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EFT G06 4-axis agriculture drone spraying sprayer 6L 18Kg 20Min

EFT G06 4-axis agriculture drone spraying sprayer 6L 18Kg 20Min


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EFT G06 agriculture drone Parameters

Tank capacity
Frame weight
Maximum takeoff weight:
Expand Size
Folded size
23-24 inch folding paddle
60-80A FOC
Power supply voltage
Flight time


EFT G06 agriculture drone review


EFT G06 agriculture drone Details

 EFT G06 agriculture drone is specially designed for lightweight operation needs. The effective capacity of the drone is 6L. It adopts a quick-release medicine box and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold. Radar and FPV cameras are the first choice for entry-level plant protection drones, there reserved installation space for them on the G06.

EFT G06 agriculture drone is specially designed for lightweight operation needs. The effective capacity of the drone is 6L. It adopts a quick-release medicine box and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold. Radar and FPV cameras are the first choice for entry-level plant protection drones, there reserved installation space for them on the G06.


Item Model: G06 6L Agriculture Spraying Drone
Diagonal wheelbase: 1172mm
Size: 1580x1270x475mm
Folded Size: 605x640x475mm
Arm Diameter: 30mm
Effective Capacity: 6L
Frame Weight: 4.8kg
Frame+Spraying System Weight: 5.8kg
Frame+Power System Weight: 8.8kg
No-Load take-off weight: 11.4kg (battery weight 2.6kg is included)
Max take-off weight: 17.4kg
No-load flight Time: 17minutes (42.8V)
Full-Load flight time: 8.5 minutes (42.8V)
Spreading Width: 3.5m to 4.5m

Note: The above statistics is tested with hobbywing x6 power system, Jiyi K3a pro flight controller and Okcell 12s 8000mah battery.

Main Features:
3-Section Compact Body Design

G06 6L agriculture drone adopts 3-section compact body design: front section is flight controller, middle section is water tank and the back section is the battery. The structure is exquisite and nice looking.


Rectangular Layout Scheme
G06 6L agriculture drone adopts flat rectangular layout plan, the arm is extended to both sides to extend the nozzle spacing to the maximum extent, and thus extended the spray width. The diagonal wheelbase of the G06 is 1172mm, almost the same spray width as the E410.


Quick Release Tank + Battery
G06 6L agriculture spraying drone adopts quick release water tank and battery design. With this design, you can realize quick medicine change, battery change, easy operation, saving time and effort.

Modular Design
G06 drone frame adopts modular design, each part can quick taking apart and change, convenient to maintenance.

Ultra-Small Body, Fast Folding
G06 agriculture drone has ultra small body, and folding is easy. The folded size is about 640x605x475mm, super convenient to transport.

Extension Rod with Dual nozzle is optional

Terrain Radar installation space is reserved

G06 drone reserved space for FPV camera. You can install it according to your own requirements.

X6 Power System for Agricultural Drones 

The Hobbywing X6 propulsion system, which integrates motor, ESC, propeller and motor mount together, is easy to mount and use.


Main Features:
--FOC-based PMSM Algorithm Perfect Propulsion System

--High-brightness LED Indicator

--High Thrust & Efficiency Propeller

--Super Impact Resistance

JIYI K3A Pro Flight Controller for agriculture drones
JIYI K3-A Pro flight control is specially designed for agricultural sprayer drones. It has a variety of modes and exclusive functions for agriculture sprayer drones. It supports manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous flight. It can monitor drug flow in real time and intelligently match the spray volume to achieve precise UAV pesticide spraying . Equipped with professional App ground control station, it is efficient and easy to operate.

Main Features
Diverse Operating Mode for a variety of operating environments
K3-A Pro built-in fixed height mode, GPS - speed mode and other operating modes, easy to operate, flexible switching, free to change operating modes according to different operating environments, to meet the needs of agriculture spraying requirement.


Stable and Reliable Performance
K3-A Pro is a new upgraded version of K3-A, the best-selling king of flight control in the last three years. The reliability and stability of K3-A Pro have been further improved and optimized on the basis of the original K3-A flight control. The products cover the drone users in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and other countries. In 2017 and 2018, K3A get the recognition of 70% of the agriculture sprayer drone manufacturers in China.

Equipped with exclusive agricultural App ground station, precise and convenient control
Personalized app tailored for agricultural sprayer drones, it can provide arbitrary polygon route for unregulated terrain, autonomous operation and improve work efficiency. It has a route memory function and can calculate the spray area, which helps the operator to grasp the dosage more accurately.

Frame+water tank Package Included:
G06 Frame Kit x1
6L Water tank x1

Package 1 Included:
G06 Frame Kit x1
6L Water tank x1
Bruless Spraying system x1
Hobbywing X6 Power System x4 (2CW+2CCW)

Package 2 Included:
G06 Frame Kit x1
6L Water tank x1
Bruless Spraying system x1
Hobbywing X6 Power System x4 (2CW+2CCW)
JiYi K3A Pro flight controller with GPS x 1
Skydroid T10 x1
Mini camera x1
OKCELL 12S 8000mah Battery x 2
RE founder charger x1
Accessory bag x1
Flowmeter x1

Package 3 Included:
G06 Frame Kit x1
6L Water tank x1
Bruless Spraying system x1
Hobbywing X6 Power System x4 (2CW+2CCW)
JiYi K++ flight controller with GPS x 1
Skydroid H12 x1
Camera x1
OKCELL 12S 8000mah Battery x 2
SKYRC PC1500 12S Battery Charger x 1 
Accessory bag x1
Flowmeter x1




1.Do you offer warranty?

Yes, we can provide free repair or spare parts replacement in case of product quality problem within 1 year

2.How long is the delivery time?

