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F6 Drone - 4K Camera HD FPV Follow Me 5G WiFi GPS Professional Drone

F6 Drone - 4K Camera HD FPV Follow Me 5G WiFi GPS Professional Drone


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Product Name
F6 GPS Drone 4K Camera HD FPV Drones with Follow Me 5G WiFi Optical Flow Foldable RC Quadcopter Professional Dron
Product Description

- 1600mah battery provides long-term playback. Just enjoy it

- 120-degree adjustable steering unit 1080P HD wide-angle camera can be amazingly adjusted to

Capture stunning images and videos in the sky.

- GPS Assisted Flight: Provides accurate drone positioning details. Built-in return air (RTH) function makes flying safer. When
the battery is low or the signal is insufficient, no one automatically returns to the air and flies out of the range without
worrying about losing the drone.

- Provides stable flight using the altitude hold mode feature.

- Have gesture photos and recordings to make your photography more convenient and beautiful.

- Track flight, you can draw the desired flight path on your phone, and the quadcopter will fly the line you draw.

- With the wifi function, you can connect to the app in real time via the phone camera to take photos, record and transfer images.

- Headless mode, no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying.

- Easily find your way home with just one click.

- Anti-jamming with 5GHz technology.

- 4 channels that can be raised, lowered, forwarded, retreated, left handed, right handed and 360° rotated.

- 6-axis gyroscope for more stable flight and easy control.

- The four-axle aircraft body is made of high-strength wear-resistant engineering plastic, which is light and durable.

Rise and fall/forward and backward/left turn right/left and right fly/pneumatic fixed high hover/360 degree flip/speed
adjustment/headless mode one button return / APP control / real time transmission / photo recording / GPS positioning / Auto
Follow/Auto Return/Uncontrolled Low Power Return
Package Included
Body battery*1
USB charger*1
Instruction manual*1
Spare blade*2
Fence *4
Packing Method
Any item will be in a storage bag then in a carton box


F6 Drone Reviews

 F6 Drone Details

F6 Drone, gps intelligent return home 8 0 alb 01 3
F6 Drone, as stable as mount tai is the key, anyone can

Stability is key - even for beginners, flying this drone is just as easy as climbing Mount Tai! With our advanced 70% intelligent flight technology, aerial photography has never been smoother.

F6 Drone, "folded appearance" just for you to travel more worry-

For ultimate portability, we've designed the F6 Drone with a compact 'folded' appearance that lets you travel worry-free. The unique arm design adopts a classic three-dimensional folding mechanism, giving you a snug and secure fit that's just right.

F6 Drone, 4k hd pixels dual camera switch gps positioning

Enjoy advanced GPS positioning, smooth hovering, and precise photo/video transmission. Key features include low battery return-to-home mode, over-distance return, 8 directional movements, multipoint flight capabilities, and smart follow-me technology. Plus, enjoy one-click take-off, headless mode, and SOX zoom for seamless control.

F6 Drone, gps multi-function return home no matter how far away

With advanced GPS technology, our F6 Drone features multiple return-to-home functions, ensuring you can always find your way back home - no matter where you are. Plus, enjoy automatic low-battery returns and over-distance return-to-home capabilities for added peace of mind.

F6 Drone, 4k movie camera 30 aaleal adjustment picture, clear

Capture stunning 4K movie-quality footage with our F6 Drone's advanced camera, featuring 30x zoom and adjustable settings for optimal picture quality. With an impressive 4K resolution, you'll enjoy four times more detail than 1080p - perfect for capturing intricate details in both highlight and shadow areas.

F6 Drone, greater creative space 4k hdlens 16 million

Enjoy greater creative freedom with our F6 Drone's dual-camera system, allowing you to seamlessly switch between cameras. The 4K camera features 16 million pixels and 30x zoom adjustment, while the HD camera supports optical flow positioning and offers freely adjustable viewing angles.

