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Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone - Professional 4K 3-Axis Gimbal 37mins Flight 15KM FPV GPS Obstacle Avoidance RC Quadcopter with Camera Toy

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone - Professional 4K 3-Axis Gimbal 37mins Flight 15KM FPV GPS Obstacle Avoidance RC Quadcopter with Camera Toy


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Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 15000m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Recommend Age: 14+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Original Box

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Charger

Package Includes: Camera

Package Includes: Batteries

Origin: Mainland China

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: ACE PRO R

Material: Metal

Material: Carbon Fiber

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Outdoor

Flight Time: about 37mins

Features: Wi-Fi

Features: Obstacle Avoidance

Features: GPS

Features: App-Controlled

Features: Auto Return

Features: Follow Me

Features: FPV Capable

Features: Integrated Camera

Dimensions: 229.55*178*73.6mm

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 3.7V (built-in)

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Voltage: 14.4V 4200mah(4S)

Charging Time: 120min

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: Other

Camera Mount Type: 3-axis Gimbal

Barcode: Yes

Aerial Photography: Yes

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, what should I do If I don't find the accessories

Flying Weight :600g

Size: Expand: 229.55x178x73.6mm; Folded: 118.7x172.5x67.6mm

Max flight time:33 minutes(slow cruise); Hovering Time 37 minutes (measured under normal temperature and no wind resistance,with video off and hovering at a height of 2~4 meters)

Max flight distance: 15KM

Image transmission system: SyncLeas 4.0

Max Ascent Speed: 3m/s (N), 4m/s (S), 1m/s (F)

Max Descent Speed: 1.5m/s (N), 3m/s (S), 1m/s (F)

Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed: Normal mode:8m/s(N, Windless at Sea Level); Sport mode:16m/s (S, Windless at Sea Level); Movie mode: 1m/s(S, Windless at Sea Level)

Max takeoff altitude: 5000 meters

Satellite positioning systems: GPS/GLONASS/Beidou

Max wind resistance: Level 7 wind, wind resistance mode can withstand level 8 wind

CMOS Image Sensor: 1/1.3inch CMOS, f/1.85 super large aperture and 2.4μm super large pixel ; 48 million effective pixels

Lens specifications: FOV84° ; Aperture: f/1.85 ; EFL:6.8mm; Focus Point: 5m to infinity; Distortion: <1.5%

Zoom: 6 X FPV image zoom

Max photo size: 8000X6000

Video resolution: 4K: 3840X2160@30fps;2.7K:2720X1530@30fps/60fps;FHD:1920X1080@30fps/60fps

Video bitrate: 100Mbps-100Mbps

Video format: MP4 (H.265/HEVC)

Photo format:JPEG/DNG

Firmware upgrade:APP online upgrade

Built-in eMMCenable you to share your video to media easily, no SD card required.

At the same time support SD Card: U3 above 16G/32G/64G/128G (not include);

Support Youtube live broadcast/Live streaming

Support Portrait Mode, HDR, Night Mode, Super Night Mode, Starlight Photography, manual adjustment of camera parameters(IOS/Shutter/EV/White balance/saturation/contrast/sharpness),giving creators more creative space,bring infinite possibilities to photography, easy for beginners to shoot Hollywood-level videos.

Multiple Intelligent Functions: quick and easy movie-making

Hyperlapse: Show a long, wonderful and subtle evolution in a short time, Capture unique landscape from God's perspective, and Shoot magnificent and professional movies easily through Time-lapse photography.

Panoramic Photo: In the panoramic mode, you can choose Spherical , 180 ° , Vertical shot and Wide angle. In this mode, the aircraft will take some pictures automatically. You need export those pictures from the TF card to composite the panoramic photo via Photoshop software or other software.

Waypoint : Create missions and draw routes on the map, the drone will fly autonomously along the designated route.

Orbit: Set the orbit center point and the drone will fly around the center point.

  • Interest points orbit

  • Image orbite

Active tracking (ATVT3.5): the drone tracks the target at a constant distance and follow it.

  • Parallel Following: Tracks the target at a constant angle and distance from the front and side.

  • Orbit Following: The drone flies around the target with a set radius and speed. It supports static and dynamic targets.

Creative video:

  • 360° Shooting: Set the direction, angle and speed of the aircraft's in-situ rotation, the drone will rotate in place and automatically film the panoramic view in the hovering position according to your design.Discover a wider world and more beauty.

  • Comet Mode: Frame the target, the aircraft takes the initial position as the starting point, flies clockwise in an elliptical trajectory around the target, and returns to the take-off point.

  • Drifting Mode

  • Away Mode

  • Soaring to the Sky

Line Fly Mode: The drone flies in a straight line at a specified angle and direction,precise and elegant, like a meteor in the sky. Be able to access the photo/video during flight.

Blockbuster Mode: one key to realize Blockbuster creation. All shooting operation, cut and video synthesis will finish by aircraft itself.

Advanced Safety Features

3D Obstacle Avoidance:

The drone features three directions obstacle avoidance: down, forward, and backward, makes it safer to fly.

Using advanced 3D spatial perception algorithms, the camera can capture more than 600,000 spatial feature points, and the depth extraction calculation reaches 15 meters cognitive distance. The second generation visual obstacle avoidance improves the self correction ability and the stability. No need to calibrate it often anymore.

3 types of Automatic return to home ensure you a safe flight:

  • One-key RTH:Tap the RTH button in the HUBSAN 2 APP or on the remote controller, the drone will return automatically.

