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GR101 Drone ESC HD Camera 6K professional camera gps Quadcopter

GR101 Drone ESC HD Camera 6K professional camera gps Quadcopter


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GR101 Drone Key Features

Obstacles avoidance / ESC camera / Brushless
1 GPS one-click return to the departure point, low power return, no signal return
2 GPS intelligent following: after the aircraft is linked to the GPS, open the APP following function, the aircraft will follow the mobile image of the mobile phone to follow 1-3m distance from the aircraft to identify the shooting object and automatically follow the flight
3 Gesture photography recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, gesture photography is made in front of the camera.
4 Route multi-point flight planning: the aircraft flies autonomically according to the pre-set route. Players focus on shooting
5 fixed-point surround identify the center point of the surround and move the desired radius through the rocker

GR101 Drone Parameters

Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, With Remote Control, Foldable
Operator Skill Level
Control Type
Remote Control
image transmission distance
Product name
RC aircraft
rc drone with camera
Maximum flying altitude
3 KM
Flight time
25 minutes
7.4V 3000mAh
Storage Bag


GR101 Drone Details

GR101 Drone, rgioi max obstacle avoidance possesses 360" omni

Equipped with omnidirectional laser obstacle avoidance ability, this drone enables safe and efficient aerial photography. The 'Rgioi Max' quadcopter features a worry-free flying experience, thanks to its 60% folding design and portable appearance. Record high-quality footage in one hand, with the blessing of cutting-edge technology.

GR101 Drone, mount tai can fly both outdoors and indoors more stable

Equipped with advanced technology, the GR101 Drone can seamlessly transition between outdoor and indoor environments, featuring a more stable and safe dual flight positioning system. Both indoors and outdoors, the drone automatically maintains its height and hovers smoothly, making it accessible for anyone to fly, regardless of experience or foundation.

GR101 Drone, the gr101 drone has a one-click return to the departure

Experience seamless photography with 5G Wi-Fi image transmission, allowing for high-definition images without delay or lag. Enjoy a flight distance of up to 3000 meters while transmitting stunning 5K HD footage in real-time. The GR101 Drone's 5G frequency band ensures a more robust and stable connection, providing an unparalleled aerial photography experience.

GR101 Drone, players focus on shooting 5 fixed-point surround and move the desired radius
GR101 Drone, rg 101 max the flight system has more advanced hardware brings new

Experience unparalleled flight capabilities with the GR101 Drone's advanced hardware, unlocking new possibilities for aerial entertainment. Enjoy a long-lasting battery life, high-frequency brushless motors, and robust wind signal resistance, making it easy to get started - even with zero foundation. Additionally, this drone features a calmly fixed collision avoidance system, allowing you to navigate through various obstacles with confidence.

GR101 Drone, the gr101 drone has a one-click return to the departure

Thanks to its impressive 6K pixel resolution, you'll be able to capture stunningly detailed images that showcase 1080p HD video quality. This means you'll get to experience incredibly nuanced highlights and shadow details, bringing your footage to life like never before. Every moment - whether it's a breathtaking landscape, a dynamic movement sequence, or a beautiful still-life - will be presented with crisp, high-quality clarity.