1-20pcs within 7days
20-300pcs within 14days
>300pcs within 1month

3.Does it provide technical services?

Yes,All products provide free technical guidance, and provide installation instructions video &PDF.




EFT G06 Review article:

(If there is any information error in the article, the product description shall be the standard.)

The EFT-G06 4-Axis Agriculture Drone, available at, is a versatile drone designed specifically for agricultural purposes. Let's summarize its key features and then provide an introduction to agricultural drones in general, including their components, parameters, how to choose the right one, assembly tutorial, maintenance tutorial, and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

EFT-G06 4-Axis Agriculture Drone: The EFT-G06 4-Axis Agriculture Drone is a multi-functional drone specifically designed for agricultural applications. It offers features such as high payload capacity, stability, and advanced flight control systems. It can be equipped with various sensors and cameras to collect crucial data for crop monitoring, pest detection, and precision farming.

Introduction to Agricultural Drones: Agricultural drones, also known as agricultural UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), are specialized drones used in farming and agricultural practices. These drones are equipped with specific components and features to assist farmers in various tasks, including crop monitoring, irrigation management, spraying fertilizers or pesticides, and more.

Components of Agricultural Drones: Agricultural drones typically consist of several key components, including the airframe (drone body), propulsion system (motors and propellers), flight control system (autopilot or flight controller), sensors (such as multispectral or thermal cameras), and the payload (sprayers, seeders, or other equipment).

Parameters to Consider: When choosing an agricultural drone, several parameters need to be considered. These include flight time (battery capacity and efficiency), payload capacity (ability to carry necessary sensors or equipment), flight range (communication and control distance), stability (built-in stabilization systems), and compatibility with different software or data analysis platforms.

Assembly Tutorial: An assembly tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the agricultural drone. It guides users through connecting various components, attaching the propulsion system, installing the flight controller, and ensuring proper wiring and configuration.

Maintenance Tutorial: A maintenance tutorial offers guidelines on how to properly care for and maintain the agricultural drone. It covers routine checks, cleaning procedures, battery maintenance, motor and propeller inspection, and firmware updates. Following the maintenance tutorial helps ensure optimal performance and extends the drone's lifespan.

FAQ: The FAQ section provides answers to common questions about agricultural drones. It addresses topics such as flight regulations, licensing requirements, troubleshooting common issues, recommended software or apps for data analysis, and general tips for successful drone operations in agriculture.

In conclusion, the EFT-G06 4-Axis Agriculture Drone from is a versatile solution for agricultural applications. Understanding the components, parameters, and considerations involved in choosing an agricultural drone, as well as following assembly and maintenance tutorials, can help users make informed decisions and operate their drones effectively. The FAQ section provides additional information to address common queries and concerns about agricultural drone usage.


How to DIY 6L agriculture drone?

Building a DIY 6L agricultural drone requires careful planning and assembly of the necessary components. Here's a general step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Define Your Requirements: Determine the specific tasks you want your agricultural drone to perform. Identify the payload capacity, flight range, flight time, and other parameters based on your needs.

  2. Select Components: Gather the necessary components for your drone, including the airframe, motors, propellers, flight controller, power distribution board, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), battery, and payload (such as a 6L agricultural drone rack).

  3. Assemble the Airframe: Follow the instructions provided with your airframe to assemble the frame structure. Ensure that all the components fit securely and that the frame is rigid and stable.

  4. Mount Motors and Propellers: Attach the motors to the airframe using motor mounts or brackets. Connect the propellers to the motor shafts, making sure they are correctly aligned and tightened.

  5. Install Flight Controller and ESCs: Mount the flight controller on the airframe according to the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the ESCs to the appropriate motor outputs on the flight controller. Ensure that the wiring is organized and secure.

  6. Connect Power Distribution Board: Connect the power distribution board to the flight controller and ESCs. This board will distribute power from the battery to the various components of the drone.

  7. Install Battery: Attach the battery securely to the airframe. Ensure that the battery is compatible with the power requirements of your drone and that it is well-balanced for optimal flight performance.

  8. Configure Flight Controller: Connect the flight controller to a computer and use the appropriate software to configure it. Follow the instructions provided by the flight controller manufacturer to set up flight modes, control parameters, and ensure proper operation.

  9. Mount Payload and Sensors: Attach the 6L agricultural drone rack to the airframe. Securely mount any sensors or equipment required for your specific agricultural tasks. Ensure that they are properly calibrated and connected to the flight controller or designated ports.

  10. Perform Pre-flight Checks: Before the maiden flight, perform a thorough pre-flight check. Ensure that all connections are secure, propellers are properly balanced, and flight control surfaces are functioning correctly. Calibrate the sensors and perform a range test to verify the communication range.

  11. Test and Refine: Once all the checks are completed, conduct a test flight in a controlled environment. Monitor the drone's stability, maneuverability, and overall performance. Make any necessary adjustments to the flight controller settings or component positioning to optimize flight characteristics.

Remember to adhere to local regulations, obtain necessary permits or licenses, and prioritize safety throughout the DIY process.

Please note that building a DIY agricultural drone requires technical knowledge and expertise. If you are not experienced in drone assembly or electronics, it is advisable to seek assistance from professionals or consider purchasing a pre-built agricultural drone.


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Accurate description, fast shipping to Canada

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EFT G06 agriculture drone review

Very nice product. The spray is very uniform and the stability is very high. The software is also designed to be easy to use. recommend.

EFT G06 Agriculture Drone Review

Very good supplier. The equipment is very good, the performance is very good, the operation is very convenient, and the spraying efficiency is very high. My worker feedback has been positive.