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E63 Drone - RC Drone Obstacle Avoidance Optical Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K Dual HD Camera and GPS

E63 Drone - RC Drone Obstacle Avoidance Optical Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K Dual HD Camera and GPS


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E63 Drone Essential details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:Private Brand
Model Number: E63
Material: High grade ABS material
Power: Battery
Function: Altitude Hold Mode, With Camera, with G-sensor, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, With Remote Control, Foldable, Optical Flow Positioning
Operator Skill Level: Beginner
Control Type: Remote Control
image transmission distance: 5KM
Maximum Flight Time: 15 Minutes (per battery)
Product name: E63 optical flow positioning dual camera 4K mini drone
Use Age: 14 years old and up
Product Size: 26*23.5*5.5m
Item Weight: 106g
Packing: 36 pcs/ctn,69*29*55cm ,14/15.5KGS
Camera Frequency: WIFI signal
Live Video Transmission Range: 500 meters
Remote Control Range: 150 meters
Motor: 16 Motor


Product Name
E63 RC Drone Obstacle Avoidance Optical Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K Dual HD Camera and GPS
Color Box Size
Outer Carton Size
36 pcs/CTN
Specification of Model HS720G
Weight: ‎106g 
Fly Time: 15 Minutes (per battery)
Product size: ‎Folding size 12 * 8 * 5.5cm Expanding size 26 * 23.5 * 5.5m
Camera: The fixed height configuration can be manually adjusted by 150 degrees, and the optical flow positioning configuration can be remotely controlled by 150 degrees
Photo Resolution:4K dual front camera 4096 * 2016 bottom camera 4096 * 2016
Video : 4K dual front camera 2560 * 1440 bottom camera 2560 * 1440
Functions & Features
Remote control functions:obstacle avoidance switch / one button take-off / one button landing / up / down / forward / backward / left rotation / right rotation / left steering / right steering / 360° roll / fast and slow gear / directional fine adjustment / one button reset /(optical flow positioning configuration camera angle can be remotely adjusted)
Aerial Photography App Features:
One button take-off/ One button landing/ Up/ Down/ Left/ Right steering/ Intelligent obstacle avoidance/ 360° roll/ Fast and slow gear/ Photo/ Video/ Switching dual camera/ Face/ Gesture recognition auto photo/ Gravity sensing/ Track flight
Package Included
Remote control*1 
Body battery*1 
USB cable*1 
Protective cover*4 
Spare air blade*2 
Drone manual*1 
APP manual*1



E63 mini RC Drone

E63 Drone, mini pro 3609 all-round obstacle avoidance mini
E63 Drone, 1500 esc dual camera free camera switching the front camera supports remote 1500

Enjoy seamless camera control with dual HD cameras on this drone! The front-facing camera features remote adjustability for precise photo angles, while the bottom camera allows for effortless switching and capture of aerial shots. Plus, the ultra-wide-angle lens (1208) provides stunning vistas from any height.

E63 Drone, 3609 all-round speed esc camera camera camera positioning obstacle avoid

Experience seamless flight with this E63 drone! Enjoy advanced features like all-around speed, ESC camera control, and obstacle avoidance adjustment. With mobile control, you can return to home with just one click. Plus, take advantage of optical flow technology for stable footage, hand-gesture controls for intuitive operation, and a range of beauty filters for stunning photos. The 360° roll function allows for super-long, one-touch up/down movements, while the intelligent battery life ensures you get the most out of your flying time.

E63 Drone, servo mini pro kifopn#

Capture stunning shots with the E63 drone's advanced camera features! Enjoy precise control over the front and bottom cameras, allowing you to adjust photo angles and capture unique perspectives. The 4K camera boasts an impressive 1200-1500 pixel wide-angle lens, capable of capturing breathtaking scenes with a shooting range of 120° ultra-wide angle.

E63 Drone, speed gear adjustment the drone supports speed adjustment, divided into three gears

Experience the thrill of flight with adjustable speed on the E63 drone! With three gears to choose from, players can operate the drone at their skill level. Whether you're just starting out or looking for more speed, the options are limitless: low speed (approx. 1km/h), mid-range speed (2km/h), and high-speed modes (your choice!)

E63 Drone, i8ooma 9omins 1smins battery

Capture stunning photos with the E63 drone's advanced 4K camera! Enjoy the flexibility of using beauty filters or shooting without any filters for a natural look. The camera also features a powerful 50x zoom, allowing you to zoom in and out on your images in real-time. Plus, get up close and personal with subjects using the SX (Super Zoom) function.

E63 Drone, microfilm creation app instant movie creation you can add music/filter to

Turn your aerial adventures into stunning videos with the E63 drone's microfilm creation app! Instantly create movies and add your favorite tunes or filters using the intuitive app. Share your creations with friends, collect likes, and download the app on the Google Play App Store. The app even gets smarter as you use it, allowing for seamless video editing and sharing.

E63 Drone, new play 3600 stunt roll all-round free tumbling,

Experience thrilling flights with the E63 drone's new play mode! Perform death-defying stunts like 360° rolls and all-round tumbling, adding an extra layer of excitement to your aerial adventures. And for even more convenience, use the one-touch up/down function to effortlessly control the drone's ascent or descent. With mini pro capabilities, you'll feel like a pro pilot in no time!

E63 Drone, smart shooting gesture recognition for photo/video, make the corresponding gesture

Capture life's moments with ease using the E63 drone' s smart shooting feature! Simply make the corresponding hand gesture to trigger the camera to take photos or videos. Once recognized, the drone will automatically capture your desired shot, allowing you to focus on the fun and not the details.

E63 Drone, private brand e63 drone essential details place of origin: gu

Experience the versatility of the E63 drone, available in an impressive range of 8 sizes to suit your flying needs. The compact folding design measures just 12*8*8.5cm, making it easy to take with you on the go. This mini marvel features a ESC camera fuselage and fixed height hovering system, ensuring stable and precise flight control.

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