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GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit Suitable For Cinelog35 Series Drone Carbon Fiber Frame For RC FPV Quadcopter Replacement Accessories Parts

GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit Suitable For Cinelog35 Series Drone Carbon Fiber Frame For RC FPV Quadcopter Replacement Accessories Parts


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Wheelbase: Screws

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Frame

Tool Supplies: Assembly Category

Size: 3.5 inch

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Servos

Recommend Age: 12+y

RC Parts & Accs: Servo Accessories

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: GEP-CL35 Frame

Material: Metal

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Shell/Chassis/Wing/Head

For Vehicle Type: Helicopters

Brand Name: GEPRC


The CineLog35 Frame developed by CEPRC for mounting GoPro camera is now officially released.

CL35 is improved and developed on the basis of CL30. It supports the installation of mainstream AIO FC with 26.5mm x 26.5mm holes. The VTX installation hole is 20mm x 20mm, which can be directly installed with VISTA HD image transmission.The propeller guard adopts an integrated design, and the overall structure is firmer.Upgrade the power system, choose the 12mm x 12mm motor hole position, compared to CL30, it can install a larger 15-18-20 series motor, with a 3.5-inch propeller, it has a stronger power output. Improve the damping rings, the shooting effect is more stable and clearer.It has an stronger mounting compatibility, you can use 3D prints to install the GoPro8,GoPro9,GoPro10 or use the base to install naked GoPro8, Insta 360 GO2 and Caddx Peanut cameras.

We pursue lighter body weight, better flying feel, and more extended functions.


  • Model: GEP-CL35

  • Motor to Motor: 142mm

  • Top plate: 2.5mm

  • Bottom plate: 2.0mm

  • Arm Plate:3.5mm

  • FC hole position: 26.5mm x 26.5mm

  • VTX hole position: 20mm x 20mm

  • Motor hole position: 12mm x 12mm

  • Camera installation space: 14~19mm

  • Propeller guard internal diameter: 95mm

  • Suitable propeller size: 3.5 inch propeller

  • Dimension: 203mm x 203mm x 42mm(Include propeller guard)

  • Weight:130.7g(Include propeller guard,GoPro camera mount,3D printings)


  1. Integrated protection guard design, the overall structure is firmer and durable.

  2. Improve the damping rings, the shooting effect is more stable and clearer.

  3. CineLog35 has a great mount compatibility, you can install GoPro10, GoPro9, GoPro8, or Naked GoPro 8,Insta 360 GO2 camera and Caddx Peanut camera.

  4. 12mm x 12mm motor holes can be installed with 15-18-20 motors, and the power output is strong with 3.5-inch propellers.

  5. The design of open holes on the side of the propeller guard greatly reduces the noise during flight.

  6. Independent receiver cabin,and binding is convenient and fast.


  • 1 x Top Plate 2.5mm

  • 1 x Arm Plate 3.5mm

  • 1 x Bottom Plate 2.0mm

  • 2 x Propeller guards

  • 1 x Power cable combination

  • 1  x  Screw combination

  • 1  x  Screwdriver combination

  • 1  x  3D Print mountings combination

  • 1 x Other Parts

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Title: GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit: Enhance Your Cinelog35 Series Drone

The GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit is a high-quality carbon fiber replacement frame designed specifically for the Cinelog35 series drone. Crafted with durability and performance in mind, this frame kit offers a sturdy and lightweight structure that ensures optimal flight performance. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, and installation process of the GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit.

Composition and Function:
The GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit is composed of the following components:

1. Carbon Fiber Frame: The GEP-CL35 Frame Kit features a carbon fiber frame that offers superior strength and rigidity while keeping the weight to a minimum. Carbon fiber is known for its durability and vibration-dampening properties, which contribute to a stable and smooth flight experience.

2. Frame Arms: The frame kit includes four individual frame arms that provide support and structural integrity to the drone. These arms are designed to withstand impacts and ensure the safety of your drone during flights.

3. Mounting Hardware: The GEP-CL35 Frame Kit also includes the necessary mounting hardware, such as screws and standoffs, for secure and easy assembly of the frame components.

1. Durability: The carbon fiber construction of the GEP-CL35 Frame Kit ensures excellent durability, making it resistant to impacts and crashes. This allows for a longer lifespan of your drone, even during intense freestyle flights or cinematic maneuvers.

2. Lightweight Design: Carbon fiber is renowned for its lightweight properties, which significantly contributes to improved flight performance. The reduced weight of the frame kit allows for agile movements, precise control, and longer flight times.

3. Enhanced Stability: The rigid carbon fiber frame provides enhanced stability, minimizing vibrations and oscillations during flights. This stability is crucial for capturing smooth cinematic footage or executing precise aerial maneuvers.

4. Easy Replacement: The GEP-CL35 Frame Kit is designed as a replacement part for the Cinelog35 series drone. In case of any damage to your existing frame, this kit provides a convenient solution for quick and hassle-free replacement.

Installation Process:
1. Disassemble the Drone: Begin by removing the existing frame components from your Cinelog35 series drone. Carefully disconnect all wires and components attached to the frame.

2. Prepare the Frame Kit: Take the GEP-CL35 Frame Kit and ensure that all the necessary components are included. Familiarize yourself with the layout and position of the frame arms.

3. Attach the Frame Arms: Using the provided mounting hardware, securely attach the frame arms to the central body of the frame. Follow the designated hole patterns and use the appropriate screws and standoffs for a tight fit.

4. Reassemble the Drone: Once the frame arms are securely attached, reattach all the previously disconnected wires and components to the new frame. Double-check the connections to ensure everything is properly connected and aligned.

5. Test and Calibration: Before flying, conduct a thorough test and calibration of the drone to ensure all components are functioning correctly. Check the motor rotations, flight controller settings, and ensure the drone is balanced and level.

The GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit provides a reliable and durable replacement option for the Cinelog35 series drone. With its carbon fiber construction, lightweight design, and easy installation process, this frame kit enhances the flight performance and longevity of your drone. Upgrade your Cinelog35 series drone with the GEPRC GEP-CL35 Frame Kit and experience improved stability, durability, and control during your FPV adventures.



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