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GD96 Drone - Professional HD 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone Foldable Quadcopter Drones professional Quadcopter

GD96 Drone - Professional HD 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone Foldable Quadcopter Drones professional Quadcopter


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image transmission distance: about 3500 meters

Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: about 3500m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

RC Plane: Toy

Power Source: Electric

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Camera

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Batteries

Package Includes: Original Box

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Expert

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: GD96

Material: Metal

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: about 13-15 minuter

Features: Auto Return

Features: Follow Me

Features: App-Controlled

Features: GPS

Features: Integrated Camera

Features: Obstacle Avoidance

Features: Wi-Fi

Features: FPV Capable

Drone 4k Profesional: Toys For Boys 2023

Dimensions: 30.7*7.2*20.2CM

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 3.8V 3000mAh

Control Channels: 6 Channel

Charging Voltage: 11.4V

Charging Time: about 600 minute

Certification: 3C

Camera Mount Type: 3-axis Gimbal

Battery: 11.4V 3000mAh

Barcode: No

Aerial Photography: Yes

Package Included:
1 x RC Quadcopter( with camera)

1 x Transmitter

1 x11.4V 3000mAh Lipo Battery

3 x USB Cable

4 x Propeller

1 x AC Cable

1 x Charger

2 x Manual

2023 GD96 Drone Professional HD 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone Foldable Quadcopter Drones professional Quadcopter

1.3 Axis Brushless Mechanical Head

Roll angle: -30 ° -+30 °

Pitch angle: -20 ° -+90 °

Adjustable angle: 0 ° -+80 °

2. One click skyrocketing

3. Progressive mode, spiral up

4. GPS Follow: 15m

5. Trajectory flight

6. Fixed point surround



GD96 Drone, Intelligent Flight flight following One Flew Fading mode Spiral up Overboard point

Intelligent Flight flight following One Flew Fading mode Spiral up Overboard point . Intelligent Flight system return voyage surround Fixed-point hover hover .


The GD96 Drone features a bi-directional binocular vision perception system, which consists of two vision sensors mounted on the front and rear of the fuselage. This system provides a wider range of obstacle avoidance capabilities, allowing for more stable flight.

GD96 Drone, Post-visual obstacle avoidance perception system .GD96 Drone, HIGH DEFINITION LENS UNIMAGINABLE CLARITY . 193E

The GD96 Drone's high-definition lens offers unparalleled clarity, thanks to its abundant light intake and strong image resolution. This allows for stunning visuals, whether you're shooting portraits or capturing natural scenery, setting a new standard for imaging quality.

GD96 Drone, when shooting scenes with strong light and dark contrast and backlit portraits, automatically balance over-

When capturing scenes with high contrast between bright and dark areas, as well as backlit portraits, the GD96 Drone's advanced image processing capabilities automatically balance exposure levels to prevent over- or under-exposure. This results in images that showcase more depth and clarity.

GD96 Drone, the scenes are clearly in front of uS, WYSIWYG

With our drone's advanced stabilization system, you'll get a crystal-clear view of the scene right before your eyes (WYSIWYG). The three-axis brushless mechanical stabilization head provides exceptional image stability, making it a game-changer for capturing smooth footage.


The GD96 Drone's advanced photo-sensitive algorithm allows for exceptional low-light performance, enabling you to capture stunning, clean, and noise-free photos even in low-light conditions, including nighttime shots.


Experience a new level of digital graphic transmission with the GD96 Drone, offering clearer and smoother video streaming. Leveraging advanced digital picture transmission technology, our drone ensures a more stable signal transmission and superior picture quality, providing an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience.

GD96 Drone, bob greene: you can switch between horizontal and vertical shots at will . greene

With the GD96 Drone's versatile camera capabilities, you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical shots, making it perfect for creating engaging short videos. Bob Greene notes that these bite-sized videos are ideal for sharing on social media platforms with just one click, potentially making them go viral and increasing your online fame.



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GD96 Drone Review: Unleash Your Aerial Photography Skills

The GD96 Drone is a feature-packed quadcopter that combines advanced technology, powerful performance, and user-friendly controls. With its 4K UHD camera, GPS capabilities, obstacle avoidance, and FPV capabilities, this drone offers an exciting and immersive flying experience for both beginner and intermediate drone enthusiasts. In this review, we will explore the parameter description, features, advantages, similar competing products, and provide guidance on how to choose, configure, and operate the GD96 Drone.

Parameter Description:
The GD96 Drone boasts a range of impressive specifications, including a video capture resolution of 4K UHD, a remote distance of approximately 3500 meters, and a flight time of about 13-15 minutes. It features a brushless motor for enhanced performance, a 3-axis gimbal camera mount, and a 11.4V 3000mAh battery for reliable power. The drone is made from a combination of metal and plastic materials, ensuring durability and lightweight maneuverability.

Key Features and Advantages:
1. Auto Return and GPS: The GD96 Drone is equipped with auto return and GPS functionality, allowing it to return to its takeoff point with precision. This feature ensures added safety and peace of mind during flights.

2. Obstacle Avoidance: With integrated obstacle avoidance technology, the drone can detect and maneuver around potential obstacles in its flight path, minimizing the risk of collisions and accidents.

3. App-Controlled and FPV Capable: The drone can be controlled via a mobile app, providing convenient access to various flight modes and settings. It also supports FPV (First Person View), allowing users to view real-time footage from the drone's camera on their smartphone or compatible device.

4. Foldable Design: The GD96 Drone features a foldable design, making it compact and portable. This design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go adventures.

Similar Competing Products:
Two similar competing products to the GD96 Drone are the SJRC F22S and SG908. These drones offer comparable features and capabilities, including 4K cameras, GPS, and obstacle avoidance. Users should consider factors such as pricing, availability, and specific feature requirements when choosing between these options.

How to Choose:
When selecting a drone, it is essential to consider your skill level, intended use, budget, and desired features. The GD96 Drone is suitable for both intermediate and expert operators, offering advanced features while remaining accessible to beginners. Assess your needs and preferences to determine if the GD96 Drone aligns with your requirements.

Configuration and Operation:
To configure the GD96 Drone, follow the instructions provided in the included manual. Ensure that the batteries are properly charged, propellers are securely attached, and the remote control is synchronized with the drone. For operation, use the included transmitter or the mobile app to control the drone's flight, adjust camera settings, and activate various flight modes.

Q1: What is the flight time of the GD96 Drone?
A1: The GD96 Drone offers a flight time of approximately 13-15 minutes, allowing for ample time to capture stunning aerial footage.

Q2: Can the GD96 Drone avoid obstacles?
A2: Yes, the GD96 Drone features obstacle avoidance technology that helps detect and navigate around obstacles in its flight path.

Q3: What is the maximum video resolution of the GD96 Drone?
A3: The GD96 Drone supports a video capture resolution of 4K UHD, delivering high-quality footage with exceptional detail.

The GD96 Drone offers an impressive array of features and advantages, making it a compelling choice for aerial photography and drone enthusiasts. With its 4K UHD camera

, GPS capabilities, obstacle avoidance, and FPV capabilities, it provides a comprehensive and immersive flying experience. Whether you are an intermediate operator or an expert pilot, the GD96 Drone delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and versatility to capture breathtaking aerial shots.




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GD96 Drone - Professional HD 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone Foldable Quadcopter Drones professional Quadcopter

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GD96 Drone - Professional HD 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone Foldable Quadcopter Drones professional Quadcopter

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GD96 Drone - Professional HD 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera WiFi FPV GPS RC Drone Foldable Quadcopter Drones professional Quadcopter