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HappyModel Mobula8 - 1-2S 85mm Micro FPV Whoop Drone X12 AIO Flight Controller 400mW OPENVTX Caddx Ant 1200TVL EX1103 KV11000

HappyModel Mobula8 - 1-2S 85mm Micro FPV Whoop Drone X12 AIO Flight Controller 400mW OPENVTX Caddx Ant 1200TVL EX1103 KV11000


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Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Recommend Age: 12+y

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Mobula8

Material: Composite Material

For Vehicle Type: Helicopters

Brand Name: happymodel


Are you tired of the power performance of the 1S whoop you own? Do you want more power to ripping and roaring in your backyard? Yes, here comes Mobula8, which is Happymodel's first attempt on 85mm frame. It comes with X12 series flight controller, EX1103 KV11000 motor and Gemfan Hurricane 2023 tri-blade propeller, which has excellent power performance and extremely smooth flight.

X12 5-IN-1 AIO flight controller built-in 2.4G ELRS V2.0 and OPENVTX
VTX Power up to 400mw
ELRS V2.0 (Default), provide firmware to support ELRS V3.0
EX1103 KV110000 motors
CaddxFPV Ant FPV camera
Smooth and powerful
Compatible for 1S-2S Lipo/LIHV battery
Recommend 2S 450mah/550mah/650mah battery (Not include)

Brand Name: Happymodel
Item Name: Mobula8 1-2S 85mm Micro FPV whoop drone
Wheelbase: 85mm
Size: 120mm*120mm*50mm
Weight: 43g

Receiver option:
2.4G ELRS SPI(Support ELRS v2.0, provide firmware could compatible with elrs v3.0)
SPI Frsky D8/D16  not compatible with EMAX E6 radio
PNP (without onboard receiver)
TBS version(with external TBS CRSF NANO RX)


Package includes:

Item Name Qty
Mobula8 Frame 1
Option1: X12 ELRS V2.1 flight controller built-in SPI ELRS 2.4G receiver 1
Option2: X12 Frsky V2.1 flight controller built-in SPI Frsky 2.4G receiver
Option3: X12 Flysky V1.0 flight controller built-in SPI Flysky 2.4G receiver
Option4: X12 PNP V1.1 flight controller without onboard receiver
Option5: X12 PNP V1.1 flight controller with TBS CRSF NANO RX
EX1103 KV11000 brushless motor 4
Gemfan Hurricane 2023 tri-blade propellers(4cw+4ccw) 1
Caddx ANT 1200TVL Camera 1
Onboard 5.8G Openvtx 0mw~400mw VTX 1
Canopy for 14mmx14mm camera 1
Screw driver 1


Spare parts specifications:

Motor Mode: EX1103 KV11000
Stator Diamter:11mm
Stator Length:3mm
Shaft Diameter:Φ1.5mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ13.5mm*15.5mm
No.of Cells(Lipo):1-2S
Propellers Weight:0.88g
Material: PC
Props Dia:52.17mm
Center Thickness:5mm
Center Hole Dia:1.5mm
Flight controller X12 ELRS V2.1 flight controller built-in ELRS 2.4G receiver Target: CRAZYBEEF4SX1280
X12 Frsky V2.1 flight controller built-in SPI Frsky 2.4G receiver Target: CRAZYBEEF4FR
X12 Flysky V1.0 flight controller built-in SPI Flysky 2.4G receiver Target: CRAZYBEEF4FS
X12 PNP V1.1 flight controller without onboard receiver Target: CRAZYBEEF4DX
MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH)
Sensor: ICM20689 or ICM42688P(SPI connection)
Mount hole size: 25.5mm*25.5mm
Power supply: 1-2S battery input (DC 2.9V-8.7V)
Built-in 12A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control)
Built-in 5.8G OpenVTX 0mw~400mw
Built-in ExpressLRS 2.4G,Frsky D8/D16,Flysky AFHDS 2A
Built-in voltage detection
Built-in current sensor
Onboard 4in1 ESC Power supply: 1-2S LiPo/LiPo HV
Current: 12A continuous peak 15A (3 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Firmware target: Z_H_30
Default protocol: DSHOT300
Support Bluejay firmware
Onboard SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz Receiver Packet Rate option: 50Hz/150Hz/250Hz/500Hz
ExpressLRS Firmware version: V2.0
RF Frequency: 2.4GHz
Antenna : SMD antenna
Telemetry output Power: <12dBm
Receiver protocol:  SPI ExpressLRS
Compatible with ExpressLRS V2.0 TX Module
Couldn't flash separately ExpressLRS firmware
Could flash FC firmware to support ExpressLRS v3.0 TX module
Onboard SPI Frsky D8/D16 receiver Version SPI BUS receiver Frsky D8/D16 compatible
Compatible Non EU transmitter D8/D16 modelChannels: 8ch/16ch
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 200meterFailsafe support
Onboard SPI Flysky receiver Version SPI BUS receiver
Protocol: AFHDS-2A
Channels: 14ch(AFHDS-2A)
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 200meter
Failsafe support
PNP Version
(without onboard receiver)
Full UART1 for external Receiver
IR1 pad(invert RX1) used for SBUS input
External TBS CRSF Nano receiver version Original TBS CROSSFIRE Receiver  ,CRSF Protocol , Official TBS transmitter compatible
Onboard 5.8g OPENVTX Firmware version: OPENVTX
Smartaudio v2.1
PIT Mode support
RCE Mode support
Transmitting Power: 0/RCE/25mw/100mw/400mw
Power supply: DC 5V
Current (5v): <650ma (400mw)
Caddx ANT 1200tvl camera Image Sensor: 1/3″ CMOS Sensor
Horizontal Resolution: 1200 TVL
TV System: NTSC or PAL
IMAGE: 16:9 or 4:3
Synchronization: Internal
Electronic Shutter: PAL: 1/50~100,000; NTSC: 1/60~100,000
S/N Ratio : >52dB (AGC OFF)
Video Output: CVBS
Lens: 1.8mm
Min. Illumination: 0.001Lux@F1.2
Auto Gain Control: YES
WDR: Global WDR
Dimensions: 14*14mm(with bracket to 19*19mm)
Wide Power Input: DC 3.7-18V
Weight: 2g (N.W.)





