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DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone - 112mm 4S Cinematic Whoop Analog/ AVATAR MINI HD 1504 3600KV Motor FPV Racing RC Drone PNP/BNF

DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone - 112mm 4S Cinematic Whoop Analog/ AVATAR MINI HD 1504 3600KV Motor FPV Racing RC Drone PNP/BNF


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Video Capture Resolution: Other

State of Assembly: Almost Ready

Remote Control: No

Recommend Age: 14+y

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Model Number: DarwinFPV CineApe25

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Features: FPV Capable

Controller Mode: MODE1

Controller Mode: MODE2

Control Channels: 8 Channels

Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount

Brand Name: uuustore


Brand: DarwinFPV

Model: CineApe 25 Cinematic FPV Drone

Frame Structure: True -X

Wheelbase: 112mm 

Dimension: 160mm x 160mm x 43mm

Flight Controller: F411 MPU6500 AT7456E 

Reserved Connector: 1x SBUS(RX1 inverter) 2x Uarts(1,2) 2x Softserial 1x I2C 1x RGB 1x Buzzer 1x USER(A15) 1x USB

ESC: BlueJay 3-4S 30A

Camera and VTX Option: 

Analog Version : CADDX ANT Analog CAM + 600mW Analog VTX


            RunCam Falcon Nano

Motor: 1504-3600KV

Propeller: HQProp T63MMX6

Recommend Battery: LiPo 4S 850mAh

Hovering Time: 9mins (4S 850mAh Battery)

Weight: 144g (Without Battery)

Weight: 238g (With 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery)

Weight: 250g (With 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery + RunCam THUMB Camera)

Weight: 311g (With 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery + 4K NANO1 Actino Camera)

Receiver Support:

Frsky XM/XM+/R-XSR

Futaba Receiver


FlySky Receiver

TBS Crossfire Receiver


It supports most protocols receiver on the market , such as PPM/PWM/IBUS/SBUS/SPEKTRUM/CRSF of ELRS. 

Package Included:

1 x CineApe 25 Cinematic FPV Drone

4 x HQProp T63MMX6 propeller (2L2R)

2 x Battery strap 10x170mm

1 x EVA crashproof foam

1 x EVA bottom plate shock absorbing pad

1 x Spare Screw Kit

1 x Sticker

1 x Manual

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DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone: Elevate Your Cinematic FPV Experience

The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone is a compact and feature-rich quadcopter designed specifically for capturing stunning cinematic footage. With its powerful components, versatile flight capabilities, and advanced camera options, this drone is ideal for filmmakers and FPV enthusiasts alike. In this review, we will explore the composition, functions, parameters, advantages, related competing products, how to choose, DIY tutorials, operation tutorials, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone.

Composition and Functions:
The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone consists of the following key components:

1. Frame: The drone features a sturdy 112mm carbon fiber frame, providing a perfect balance between strength and weight. This compact size enables agile and smooth flight maneuvers, ideal for capturing cinematic shots.

2. Flight Controller: Equipped with an advanced flight controller, the CineApe 25 offers stability and precise control. It supports various flight modes, including acro, angle, and horizon, catering to both beginner and experienced pilots.

3. Motors: The powerful 1504 3600KV motors provide ample thrust for smooth and responsive flights. These motors offer a perfect balance of power and efficiency, enhancing the overall performance of the drone.

4. Camera Options: The CineApe 25 is available in two variants: Analog and AVATAR MINI HD. The Analog version provides low-latency video transmission for real-time FPV, while the AVATAR MINI HD version offers high-definition footage for professional cinematic shots.

1. Cinematic Flight Performance: The CineApe 25 excels in capturing cinematic footage, thanks to its agile flight characteristics and camera options. It enables smooth and stable flights, allowing you to achieve professional-grade shots.

2. Compact and Portable: The lightweight and compact design of the CineApe 25 make it highly portable and easy to carry. This allows for effortless location changes and facilitates on-the-go filming.

3. Versatile Camera Options: The availability of both Analog and AVATAR MINI HD camera options provides flexibility for different filming requirements. Whether you prioritize low-latency FPV or high-definition footage, the CineApe 25 has you covered.

Related Competing Products:
- GEPRC CineKing 4K
- iFlight Protek25
- Diatone GTB229

How to Choose:
Consider the following factors when choosing the DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone:

1. Camera Preference: Determine whether you require low-latency FPV (Analog version) or high-definition footage (AVATAR MINI HD version). Choose the variant that aligns with your filming needs.

2. Flight Style: Assess whether you prioritize agility and acrobatic maneuvers or smoother, cinematic flights. This will help you optimize the drone's settings and configurations to match your preferred flight style.

DIY Tutorials:
Assembling the CineApe 25 typically involves attaching the propellers, securing the motors, installing the flight controller, and connecting the camera. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper assembly.

Operation Tutorials:
1. Pre-flight Checks: Perform a thorough inspection of the drone, ensuring all connections are secure and the battery is fully charged. Check for any physical damage or loose components.

2. Power On: Insert a fully charged battery into the drone, ensuring proper polarity. Power on the drone and the remote controller, and confirm that the video transmission is clear.

1. Can I upgrade the camera on the CineApe 25?
Yes, you

can upgrade the camera based on your preferences and requirements. Ensure compatibility with the drone's existing components and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation.

2. What battery is recommended for the CineApe 25?
The CineApe 25 is compatible with 4S LiPo batteries. The specific battery capacity will depend on your desired flight time and the weight of additional accessories.

The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 FPV Drone is a powerful and versatile tool for capturing cinematic footage. With its compact design, advanced flight capabilities, and camera options, it empowers filmmakers and FPV enthusiasts to unleash their creative vision. Choose the CineApe 25 and take your aerial cinematography to new heights!




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