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GD91 PRO Drone - 6K HD Camera 5G Wifi Gps 3-Axis Gimbal 50X 1.2Km Profesional Quadcopter Professional Camera Drone

GD91 PRO Drone - 6K HD Camera 5G Wifi Gps 3-Axis Gimbal 50X 1.2Km Profesional Quadcopter Professional Camera Drone


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GD91 Pro Drone GD91 MAX 6K HD Camera 5G Wifi Gps 3-Axis Gimbal Profesional Dron Rc helicopter 50X 1.2Km Quadcopter

GD91 PRO Drone Feature

1.The remote control can adjust the camera angle up and down, and the upper and lower can be adjusted continuously by 90 degrees.

2.WIFI 120 degree wide-angle HD, pixel 4K, camera pixel is 3840*2160P, real-time transmission is 30 frames / sec, WiFi map transmission distance is 200-400 meters.

3.WiFi camera can use the mobile phone / remote control to take pictures.

4.The product adopts foldable design for more convenient storage.

5.The product has both outdoor GPS positioning and indoor optical flow positioning to ensure stable hovering indoors and outdoors.

6.The battery adopts modular design, which is convenient for users to purchase more electricity and fly for a long time.



1.Indoor air pressure fixed / optical flow positioning / outdoor dual-mode GPS fixed point / GPS one-button return.

2.The return setting includes: one-button return/low-pressure return/uncontrolled return.

3.Mobile APP implements automatic follow/surround/pointing flight.


GD91 PRO Drone Specifications

Brand Name: Toanel Drone

Product Name: Brushless GPS Drone

Model Number: GD91 PRO

Material: ABS&Hardware&Electronics

Color: Black

Unfolding Size: 355x400x68mm/13.98x15.75x2.68in

Folding Size: 160x105x68mm/6.30x4.13x2.68in

Body Weight: 420g/14.82oz

Flight Distance: 1000 Meters

Remote Frequency: 2.4GHz

Motor: 1806 1600KV

Paddle: 3 Inch Folding Front and Back Paddle

Flight Time: 25-28 Minutes

GPS: Dual Mode (GPS/ Glonass)

Headless Mode: Remote Control Button Switching

Camera: 5G Long Distance 500 Meters WiFi

Cloud Platform: Camera Up and Down Angle: Adjustable 90 Degrees

Remote Controller: Two-way Return/LCD Display Attitude Data

Battery: 2S 25C 7.6V 3000mAh

Charging Method: USB Charging. Battery Built-in Balance Charger

Charging Time: 300 Minutes

Geomagnetic: Built-in Module

Fence: Default: Height 100 Meters / Distance 250 Meters

Photo Pixel: Photo: 4096*3072 (4k)

Image Pass Pixel: 1080p/30fps

Video Size: 1920*1080

Applicable Age: 14+


Package Informations:

Package Size: 275x205x10mm/10.83x8.07x0.39in

Package Weight: 1358g/2.99lb

Storage Box Package


Package Included:

1 x Brushless GPS Drone

1 x Battery

1 x Remote Control

2 x Spare Fan Blade

1 x USB Cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Manual

1 x Blade Wrench

1 x Foam Case


GD91 Pro Review

GD91 MAX  

GD91 PRO Drone, GD91Pro Brushless Motor Strong wind resistance level 7 More powerful than the ordinary carbon brush

GD91Pro Brushless Motor Strong wind resistance level 7 More powerful than the ordinary carbon brush motor in the past, fast speed, durable,energy saving and longer service life .

GD91 PRO Drone, Shooting around in a big Scene Play new patterns in 360 to achieve blockbusterGD91 PRO Drone, the aircraft can fly in the direction of the remote control at any angle . headless mode

With headless mode enabled, the drone can be flown in the same direction as the remote control, allowing for more intuitive and precise flying.


Thanks to its advanced Optical Flow technology combined with GPS hovering capabilities, the GD91 PRO Drone remains fully stabilized and under precise control in your hand, allowing you to confidently pilot it.

GD91 PRO Drone, gpss POSITIONING COURSE REVERSAL The aircraft will

GPS Positioning Course Reversal: If the drone's battery level becomes critically low, it will automatically return to its starting position. Additionally, you can use the remote controller to manually override the course reversal and regain control.