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HappyModel Mobula8 Review



 **Evaluation: HappyModel Mobula8 - 1-2S 85mm Micro FPV Whoop Drone**

The HappyModel Mobula8 is a compact and powerful micro FPV whoop drone that offers an exhilarating flying experience in a small form factor. With its advanced features, including the X12 5-in-1 AIO flight controller, 400mW OPENVTX, and high-performance components, the Mobula8 is designed to deliver smooth and powerful flights. This evaluation article will introduce the composition, parameters, advantages, how to choose, operation guide, frequently asked questions, and more about the HappyModel Mobula8 micro FPV whoop drone.

Composition and Parameters:
The HappyModel Mobula8 consists of several key components that contribute to its performance and functionality. The drone has a wheelbase of 85mm and measures 120mm x 120mm x 50mm. It weighs 43g, making it lightweight and agile for indoor and outdoor flying. The Mobula8 features the X12 5-in-1 AIO flight controller, which includes a built-in 2.4G ELRS V2.0 and OPENVTX, allowing for efficient control and reliable video transmission. The VTX power can reach up to 400mW, ensuring a strong and stable signal during flights. The drone is equipped with EX1103 KV11000 brushless motors, providing ample power and responsiveness. The CaddxFPV Ant FPV camera offers high-resolution video feed for an immersive FPV experience. The Mobula8 is compatible with 1S-2S Lipo/LIHV batteries, with a recommended battery size of 2S 450mAh/550mAh/650mAh (batteries not included).

1. Compact and Lightweight Design: The Mobula8's compact size and lightweight construction make it highly maneuverable, allowing for agile flights and the ability to navigate tight spaces.

2. Advanced Flight Controller: The X12 5-in-1 AIO flight controller provides integrated control and video transmission capabilities, simplifying the build process and optimizing performance. The inclusion of 2.4G ELRS V2.0 and OPENVTX ensures reliable control and video transmission.

3. Powerful Brushless Motors: The EX1103 KV11000 brushless motors offer impressive power and responsiveness, allowing for dynamic acrobatic maneuvers and fast-paced flights.

4. High-Quality FPV Camera: The CaddxFPV Ant FPV camera delivers clear and immersive video footage, enhancing the FPV flying experience.

5. Battery Compatibility: The Mobula8 supports both 1S and 2S Lipo/LIHV batteries, providing flexibility in terms of flight time and power output. The recommended 2S battery options offer extended flight times and increased performance.

How to Choose:
When selecting the HappyModel Mobula8, consider the following factors:

1. Receiver Option: Choose the receiver option that is compatible with your transmitter system. The Mobula8 offers options for 2.4G ELRS SPI, SPI Frsky D8/D16, SPI Flysky AFHDS2A, PNP (without onboard receiver), and TBS version (with external TBS CRSF NANO RX). Ensure compatibility with your existing radio equipment.

2. Battery Preference: Decide whether you prefer to use 1S or 2S batteries based on your desired flight characteristics and performance. The Mobula8 supports both types, allowing you to choose the battery option that suits your needs.

Operation Guide:
1. Assembly: Follow the provided instructions to assemble the Mobula8. Ensure all components are securely attached and properly connected.

2. Receiver Setup: Depending on the receiver version you have chosen, follow the

instructions provided by HappyModel to bind and configure your receiver with your transmitter.

3. Battery Connection: Connect the selected battery (1S or 2S) to the drone, ensuring the polarity is correct. Securely attach the battery and make sure it is properly balanced for optimal flight performance.

4. Powering On: Power on the drone by connecting the battery. Check that all components, including motors and the FPV camera, are functioning correctly.

5. Flight Control Configuration: Use the provided software or firmware (if available) to configure flight control settings, adjust PID values, and customize other parameters to suit your flying style. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific configuration details.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):
1. Can I use a different camera with the Mobula8?
While the Mobula8 comes with the CaddxFPV Ant FPV camera, it may be possible to use other cameras if they are compatible with the drone's mounting system and provide the necessary connections. However, modifications or additional adapters may be required for proper installation and functionality.

2. Can I use larger capacity batteries with the Mobula8?
The Mobula8 is designed to be compatible with 1S-2S Lipo/LIHV batteries. While larger capacity batteries may physically fit, it is important to ensure that the drone's power system and components can handle the increased voltage and current requirements. Exceeding the recommended specifications may lead to decreased performance, overheating, or damage to the drone.

The HappyModel Mobula8 is an impressive micro FPV whoop drone that combines advanced features, powerful components, and a compact design. With its X12 5-in-1 AIO flight controller, high-output VTX, and responsive brushless motors, the Mobula8 offers a thrilling and immersive flying experience. Its compatibility with both 1S and 2S batteries provides flexibility in flight characteristics and duration. Whether you are a beginner looking to enter the world of FPV flying or an experienced pilot seeking an agile and dynamic micro drone, the HappyModel Mobula8 is a reliable and exciting choice.






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