F6 Drone, adjustable 120-degree steering unit 1080p hd wide-
F6 Drone, optical flow positioning hover novice flying "stable as mount ta

Experience enhanced stability with our F6 Drone's optical flow positioning technology, which allows for smooth and precise hovering. Even novice pilots will feel like they're flying 'as smoothly as Mount Tai' - thanks to the drone's ability to start viewing through the bottom camera in just 0 seconds, providing a stable sense of position.

F6 Drone, new generation of lens zoom technology, can be carried out through the remote

Experience unparalleled zoom capabilities with our F6 Drone's latest lens technology, which allows for up to 50x zoom via remote control. Capture intricate details from afar and enjoy a broader panoramic view - all thanks to this cutting-edge zoom functionality.

F6 Drone, 100om flight hd video transmission, watching while flying clear

Enjoy crystal-clear HD video transmission during flights, with a range of up to 1km (1000m). Watch your footage in real-time, seamlessly and clearly, as you take to the skies with our F6 Drone.

F6 Drone, smart follow automatically follows the movement of t he operator .

Stay in control with our F6 Drone's smart Follow Me feature, which allows you to simply 'follow where' you go. With the feature enabled, your drone will maintain a consistent distance of 5 meters and automatically follow your movements, giving you complete freedom to focus on the moment.

F6 Drone, gesture photo automatic recognition, intelligent response point at the camera of the aircraft

Capture stunning photos with ease using our F6 Drone's advanced gesture control feature. When you make a gesture, the drone's camera automatically recognizes your motion and responds accordingly. As you point the camera at the desired subject, the drone will intelligently track it and snap a photo for you.

F6 Drone, multipoint flight no need for remote control "intelligent"

Elevate your flying experience with our F6 Drone's intuitive multipoint flight feature, which eliminates the need for remote control navigation. Our intelligent app uses GPS mapping technology to accurately specify waypoints, allowing you to easily plan and execute complex routes. Simply click on the desired location, and our drone will follow your path.

F6 Drone, 3609 shoot with a different angle of flight cool video, praise

Capture stunning 360-degree footage with our F6 Drone's unique aerial perspective. With the ability to shoot from multiple angles, you'll create breathtaking videos that will leave your friends and family in awe!

F6 Drone, mv production edit is a real-time production tool for

Unleash your creativity with our F6 Drone' s real-time video editing capabilities, allowing you to produce stunning MVs directly from your drone footage. With our companion app available on the Google Play Store, discover a range of popular filters and music tracks to elevate your video production to the next level.

F6 Drone, headless mode lets you fly worry-freel one-button

Experience seamless flight with our F6 Drone' s innovative headless mode, which allows for one-button take-off and landing - worry-free! Additionally, with VR mode enabled, you can achieve precise remote control direction using the headset as a reference point.

F6 Drone, product specifications size folding: 13x7.sx6cm

Key Specifications: * Folded Size: 13 x 7 x 6 cm * Color: Black * Flight Performance: + Flight Time: Approximately 25 minutes * Battery: + Modular Lithium Battery (details not specified) * Remote Control Battery: + AAA Batteries x 4 * Ways to Control: [Not specified, likely refers to the various control methods available on the drone]

F6 Drone, geomagnetic headless mode calibration return home one-click take

Key Features: * Geomagnetic Headless Mode: Calibrated for precise flight and easy navigation * Return Home Function: Returns to its starting point with one click * One-Click Take-Off and Landing: Effortlessly take off and land your drone * Indicator Light: Provides a visual representation of the drone's status Additional Features: * GPS: Precise location tracking for accurate flight * Rotating Tre Photo: Capture stunning aerial photos and videos * WiFi/OT/Satellite Connectivity: Stay connected and stream live footage to your devices

Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
F6 Drone, have gesture photos and recordings to make your photography more convenient and beautiful
F6 Drone, gps assisted flight provides accurate drone positioning details .





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Great purchase, I love this drone, it flies great.

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Thank you very much the seller !!! Goods of excellent quality! I recommend this product and this seller!

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I am very happy with this product, I was very surprised at how amazingly it was packaged and sent to keep it in shape. Thank you again five stars plus.

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Thank you very much the seller !!! Goods of excellent quality! I recommend this product and this seller!