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Dynalog DR-DG600C GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera for Adults - RC Quadcopter with Auto Return, Follow Me, Gesture Control, Point of Interest, Waypoints, Headless Mode, 2 Batteries, Compatible with VR Glasses Professional Camera Drone

Dynalog DR-DG600C GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera for Adults - RC Quadcopter with Auto Return, Follow Me, Gesture Control, Point of Interest, Waypoints, Headless Mode, 2 Batteries, Compatible with VR Glasses Professional Camera Drone


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Dynalog DR-DG600C GPS Drone QuickInfo

Brand Dynalog
Model DR-DG600C
Mirror Adjustment App Control
Video Capture Resolution 4K HD
Are Batteries Included Yes
Wireless Communication Technology Cellular
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion

Dynalog DR-DG600C GPS Drone Features

  • Advanced 4K Camera & 5Ghz FPV Transmission: Dynalog DG600C enables unlimited shooting possibilities. 4K Ultra HD camera captures high-fidelity photos. The optimized 120° FOV adjustable camera catches memorable moments in a wider field of view. 5G FPV transmission allows you to see the world more vividly and smoothly through your phone.
  • GPS Assisted Flight: Built-in upgraded GPS technology delivers excellent flight stability and Return to Home (RTH) intelligence. When the battery is low or the signal is weak (out of range), the drone will automatically and accurately return to the starting point. Or you can tap RTH to have it return. Never lose your drone.
  • Enjoy Your Flight: With smart features Follow Me, Point of Interest (POI) and Waypoints, flying is more interesting and exciting. Running with Follow Me mode, the drone can follow you all the time without manual operation. When hiking, you can use the Point of Interest (POI) function to take 360° shots of the scene. Set points on your phone and DG600C flies the hiking route for you in advance.
  • Gesture Control & Quick Share: Control your drone with simple gestures for super convenient shooting wherever you go. Just show the gesture "V" or "Palm" and the drone will take a selfie or start a video recording. You can even share your exciting moments with your family or friends on social platforms immediately through the mobile app. Come and capture all kinds of spectacular moments!
  • User-friendly Drone with Camera: It’s easy to fly for either beginners or experienced pilots. Integrated functions like Headless Mode, One-Key Take-off/Landing, Altitude Mode and APP control are simple to use. At sub 249 g, it does not require registration in most countries. Folded it to the size of a beer can and travel light. Charge 2 batteries at the same time for 2.5h to get about 30 mins flight time in total.


Dynalog DR-DG600C GPS Drone Review Video

Product Description


Detail Capture, Just in the Moment


  • 4K UHD Camera Drone


Our Dynlog DG600C is a superb drone with camera for adults, featuring the newly upgraded 4K lens to restore the most realistic view of the sky and provide you with ultra-high definition photos. 120° FOV wide angle and 90° adjustable camera provide you with a wider view of the image. Dynalog DG600C, your good companion for aerial photos.


  • 5Ghz FPV Transmission


The new 5G FPV technology realizes the extremely fast transmission of aerial drone images to cell phones, enabling you to see the world from a new perspective and attaining your flying dreams! The maximum distance for transmission reaches 984 ft.


  • Longer Flight Time


Modular battery design makes it extremely easy to replace the battery. Package with 2 batteries, a total of nearly 30 minutes of flight. The remote control is rechargeable, no need to purchase additional batteries.

drone with camera

More Stable Flight, Sharper Shots


  • GPS Positioning


Smart RTH

A perfect control for fliers. You can get the drone back to the take-off point with the press of a button.

Failsafe RTH & Low Battery RTH

When the remote control disconnects with the drone for more than 6s or the battery is low, the drone will precisely fly back to the starting point.


  • Altitude Mode


Altitude Mode increases the hovering stability of the drone and make the images clearer. Allow beginners to fly drone more easily!


  • Headless Mode


With Headless Mode on, there is no need to distinguish the direction of the drone, just follow your direction to operate the drone. Super easy to get started.

drone with camera for adults

Creative Blockbuster at Your Fingertips


  • Waypoints


Have a route you want to fly, but don't want to operate it manually yourself? Waypoints function helps you. Just tap where you want to fly and the drone will immediately follow your route.


  • Point of Interest (POI)


Choose the person or scene you want to record, set a radius of 5-20m (16-65ft), and the drone will automatically fly around it. Take great footage with a 360° flight view.


  • Follow Me Mode


One tap to activate the Follow Me Mode, no matter where you go, the drone will always automatically focus on you. No need to operate, just enjoy!

gps drone

Smart Features, Easy to Grasp


  • Gesture Control


Say goodbye to traditional button shots, Dynalog brings you a brand new shooting experience----Gesture Control. With a simple gesture, you can start capturing or recording. Use the "Victory" gesture to start the photo function, and use the "Palm" gesture to start the video function. Snapping has never been so easy!


  • One-Key Control


The One-Key Take-off/Landing/Return functions make flying a drone easier and more convenient. With a single touch, the drone will be able to take-off/land/return. One-Key operation, easy flight!


  • Speed Switch


Dynalog DG600C can satisfy both beginners who are afraid of flying drones too fast and experts who are looking for a faster as well as more thrilling drone flight. High and Low speeds can be switched at wil. Whether you're a newbie or a senior, you can enjoy all the fun!

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Customer Reviews

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I am astounded at the responsiveness of this drone. The lag is nearly imperceptible and the RTH low battery function kicks in immediately with a warning of “low battery”. The operator has the option of taking over the drone while in RTH mode. As well, the drone will continue RTH if the operator loses power on the remote, or loses signal.
I am thoroughly impressed with this item and would highly recommend to new operators. Well worth$150 as advertised.