECIFICATIONS

Video Capture Resolution: 720P HD


Remote Distance: 500

Remote Control: No

Recommend Age: 12+y

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2

Material: Carbon Fiber

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Features: App-Controlled

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 2

Control Channels: 9 Channel

Camera Mount Type: Other

Aerial Photography: Yes

The Darwin FPV Babe Ape Pro V2 features a 4-in-1 AIO 15A ESC, F411 flight controller, and 5.8GHz Switchable VTX. The Baby Ape Pro V2 is also equipped with 1104 4300KV brushless motors. All you need to do is bind-and-fly!


  • Arms can be replaced by removing 2 screws instead of disassembling entire frame.
  • Four 2.5mm Arms are now two 3mm Arms
  • 9 Screws reduced to 4 Screws
  • Auminum Alloy Standoffs
  • Receiver Fixing Bracket


  • 3016 3-Blade Propellers
  • Caddx Ant Camera
  • F411 Processor
  • Switchable VTX
  • 15A ESC
  • 3" Arms


  • Receiver Options: PNP, ELRS 2.4GHz, or R81
  • Motors: 1104 4300KV 2-3S Brushless Motor
  • Camera: CADDX ANT Camera
  • Propellers: 3016 3-Blade


  • Mounting holes distance: 25.5X25.5mm
  • Main control chip: STM32F411
  • Supports Betaflight firmware
  • IMU: MPU6500 (SPI)
  • Integrated OSD


  • Firmware upgrade: Supports Dshot600/Oneshot125
  • Main control chip:EFM8BB21
  • Continuous current: 15A
  • Pe ak current:17A (10S)
  • Input voltage: 1-3SLiPo
  • BEC output: no
  • MOS: 3*3


  • Transmitting power: 0mW/25mW/100mW/200mW switchable
  • Weight: ≤3.2g (except antenna)
  • Power dissipation: +12V/600MW
  • Full video format: NTSC/PAL
  • Supports TBS SmartAudio
  • Input voltage: 7V~24V
  • Size: 25×20×6mm
  • Channel: 40CH



  • 1x DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 3" Quadcopter w/ Caddx Ant (Choose Receiver and color)
  • 1x 3016 3-Blade Propellers (Set of 4)
  • 1x Hardware Kit

DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone, 'upgraded frame only needs 4 screws to fix the arm Only 2 special arms are

'upgraded frame only needs 4 screws to fix the arm . only 2 special arms are required (after upgrade)




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Title: DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone: Unleash Your Racing Potential

The DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone is a high-performance racing quadcopter designed for FPV enthusiasts and racers. With its compact size, powerful components, and advanced features, this drone delivers an exhilarating racing experience. In this evaluation article, we will explore the composition, functions, parameters, advantages, related competing products, how to choose, DIY tutorial, operation tutorial, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone.

Composition and Functions:
The Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone comprises the following key components:

1. Frame: The drone features a durable and lightweight 3-inch frame, designed for high-speed racing and agility. The compact size allows for maneuverability through tight spaces, making it ideal for racing tracks and freestyle flights.

2. Flight Controller: Equipped with a reliable F4 flight controller, the Baby Ape Pro V2 offers stability and precise control during high-speed flights. It supports various flight modes, including acro and angle modes, catering to different pilot preferences.

3. ESC and Motor: The 15A all-in-one ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) and 1104 motors provide exceptional power and responsiveness. This combination ensures rapid acceleration and smooth control, enabling agile maneuvers during races.

4. Video Transmission: The built-in 5.8G VTX (Video Transmitter) with adjustable power output and Caddx Ant camera deliver real-time FPV (First Person View) footage with excellent clarity. Pilots can experience immersive racing and navigate through obstacles with confidence.

1. Compact and Agile Design: The Baby Ape Pro V2's compact frame allows for precise control and swift movements. It excels in racing environments, offering the agility needed to navigate through tight courses and perform impressive aerial stunts.

2. Powerful Performance: With its robust ESC and high-performance motor combination, the Baby Ape Pro V2 delivers exceptional speed, acceleration, and responsiveness. Racers can experience thrilling and dynamic flights, pushing their skills to the limit.

3. Versatile Flight Modes: The availability of different flight modes, including acro and angle modes, caters to pilots of various skill levels. Beginners can start with stabilized flight modes, while experienced racers can explore acrobatic maneuvers.

Related Competing Products:
- Emax Tinyhawk II
- BetaFPV Meteor65
- iFlight Cidora SL5-E

How to Choose:
Consider the following factors when choosing the DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone:

1. Racing Goals: Determine your racing style and goals. If you prioritize speed and agility, the Baby Ape Pro V2's compact design and powerful performance make it an excellent choice.

2. Skill Level: Assess your skill level as a pilot. The Baby Ape Pro V2 is suitable for intermediate to advanced racers looking to enhance their racing experience with a high-performance drone.

DIY Tutorial:
Assembling the Baby Ape Pro V2 typically involves attaching the propellers, securing the motors, installing the flight controller, and connecting the camera. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for detailed assembly steps and safety guidelines.

Operation Tutorial:
1. Pre-flight Checks: Before each flight, perform a thorough inspection of the drone, ensuring all components are securely attached and the battery is fully charged. Check for any physical damage or loose connections.

2. Arming and Takeoff: Power on the drone and the remote controller. Arm the motors following the manufacturer's instructions. Gradually increase throttle to take off and maintain control during flight.

1. Can I upgrade the camera on the Baby Ape Pro V2?
Yes, the

Baby Ape Pro V2 allows camera upgrades based on personal preferences. Ensure compatibility with the existing components and follow manufacturer guidelines for installation.

2. What batteries are recommended for the Baby Ape Pro V2?
The Baby Ape Pro V2 supports 2-3S LiPo batteries. Choose batteries with appropriate capacity and discharge rating for optimal performance.

The DarwinFPV Baby Ape Pro V2 Drone is a versatile and high-performance racing quadcopter that offers an exhilarating FPV racing experience. With its compact design, powerful components, and advanced features, it provides racers with agility, speed, and precise control. Whether you're an intermediate or advanced pilot, the Baby Ape Pro V2 is sure to deliver excitement on the racing track. Choose the Baby Ape Pro V2 and elevate your racing skills to new heights!




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