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HDZero FPV Goggle Freestyle Bundle - HDZero FPV Goggle + Freestyle V2 VTX + Micro V2 Camera + 120mm MIPI cable

HDZero FPV Goggle Freestyle Bundle - HDZero FPV Goggle + Freestyle V2 VTX + Micro V2 Camera + 120mm MIPI cable


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HDZero FPV Goggle Specifications

  • HDZero Camera glass-to-goggle glass latency: <3ms
  • Adjust IPD range: 57-70mm
  • Adjustable focus range: +6 to -6 diopter
  • Full HD 1920x1080p 90fps OLED micro display
  • FOV: 46deg
  • Input voltage: 7V-25.2V 

HDZero features

1. Supports Analog/HDMI In/HDZero

2. Super fixed low latency

  • It is fixed!
  • First pixel latency: 3ms vs analog 2ms
  • Frame latency: 14.1ms (3+1000/90) for Nano 90 Camera
  • Frame latency: 19.7ms (3+1000/60) for other HDZero 60 fps Camera
  • Analog Frame latency: 18.7ms (2+1000/60 for NTSC)
  • 4.6ms less latency than analog if Nano90 + HDZero Goggle

3. Analog in

  • Built-in deinterlacer
  • Add-on post image processing (Brightness/Saturation/Hue)
  • Scale to 1280x720p for DVR

4. Expansion module

  • V1 supports analog receivers only
  • RapidFire mode 1 (Has some issues on mode 2, working on it). No problem reported on TBS Fusion
  • V2 will support WIFI + analog receivers.

               Goggles as RTSP video server, live streaming video to VLC on smartphone

               Wireless Linux terminal

               Anything you can thinking of, it is a Linux computer

  • A known problem that the power supply to the Expansion module can’t shut down separately on current V1 module. It will be fixed on next batch.

5. HDMI input

  • Support up to 1080p60 or 720p100
  • Only goggle can take 720p100 as of today

6. HDMI output

7. Built-in DVR and playback

  • H265 for Analog or HDZero 60fps
  • H264 for HDZero 90fps
  • Auto or manual recording mode
  • Playback is on 50fps currently

8. Audio

  • Built-in Mic
  • Line-in Mic (compatible with Apple headphones)
  • Line-out Speaker (compatible with Apple headphones)
  • Audio in from AV-in 3.5mm Jack
  • Audio in from analog receiver installed on Expansion module
  • Recording audio with selectable audio source
  • Line out audio when playing back DVR
  • Line out audio when AV in or expansion module is selected

9. Gyro

  • integrated BMI270
  • Head Tracker
  • Auto shut off OLED by monitoring movement
  • Other gyro-based application in future

10. ESP32

  • Built in ESP32 that is connected to main Soc via UART. SDK is provided for flashing ESP32 program and communication with the Soc
  • Worked with ELRS team to have backpack fully functioned during beta testing stage
  • User can use ESP32 differently other than ELRS backpack

11. OSD

  • Built-in OSD for Betaflight, iNAV and AduioPilot
  • Customizable OSD font loaded from SD card

12. Open source

  • Completely code synchronization between HDZero software team and Github
  • Runs on Linux 4.9
  • Goggle firmware: GitHub - hd-zero/hdzero-goggle
  • Goggle Tooling: GitHub - hd-zero/hdzero-tooling

13. Misc.

  • Support diopter lens inserts
  • Rail for mounting antennas or receiver’s pf other digital video system
  • 1080p90 OLED with combined focus/IPD knob
  • Recessed front SMA jacks


HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX


    Divimath, Inc


    HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX


    22.3 g



Operating Frequency


Transmitter Power


Mounting Pattern

    20x20mm M2 holes

Antenna Interface

    Secured U.FL

Video In

    Secured MIPI



MSP Canvas Mode


Input Power


Operating Temperature

    32˚F-104 ˚F (0˚-40˚C)

Power Consumption




Micro V2 Camera Specifications

Manufacturer:      RunCam
Model:     Micro V2 HDZero
Sensor Size:     1/2 inch
Resolution:     720p60
Sensitivity:      10650mV/Lux-sec
Shutter:     Rolling Shutter
Operating Temperature:     32˚F-104 ˚F (0˚-40˚C)
Input Power:     3.3V
Power Consumption:     0.5W
Weight:     8.5 g
Dimensions:     19x19x21mm


Freestyle Bundle = Micro V2 Camera + 120mm MIPI cable +  Freestyle V2 VTX + HDZero FPV Goggle



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