  • Low Power RTH: The aircraft flight control system will determine whether to Return to Home or land immediately according the remaining power when low battery.

  • Failsafe RTH: The aircraft flight control system will control the drone to return or land directly automatically when lost signal or lost connection. The fail-safe mode helps to avoid further injuries or damages.

Struggling Mode:

When the battery power drops to 11% during the flight, the struggling mode will be triggered, it will limit the battery power output so that the flight distance can be optimized and the drone will reduce the power consumption to ensure the battery power is all used for flight power as much as possible. In this case, the stability of the Gimbal and image transmission will be affected, please use this function with caution.

Flight Control Mode:

Three types of Flight Control Mode(GPS Mode/Optical flow Mode/Attitude Mode), keep the drone steady hover for outdoor and indoor.

GPS mode, Optical flow mode and Attitude mode, it will switch to the corresponding mode according to the GPS signal and flight environment.

Smart battery:

The built-in smart battery can accurately monitor and calculate the battery power to ensure flight safety.

Vision Auxiliary Landing:

When landing, the drone searches the apron automatically and lands on it precisely

One-key take off/return:

Very friendly to novice and easy to operation, Best choice for beginner.


ACE PRO REFINED AIRCRAFT WIRELESS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM Color Black Image transmission SyncLeas solution Expand.229.55*178*73.6mm Wiae63 transmission 20Mbps Size eband Folding:l18.7*172.5*67.6mm Antenna Built-in dual antenna Maximum current

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, in the panoramic mode, you can choose Spherical , 180 ° , Vertical

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, HUBSAN ACE PRO REFINED Big Step Forward Explore a New ErHubsan ACE PRO R Drone, 4K CMOS HDR 4th Generation 1/1.3 48million Pixels 4k

4K CMOS HDR 4th Generation 1/1.3 48million Pixels 4k30 Flight Control FI1.85CMOS 2OOMbps Second Generation Sync Leas 4.0 3-axis Obstacle Sensing 15km Digital Stabilized Gimbal ATVT3.5 Following Transmission 37 IAI 37 Minutes Duration 3rd Smart Battery Blockbuster Mode

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, 48MP 11/1.3 COMSOS Big CMOS Always Win F/1.85Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, HUBSAN ACE PRO Refined unlocks a Billion Colors and capture

Hubsan ACE PRO R offers refined color reproduction, capturing even the subtlest details with precision. What you capture is exactly what you get - no compromises or distortions.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, fourth generation of flight control technology is more stable and smart . it greatly improves the learning

Equipped with fourth-generation flight control technology, this drone boasts enhanced stability and intelligence, allowing for better learning and adaptation to environmental disturbances. Additionally, its redundant GPS data correction capabilities significantly improve overall stability.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, second generation time-lapse algorithm greatly improves the stability of photography by blend them in real-

The second-generation time-lapse algorithm significantly enhances the stability of photography by seamlessly blending images in real-time, providing a smoother and more professional-looking experience.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, Night Mode The night mode designed for dark It optimized noise reduction and drag reduction .

Night Mode: Designed specifically for use in low-light environments, this feature optimizes noise reduction and drag reduction to provide a brighter and more vivid image even in the darkest conditions.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, vertical shooting follow short video trends Vertical Shooting follow the trends . vertical shooting follows short video

Vertical shooting follow short video trends Vertical Shooting follow the trends . vertical shooting follows short video trend

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, second generation visual obstacle avoidance (svoa 2.0) improves the self correction ability of

Second-generation Visual Obstacle Avoidance (SVOA 2.0) enhances the overall visual system's self-correcting capabilities, while dynamic fusion of multi-channel data increases reliability and stability.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, ATVT 3.5 Upgrade Visual following Night following Parallel following Orbit following DrifHubsan ACE PRO R Drone, Syncreas 4.0 wireless digital image transmission makes the image transmission more clearly strong .

Our ACE PRO R drone features Syncreas 4.0 wireless digital image transmission, which ensures a stronger and more stable signal. This technology optimizes disconnection retransmission mechanisms, allowing for a seamless image transmission experience. With ideal environmental conditions, our drone can transmit images up to an impressive 15 kilometers away.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, the Forth Generation Gimbal Technology; Realize Your Creative Shooting Steadily

Featuring fourth-generation gimbal technology, this drone achieves stabilized creative shooting by fusing data from flight control, attitude, and gimbal attitude to ensure a smoother and more precise flying experience.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, hblog data memory function, many information including struggling mode can be directly recorded to the battery

The Hubsan ACE PRO drone's third-generation battery comes with a 12-month warranty and is also compatible with the ACE SE Refined model. This battery features a hblog data memory function, allowing you to directly record various information, including flight mode, onto the battery itself.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, Hubsan ACE PRO Refined adopts excellent aerodynamic performance and excellent battery performance

Hubsan ACE PRO R features exceptional aerodynamics and battery life, allowing for up to 37 minutes of flight time with a standard battery - ample time to capture stunning footage and create memorable moments.

Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, carbon fiber material, bring you more noble beatiful details and more textured experience .Hubsan ACE PRO R Drone, blockbuster mode One key to realize Blockbuster creationl AII shooting operation; cut

Blockbuster Mode: With just one key, you can activate autonomous filmmaking. The drone will capture all the footage, then automatically edit and synthesize it into a video for you to enjoy on the go.

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