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F63 Drone 4K HD Dual Camera 5G WIFI FPV Foldable Drone Optical Flow GPS Position Auto Follow Quadcopter

F63 Drone 4K HD Dual Camera 5G WIFI FPV Foldable Drone Optical Flow GPS Position Auto Follow Quadcopter


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F63 Drone specification

 Product size:

Unfold 26 * 22 * 6cm

Folding 16 * 12 * 6cm

Portable bag size: 20 * 17 * 11cm

Unit weight: 185g

Total weight: 702g

Flight time: 15-18 minutes

Charging mode: charging red light is always on, green light is flashing, full green light is always on

Charging time: about 200 minutes

Remote control distance:

2.4G version: about 300m

5g version: about 500m

Body battery: 7.4v 1200mAh

List: UAV * 1 remote control * 1 / body battery * 1 / spare blade * 4 / foot pad * 4 / lampshade * 2 / USB cable * 1 / screwdriver * 1 / operation manual * 1 / protection ring * 4 / tutorial card * 1 / APP manual * 1

Remote control functions: forward, backward, left turn, right turn, headless mode, one button return, photo / video, one button take-off, one button landing, emergency stop, novice / Expert mode, GPS mode, fixed height mode, GPS positioning return, electronic fence, indoor optical flow fixed point, dual lens switching

App functions: one key take-off, one key landing, one key start, one key return, fixed height, headless, speed control, photographing,

video recording, front and rear left and right, left side flight, right side flight, left turn right, split screen, pointing flight, follow, novice /

Expert mode, surround

F63 Drone Features

1. Optical flow positioning, GPS positioning, double positioning system, making the flight more accurate.

2. Two cameras can switch freely and experience different perspectives.

3, 5g, 2.4G image transmission, 4K / 1080p high definition main camera, with 90 degree electric adjustment function and electronic

    anti jitter setting, make photos and videos clearer.

4. Low power return, over distance return, out of control return, one key return and other functions ensure that the UAV will not be lost.

5. Strong power, adjustable speed.

6. Intelligent follow, trajectory flight, surround flight and other functions can get more fun in flight.

7. Folding design, with portable bag, it is more convenient to carry outside.

8. Led HD LCD, real-time flight data at a glance.


F63 Drone Details

F63 Drone, f63 uav gps intelligence prevents
F63 Drone, 4k hd camera support 90vadjust shooting angle equipped

The F63 Drone features a 4K HD camera that supports adjustable shooting angles, allowing for a 90-degree range of motion. This is made possible through the camera's electric adjustment mechanism, which is built into the electronics and helps to maintain stability and balance. Additionally, the controller allows for precise control over the camera's orientation, enabling users to capture shots from a wide variety of angles.

F63 Drone, rs stable 4kgop optical flow increase dual camera 4

The F63 Drone features robust stability, thanks to its 4K GPS optical flow technology. This enables smooth and steady shooting with both cameras, allowing for high-resolution localization and precise switching between them. Additionally, the drone is equipped with advanced GPS positioning capabilities, including auto-return when low power is reached or in the event of loss of signal. Other notable features include headlessness mode for easy flying, speed control, strong power transmission, and intelligent image transmission capabilities.

F63 Drone, intelligent following shot your private photographer
F63 Drone, two cameras can switch freely and experience different perspectives
F63 Drone, 5g high definition image transmission clear when long distance stable transmiss and

The F63 Drone features high-definition 5G image transmission, ensuring that your video feed remains clear and stable over long distances. With Wi-Fi capabilities, you can transmit and receive images in real-time, even at flying distances up to 500 meters. This allows for seamless photography and capturing of moments while shooting from a distance.

F63 Drone, auto return auto return when low battery when over distance when lost control key

The F63 Drone features advanced GPS positioning capabilities that ensure you never lose your drone, even at high speeds. With this technology, you can avoid worrying about losing control or flying out of range. Additionally, the drone includes an auto-return function that kicks in when the battery is low, or if you lose signal over a distance, ensuring your drone returns safely to its starting point.

F63 Drone, gps drone with auto return function, will return when battery

The F63 Drone features a GPS series design with an auto-return function that ensures safe return when the battery level falls below 25%. Additionally, the drone is equipped with an intelligent automatic return mode, which will initiate a return sequence when the battery level drops to this critical threshold, ensuring your drone's safe return.

F63 Drone, high-quality photos are everywhere,
F63 Drone 4K HD Dual Camera