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Flytec T15 Drone Professional 1080P HD Camera Brushless Motor With GPS 20 Mins Flight Professional Camera Drone

Flytec T15 Drone Professional 1080P HD Camera Brushless Motor With GPS 20 Mins Flight Professional Camera Drone


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Flytec T15 Professional Brushless Motor RC Drone With GPS 1080P HD Camera And 20 Mins Flight VS DJI Drone

Flytec T15 Drone Specification:

Product size: 18.8*15*6.7 cm (fold) / 37.6*31.2*6.7 cm (unfold)
Package size: 36.2*21.3*7.8cm
Camera:1080P HD Camera
Flying Time:20mins
Charging time:5h
Control distance:500m


1.1080P HD camera, 5G real-time transmission 

2. Signal loss alarm, signal loss returns, no need to worry about signal interference 
3. Built-in brushless motor with powerful power and speed 
4. Altitude hold and GPS positioning function make flight more stable and safe 
5. Surround flight and waypoint flight to make flying more fun 
6. Out of control return, graded low power return to make the aircraft easier to recall 
7.20 minutes long flight, long standby shooting 
8. Secondary low-voltage electronic fence protection, 9. Electronic fence setting, so that the aircraft does not fly too far 
10. Modular large capacity lithium battery, intelligent power management

Packing list:


Aircraft*1, controller*1, type-c charging cable*1, forward-rotating propeller*2, screwdriver*1, reverse propeller*2, manual*1


Flytec T15 Drone, 108OP Long Control Portable folding Long time flying HD camera Distance 5G real-time Al

Enjoy long-range control with this portable, folding drone that can fly for extended periods while capturing stunning 1080p HD footage. The 5G real-time transmission feature allows for smooth and seamless video transmission, along with adjustable lens settings and surround flight capabilities, making route planning and waypoint navigation a breeze.

Flytec T15 Drone, simple design, scientific aesthetics Create a one-piece flow body, simple and beautiful 2

Boasting a sleek and modern design, this drone features a seamless body that exudes a sense of cohesion and sophistication. The adjustable camera boasts a high-precision servo system, allowing for precise lens adjustments to capture your favorite shots.

Flytec T15 Drone, foldable arm is designed for efficient folding; ensuring flight stability even after thousands of folds

The foldable arms are engineered for effortless folding, maintaining exceptional flight stability even after repeated use. The plug-in battery compartment is designed for easy replacement, making it simple to get back in the air and enjoy your flying experience.

Flytec T15 Drone, 5G real-time transmission, the transmission process is stable without delay . the real-

Enjoy seamless 5G real-time transmission with our drone, featuring a stable and delay-free connection. View your captured moments in real-time on your mobile device, allowing you to relive and share your aerial experiences instantly.

Flytec T15 Drone, wide-angle lens is a special lens suitable for taking pictures of larger scenes . it

Equipped with a wide-angle lens, our drone captures more detailed and immersive photographs by increasing the spatial depth of each frame. This allows for clear reproduction of both foreground and background elements, ensuring your aerial shots are visually stunning and engaging.

Flytec T15 Drone, 108OP HD imaging Equipped with HD aerial camera, it is more focused on outdoor aerial

Equipped with an impressive 1080P HD camera, our drone excels in capturing stunning outdoor aerial photography. The resulting images boast exceptional clarity and vibrancy, with increased transparency and rich colors that bring your aerial shots to life.

Flytec T15 Drone, the follow function is turned on when in the GPS state . the aircraft can automatically follow the

When enabled in GPS mode, our drone features a Follow Me function that allows it to autonomously track your movements while capturing stunning footage.

Flytec T15 Drone, a 3608 panoramic aerial shooting can be made using the middle point to set the flying height

Utilize our drone's advanced capabilities to capture breathtaking 360-degree panoramic aerial shots from any vantage point, with adjustable flight heights and radii to suit your creative vision.

Flytec T15 Drone, the flight path can be freely selected, and after connecting into a route, the drone can

Enjoy total control over your aerial journey with our drone's Route Planning feature. Simply select your desired flight path and set waypoints, then let our drone fly autonomously along the designated route.

Flytec T15 Drone, one key return Can be returned manually by one button operation Return when out of control Automatic return when

Experience unparalleled convenience with our drone' s advanced return-to-home features. With One-Key Return, you can quickly and easily bring your drone back to its starting point using a single button press. Plus, enjoy added peace of mind with automatic returns triggered by: * Loss of signal: If connection is disrupted, the drone will automatically head back home. * Low battery: The drone will return to its charging station when power levels drop below a certain threshold. * Manual override: Need to land quickly? Simply use the one-button operation to bring your drone back to you.

Flytec T15 Drone, second-level low-voltage electronic fence protection, not allowing the aircraft to fly too

Enjoy enhanced safety with our drone' s advanced Low-Voltage Electronic Fence Protection (LVEFP). This innovative feature ensures that your aircraft remains within a safe distance from its starting point, preventing it from flying too far away and running out of power. The intelligent power management system automatically monitors the battery level and adjusts the flight path to prevent the drone from venturing too far from home or running out of juice.

Flytec T15 Drone, built-in brushless motor with strong power and speed Flytec drone uses four powerful brushless

Experience unparalleled stability and performance with our drone' s built-in Brushless Motor. Equipped with strong power and speed, this motor provides exceptional torque even in strong winds, allowing your drone to maintain its altitude and trajectory with greater confidence and precision.

Flytec T15 Drone, 2800mAh battery capacity 7.4V Lithium voltage USB Charging interface USB interface makes

Power your aerial adventures with our drone' s long-lasting 2800mAh rechargeable battery, featuring a reliable 7.4V lithium-ion design and convenient USB charging capabilities. Simply plug in via the provided USB port for easy recharging - no more tangled cables or lost power outlets to worry about!

Flytec T15 Drone, controller instructions Cell phone stent speed Lens adjustment Headless mode Photo Video Short press g

Master your flying experience with our intuitive controller featuring a range of advanced features. Enjoy: * Cell phone stent speed for rapid adjustments * Lens adjustment for precise framing * Headless mode for hands-free flying * One-click take-off and calibration for easy setup * Gyroscope-assisted stabilization for smooth flight * Photo and video modes for capturing stunning footage * Short press and long press functions for customizable control Plus, benefit from: * One-touch landing with GPS guidance * Open/closed compass functionality * Throttle control for precise speed adjustments * Front, back, left, and right steering for versatile navigation * Return indicator light to track your drone's position * Power supply and charging lamp indicators to keep you informed And don't forget the Headless lamp switch for easy mode switching.

Flytec T15 Drone, out of control return, graded low power return to make the aircraft easier to recall .
Flytec T15 Drone, Secondary low-voltage electronic fence protection,
Flytec T15 Drone, Signal loss alarm, signal loss returns, no need to worry about signal interference
Flytec T15 Drone, Altitude hold and GPS positioning function make flight more stable and safe
Flytec T15 Drone, 6.7em 31.2em 37.6cm Flytec
Flytec T15 Drone, 7.6cm 5.7cm 14.Scm 6.7em 18.8e