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Henge MD732 Servo - Metal Gear Digital Lock Tail Servo trex 450 500 Helicopter and PTZ , UP s9257

Henge MD732 Servo - Metal Gear Digital Lock Tail Servo trex 450 500 Helicopter and PTZ , UP s9257


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Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Gear

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Servos

Recommend Age: 18+,12+y

RC Parts & Accs: Motors

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Henge MD732

Material: Metal

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes


Henge MD732 Metal Gear Digital Lock Tail Servo For RC trex 450 500 Helicopter ,Upgraded S9257

Henge MD732 digital servos have following technique characteristics:

1. Use metal gears of high intensity and accuracy, and abrasion resistance t make sure the output deviation of servo veries small after long time running;

2. Use Japanese raw material to produce outer shell, which is more sturdy and durable and can beat 120 temperature.

Use coreless motor of high quality to develop the efficiency and life of servo Use potentiometers imported from Japan, which are of the same quality and type as Futaba servos, and the life can be 1,000,000 times.

MD732 applied to 450 and 500 helicopters locking the tail, and its function surpasses Futabas S9257.


Type: MD732

Operating voltage range(V): 4.5V-6.0V

Operating temperature range: -20~ +60

Operating speed 0.09 sec/60(sec/60 4.8V)

0.07 sec/60 (sec/60 6.0V)

Torque 3.0 Kg·cm(Kg·cm 4.8V)

3..5 Kg·cm(Kg·cm 6.0V)

Dead band width(usec): 3usec

Midpoint pulse: 1520us broadband

Maximum rotation angle: 65

Motor: Five-poles coreless cup

Size(mm): 35.0 × 15 × 29.2mm

Weight(g): 28g

Gear material: 6 metal gears

Connector wire length(cm): 21cm

Henge MD732 Servo Review

The Henge MD732 servo is a high-quality digital servo specifically designed for applications such as locking the tail on 450 and 500 helicopters, as well as PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) systems. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the MD732 servo offers a viable alternative to other servo models like the Futaba S9257. Let's delve into the characteristics, specifications, and advantages of the Henge MD732 servo.

Technique Characteristics:
1. High-Intensity Metal Gears: The MD732 servo incorporates durable metal gears that provide exceptional strength, accuracy, and wear resistance. These gears ensure minimal output deviation even after prolonged usage, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance over time.

2. Sturdy Outer Shell: The servo's outer shell is made from Japanese raw materials, enhancing its sturdiness and durability. This robust construction enables the servo to withstand high temperatures of up to 120 degrees, making it suitable for demanding applications.

Efficiency and Longevity:
The Henge MD732 servo utilizes a high-quality coreless motor, which enhances its efficiency and lifespan. The coreless motor design contributes to smoother and more precise servo movement, providing excellent control for various applications. Additionally, the servo incorporates potentiometers imported from Japan, which are of the same quality and type as those used in Futaba servos. These high-grade potentiometers ensure reliability and longevity, with an impressive lifespan of up to 1,000,000 cycles.

1. Precise and Reliable Performance: The Henge MD732 servo delivers precise and reliable operation, thanks to its high-quality metal gears and advanced motor design. It offers excellent positional accuracy and can maintain consistent performance even under demanding conditions.

2. Durability and Heat Resistance: The servo's sturdy construction and utilization of Japanese raw materials ensure durability and allow it to withstand high temperatures. This makes it suitable for applications that require reliable performance in challenging environments.

3. Comparable to Futaba S9257: The MD732 servo is specifically designed as an alternative to the popular Futaba S9257 servo. It offers similar functionality and surpasses the performance of the Futaba model in terms of specifications and features.

In summary, the Henge MD732 servo provides high-quality performance, durability, and reliability for applications such as tail locking on 450 and 500 helicopters and PTZ systems. With its metal gears, coreless motor, and imported potentiometers, this servo delivers precise control and long-lasting operation. If you're looking for a dependable servo that offers comparable performance to the Futaba S9257, the Henge MD732 servo is an excellent choice.

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