GD91 PRO Drone, fuselage comes with a diamond-type fiber-optic LED combination . unique

The drone's fuselage features a distinctive LED light pattern, combining diamond-shaped and fiber-optic designs to create a unique visual signature that stands out in the night sky.

GD91 PRO Drone, vision tracking system is supported by Al technology, and the drone can precisely target . aut

The GD91 PRO Drone features advanced computer vision tracking capabilities powered by AI technology, allowing it to precisely target subjects and maintain focus. Additionally, its Auto Follow Shot mode enables the drone to track targets from various angles and perspectives, capturing stunning footage with ease.


The GD91 PRO Drone features a high-capacity 3600mAh lithium battery pack with an impressive endurance time of up to 28 minutes, allowing you to check its power status at any moment and easily replace it when needed.

GD91 PRO Drone - 6

Capture stunning footage with ease using our drone's advanced features, including Ultra Clear Record capabilities that allow you to shoot high-quality 4K HD videos in just minutes. The camera also boasts two-axis mechanical self-stabilization, ensuring smooth and stable aerial shots, and is designed as a self-contained platform for easy setup and use.


Experience immersive VR (Virtual Reality) through our dedicated mobile app, where you can activate the 3D VR function and enjoy a fully immersive experience. Please note that VR glasses are required to use this feature and must be purchased separately.

GD91 PRO Drone, Gesture Photographers can take wonderful pictures for you . one hand two hand control,

Photographers can effortlessly capture stunning images for you using simple hand gestures. With intuitive one-handed or two-handed control, you can easily take photos or record videos by simply waving your hands - no complicated controls required.

GD91 PRO Drone, mobile app, 3D VR function can be enabled which can be carried with mobile phone VR glasses

Using our dedicated mobile app, you can enable the 3D VR function, which allows you to view your aerial footage in stunning virtual reality using your own mobile phone's VR glasses (note: separate VR glasses are required, sold separately). Experience the thrill of real-time vision with an immersive and interactive viewing experience.

GD91 PRO Drone, Beautiful view Of the world Flying distance up to 1200GD91 PRO Drone, GPS POSITIONING RETURN Refuse to lose, refuse to lose contact

With our advanced GPS technology, the GD91 PRO Drone ensures that you're always in control. In the event of a low battery or loss of signal, the drone will automatically return to its takeoff location, eliminating the risk of losing contact or having it fly away.

GD91 PRO Drone, BODY DESIGN FASTER AND MORE STABLE Flight speed 16m/s Pro e GD91 PRO Drone, INTELLIGENT AUTO FOLLOW SHOOTING The visual tracking system is supported by

Intelligent Auto Follow Shooting allows for seamless tracking of your subject using advanced AI-powered visual tracking technology. The GD91 PRO Drone can precisely lock onto its target from a fixed angle, ensuring crisp and stable footage every time.

GD91 PRO Drone, the first main camera has 90" electric adjustment for aerial photography . the third and fourth laser

The GD91 PRO Drone features a primary camera with a 90-degree electric adjustment, ideal for aerial photography. Additionally, the drone is equipped with advanced altitude control systems, including laser-assisted stabilization for low-altitude flights, ensuring greater stability. Furthermore, the drone's two LED headlights provide enhanced visibility and a more striking visual effect at night.

GD91 PRO Drone, cLoud PLATFORM is equipped with two-axis self-stabilizing

The GD91 PRO Drone features a Cloud Platform equipped with a two-axis self-stabilizing system, ensuring smooth and stable footage. Additionally, the drone's GDS Pro Go91 mode allows the Tauo camera to maintain a parallel alignment with the horizontal plane at all times, providing unparalleled stability and accuracy.


GD91 PRO Drone boasts cutting-edge technology, redefining aerial photography standards. All previous models have been upgraded to the powerful GD91 Max, offering multiple enhancements.

GD91 PRO Drone, soX SLIDE ZOOM Slide your fingers gently to adjust the lens at anytime and

Experience seamless zoom control with our innovative soX feature. With a gentle slide of your fingers, you can effortlessly adjust the lens to capture the perfect shot at any time and from anywhere. Enjoy precise adjustments in distance and size to frame breathtaking scenery.

GD91 PRO Drone, Product Size 35cm 49cm 42cm 25.Scm 7.8cGD91 PRO Drone, indoor air pressure fixed / optical flow positioning / outdoor dual-mode GPS fixed point GD91 PRO Drone Specifications Brand Name: Toanel Drone Model Number: