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Hobbywing XeRun XR8 PRO G3 Combo - XeRun 3660SD G2 / 4268SD G3 brushless motor with XeRun XR8 PRO G3 ESC for RC Car Trucks

Hobbywing XeRun XR8 PRO G3 Combo - XeRun 3660SD G2 / 4268SD G3 brushless motor with XeRun XR8 PRO G3 ESC for RC Car Trucks


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Hobbywing XeRun XR8 PRO G3 Combo

1/8, 1/10th 1/8 Off-road,On-road Racing
1/10 Short course truck,Monster truck

What is inside the combo? 

  • (1) XeRun XR8 PRO G3 ESC
  • (1) XeRun SD brushless motor of your choice 


XeRun XR8 Pro G3 ESC


  • The product features three common profiles that are suitable for all 1/8 Racing applications, allowing users to select and use them instantly. These profiles include Zero timing-Blinky mode, 1/8 Off-Road Racing mode, and 1/8 On-Road Racing mode.
  • XR8 PRO G3 ESC offers 32 built-in adjustable parameters, providing flexibility to meet various power requirements. These parameters can be easily imported and exported, facilitating communication and learning among drivers.
  • The ESC supports firmware upgrades, which can be done using the multi-function LCD G2 programming box, OTA Programmer, or Tunalyzer (available for purchase). This allows users to enjoy the latest functions and enhancements.
  • With the built-in switch mode BEC, the ESC provides a maximum output of 12A and allows adjustable voltage options of 6V or 7.4V. This flexibility is ideal for usage with servos and other devices that require different voltage levels.
  • The ESC includes a built-in reverse connection protection circuit, ensuring the ESC is protected from damage in case of reverse connection.
  • The ESC features a data logging function, allowing users to view various running data through the HW LINK app using the OTA Bluetooth module. This provides valuable insights and analysis for performance evaluation.

Spec & Technical data:

XeRun 3660SD G2 Motor


  • ROAR approved
  • Innovative 4-pole-8-magnet "staggered pole" rotor (Hobbywing-patented) with low cogging effect and torque pulsation greatly improves control feel around corners.
  • Built-in chip for making the motor be easily identified by HOBBYWING ESCs. When pairing it with an HW sensored ESC (i.e. XR8 SCT/Plus), the motor can work in the “sensored” mode at all times with great output linearity after the identification. The Turbo timing is allowed to be activated for higher output.
  • Magnetic ring mounted on the rotor protects the motor from signal interference and guarantees its super stability in the “sensored” mode.
  • With the mechanical timing adjustable from 20 degrees to 40 degrees, users are able to have different output power.
  • Turbine design implemented by the rotor accelerates the internal air circulation and reduces heat.
  • Rebuildable design (partially rebuild-able) and a screw-less motor case for easy routine maintenance effectively prolong the motor life and raise the motor efficiency.
  • CNC machined aluminum housing, high purity copper windings, advanced rotor structure, high-quality alloy steel output shaft, high-precision bearings for high durability and smoothness.
  • New-style “U” solder tabs at the bottom of the motor for easy soldering and wiring.
  • Xerun 3660 sensored brushless motor 

    Motor Dimension: Φ=36mm (1.417in) L=62(2.44in)

    P/N 30401150 30401151 30401153
     KV (no Load) 3200 Kv 3600 Kv 4300 Kv
    POLE 4 4 4
    LiPo (V) 2-3S 2-3S 2S
    No Load Current (A) 3.7 4.1 4.7
    Resistance 0.0065Ω 0.0056Ω 0.0038Ω
    Diameter (mm) 35.8 35.8 35.8
    Shaft dia. (mm) 5 5 5
    Shaft length (mm) 17 17 17
    Weight  218g (7.69oz) 214g (7.55oz) 218g (7.69oz)
    Recommended Combo.  - - -

    ► The “Maximum Output Power” is measured with 7.4V input voltage and ESC at ZERO timing. This parameter is neither the “maximum input power” nor the “rating power”, it is calculated by “RPM x Torque / 9550”. Because each factory runs a different testing platform, the above data may vary. ► Max Amp is the “Current at Max Output Power” It is a guide used for selecting the suitable power system (ESC, Motor, Gear ratio, etc.) If the actual input current of the power system is bigger than the peak parameter stated in the above table, this means that the power system settings/configuration is over its peak (or in other words, “overloaded”.)  ► The “KV” is measured without any load on the motor and ESC at ZERO timing. Do NOT run the motor without load for long periods of time (1 minute), otherwise the motor may overheat.   

    • 1/8 mini competition
    • 1/10 2WD/4WD short course truck 
    • 1/10 Truggy/ Monster Pro Race
    • Best match with XR8 SCT Pro ESC

    Manufacturer limited warranty Information

    • Never leave this product unsupervised when it is powered on.
    • Ensure all wires and connections are well insulated before connecting the motor to related devices, as short circuit will damage your motor.
    • Please strictly follow the A-A, B-B and C-C wiring order when connecting an ESC to the motor. • Never allow this product to come in contact with water, oil, fuel or other electroconductive liquids. If this happens, stop the use of your product immediately and let it dry carefully.
    • Read through the manuals of all power devices and chassis and ensure the power configuration is rational before using this unit.
    • Never hit full throttle before installing the pinion, as high-speed rotation may cause damage to the motor in circumstances of no load.
    • Ensure all devices are well connected, in order to prevent poor connection that may cause your vehicle to lose control or other unpredictable issues such as damage to the device.
    • Stop using the motor when its shell temperature exceeds 100℃/212℉; otherwise, the rotor may be demagnetized and cause irreversible damage to your motor.

    Xerun 4268 SD G3 Motor

    ROAR Approved

    • Suitable for 1/8th SCT, Buggy and Touring Car
    • Turbo Timing Technology
    • Full Sensored mode (when paired with XR8 Plus G2S ESC)
    • Adjustable Timing (Bi-Directional) 20-40 degrees
    • Advanced Hall Sensor System
    • 4-pole-8-magnet "Staggered Pole" rotor - HOBBYWING Patented design
    • Guarantees users the effective heat dissipation and dust prevention
    • The use of double insulated windings (240°C R-rated), NMB bearings from Japan, and the high-intensity adhesive (340°C) guarantees users the outstanding performance and super durability.
    Xerun 4268SD Motor
    p/n 30401906 30401907 30401908 30401910  30401909
    kv 1900kv 2200kv 2000kv 2400kv 2800kv
    pole 4 4 4 4 4
    Lipo 2S-6S 2S-6S 2S-6S 2S-4S 2S-4S
    R. (Ω) 0.0075 0.0069 0.0069 0.0059 0.0035
    no load current (A) 4A
    4.1A 4.2A 4.3A 6.1A
    Size. O.Dia / Length (mm) 42/68 42/68 42/68 42/68mm 42/68
    Weight (g) 315 285 285
    276g 300

    1/8 OffRoad

    1/8 OffRoad 1/8 OnRoad 1/8 OnRoad 1/8 OnRoad





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