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H26 drone - 2024 New 4K HD Dual Camera Optical Flow Positioning Professional Aerial Photography Foldable Quadcopter Helicopter Gift Toy

H26 drone - 2024 New 4K HD Dual Camera Optical Flow Positioning Professional Aerial Photography Foldable Quadcopter Helicopter Gift Toy


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Remote Distance: About 150 meters

Pixels: 10 million

Origin: Mainland China

Optical Zoom: Fixed Focus

Main Rotor Diameter: About 15 CM

Frequency: 2.4G

Flight Time: 25min

FPV Operration: Yes

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Connectivity: Remote Control

Color: Black

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording


Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh

Aerial Photography: Yes

H26 RC Drone Optical Flow Positioning 4K HD Dual Lens Professional Aerial Photography Helicopter Foldable Quadcopter

H26 drone, 4kpixel flagship edition 25 minutes endurance, plenty of fun e

This flagship drone features a stunning 4K resolution, with an impressive 25-minute flight time. Additionally, the MV Online feature allows for up to 50 times magnification, making it perfect for capturing stunning aerial photography and videography.

H26 drone, intelligent, richer functions 4k hd pixel dual camera

This drone boasts intelligent features and rich functionality, including 4K HD resolution with a dual-camera setup that allows for seamless mobile phone control. With high-speed photo transmission capabilities, you can capture stunning moments in crystal-clear clarity. Additionally, experience immersive VR 3D visuals through the impressive 50x zoom feature.

H26 drone, yes h26 rc drone optical flow positioning 4k H26 drone, convenient foldable performance monster 4cm 13cm 16cm H26 drone, 4k hd camera give you better "creative space" H26 drone, camera design freedom to switch perspectives is greater front hd camera bottom

Enjoy unprecedented creative freedom with the ability to easily switch between multiple camera perspectives, a significant departure from traditional designs. The HD camera on this drone's bottom features [insert description or specification here], offering even more flexibility for your aerial photography and videography needs.

H26 drone, dual camera double field shooting front camera shot bottom camera H26 drone, not only the pursuit of life, but also the exploration from a H26 drone, ordinary shooting zoom shooting without zoom s0x zoom . what

Ordinary shooting and zoom capabilities allow for precise control, even at 50x zoom levels. What you see is exactly what you get, with crystal-clear clarity that exceeds expectations.

H26 drone, you can add background music, special effects and clipping to the video

To edit your aerial footage, simply click the

H26 drone, gravity induction control by rocking; deep into the flight experience H26 drone, eagle pro store android app control rich intelligent functions more comprehensive H26 drone, live video wifi transmission, high-definition picture without H26 drone, vr 3d experience from the perspective of migratory H26 drone, aywwxzz cs7 sz

Enjoy exceptional clarity in your aerial footage, with an intelligent core that ensures what you see is exactly what you get. Additionally, this drone boasts strong performance capabilities, powered by a P8X32A-Q44 processor, making it ideal for capturing high-quality images and videos.

H26 drone, pressure high and steady even if you don't have experience, H26 drone, anyone can flyi to control flight; anti-shake aerial photography get

Anyone can take to the skies with ease, thanks to our intuitive controls that allow for effortless flight. With advanced anti-shake technology and exceptional 1-minute stability, you'll be able to capture stunning aerial photography without worrying about blur or shake - making it easy to get started and enjoy a smooth flying experience.

H26 drone, trajectory've draw the you want to fly, automatic flight immediately 4 H26 drone, 360 back easy one-button stunt in the air 260 H26 drone, one button to take-offlreturn the drone can be easily
25 minutes endurance equipped with 300omah large capacity battery, H26 drone, flight systems folding aerial optical flow photography uav fixed folding size

Boasting advanced flight systems, this drone features optical flow technology for precise aerial photography and a fixed folding size that expands to 13x6x4cm (22x2lx4cm) when unfolded. The remote signal operates at 2.4GHz, with dual 4K HD cameras capable of capturing stunning footage in real-time.

H26 drone, remote control guidelines on-off right fine-tuning before fine

Control the drone with ease using the throttle lever, which allows for precise direction control. A single button operation makes it easy to take off or land in just 3 seconds - simply long-press the button to initiate take-off or return to the starting point.

yes h26 rc drone optical flow positioning 4k




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