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F183 Drone - 4K dual HD Camera Remote Control optical flow Quadcopter Toys

F183 Drone - 4K dual HD Camera Remote Control optical flow Quadcopter Toys


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F183 Drone Parameters

Product Name
F183 Drone 4K 1080P HD Camera WiFi Fpv Air Pressure Altitude Hold Foldable Quadcopter RC Dron Kid Toy Boys GIfts
Product Description
Product configuration parameters

Remote control frequency / number of channels: 2.4G / 4 channels
Product material: plastic metal electronic components
Adjusting the camera: Manual adjustment 90°
Product color: black/white
Motor model: 816 motor
Remote control mode: left hand throttle
Flight time: 20 minutes on a single battery
Remote control phone clip size: 5.5-6 inches
Remote control battery: 3 AA batteries (: not included)
Body module lithium battery: 3.7V 1200mAh
Remote control distance (no interference, no blocking): 80-100 meters
Image return distance (no interference, no occlusion): 20-30 meters
Gesture photo recognition distance: 1-3 meters
Charging method: USB cable charging
Charging time: about 120 minutes
Body size/folded: Folded size: 16x13x6.5cm Expanded size: 25x6.5x23cm
Packing size: 24*18.5*8.5 cm

Remote control function
One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left/right steering/360° roll/headless mode/speed/slow
gear/forward/rear/left/right/direction fine-tuning

Aerial photography APP function
One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left/right steering/smart follow/360° roll/headless
mode/speed/slow/photo/video/switch dual camera/face/gesture recognition automatic photo/gravity sensor/ Trajectory
flight/positioning flight/one key return home
Image transmission signal: UAV comes with WIFI signal
Package Included
Remote control*1
Spare fan blades*2
Body battery*1
USB cable*1
Protective frame*4
Packing Method
Any item will be in a storage bag then in a carton box


F183 Drone Review

F183 Drone Details

F183 Drone - 4K dual

Meet the F183 drone, a leading brand in aerial photography, which combines innovative technology with a passion for capturing breathtaking moments. With its 4K dual HD camera and optical flow quadcopter design, this drone is perfect for anyone looking to take their aerial photography experience to new heights.

F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone, expand size: 32x32x6.5cm folded size: 16
F183 Drone, stability key 58 is a key to stability . stability key
F183 Drone, function display ue0_ 3600 roll 24ghz

Enjoy advanced features with the F183 drone, including 3600mAh modular batteries for extended flight time, a folding design for easy portability, and innovative capabilities like one-touch altitude control, headless mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, and precision landing. The drone also features LED lighting and a key to ensure safe takeoff and landing.

F183 Drone, 4k camera dual cameras 50x zoom lens real-time optical flow

Capture stunning visuals with the F183 drone, featuring a 4K dual-camera setup that includes a high-quality 50x zoom lens. The drone also boasts advanced features like real-time optical flow for smooth video tracking, intelligent flight following capabilities, and seamless photo transfer to your mobile device. Additionally, enjoy gesture control adjustments and fast-paced video tracking with the drone's advanced motion video functionality.

F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone, u shooting from above 90o can be adjusted eye
F183 Drone, aerial photography masterwork display with multiple
F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone, optical flow hovering system with one key stabilization with no throttle control

Experience effortless flight with the F183 drone's optical flow hovering system, which features one-key stabilization and allows you to maintain a consistent horizontal height. This means you can focus on capturing stunning images without worrying about adjusting throttle or steering controls.

F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone, single touch can enable multi-functional operation when confronted with unexpected

Enjoy seamless operation with the F183 drone, featuring single-touch functionality that allows you to quickly switch between modes in response to changing situations. With just one key press, you can easily start or stop recording, making it simple to capture life's moments without hassle.

F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone, excellent flying, control, and shooting gesture to take a and videos

Experience intuitive flying, controlling, and capturing with the F183 drone. Use simple gestures to take stunning photos and videos, putting you in complete command of your aerial photography experience.

F183 Drone - 4K dual

Streamline your flying experience with the F183 drone, which allows seamless connectivity via WiFi. Control your drone effortlessly from your phone, capturing stunning videos and photos with ease. For added convenience, use our official app to transmit footage to your phone, track flight paths, and download your favorite moments.

F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone, long life modular battery to install and remove modular high-capacity

Experience long-lasting performance with the F183 drone's modular battery system, designed for easy installation and removal. Enjoy increased capacity, durability, and modularity in one convenient package.

F183 Drone, aerial photography with black technology / cool multi-play s head

Experience stunning aerial photography with advanced features like Black Technology and Smart Headless Mode. Plus, enjoy cool multi-play modes that offer up to 100% increased flying time and an impressive 30% boost in overall performance.

F183 Drone, wifi transmission inrealtime the screen can beviewedinrealtime use
F183 Drone, remote control guidelines fast and slow option flip 2 one key take-off

Enjoy intuitive remote control features with options for fast and slow movements, as well as one-key takeoff and landing capabilities. Flip into headless mode with just one key press. Fine-tune your flying experience with controls that allow you to: 3 turns left, 5 forward, 8 up, 10 right, and 2 backward.

F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone - 4K dual
F183 Drone - 4K dual

Product Details: * Color Box Dimensions: 24 x 8.5 x 18.5 cm * Storage Size: 23 x 8 x 18 cm * Assembled Size: 32 x 32 x 6.5 cm * Folded Size: 16 x 13 x 6.5 cm * Flight Performance: + Flight Time: Approximately 20 minutes + Flight Distance: Up to 100 meters (under normal conditions with no interference or obstruction)

F183 Drone, wifi transmission distance: 30 meters (no interference; no obstruction)

Key Features: * WiFi Transmission Distance: Up to 30 meters, under normal conditions with no interference or obstruction * Product Functions: + Ultra-Endurance Design for extended flight times + Folding Design for easy storage and transportation + WiFi Connection for seamless video transmission + Cell Phone Control for intuitive flying experience + 4K Dual Cameras for high-quality photography and videography + Gesture Photography and Video Modes for hands-free capture + Intelligent Following Mode for automated flight paths