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I3 Pro Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera Drones Obstacle avoidance with optical flow Quadcopter Christmas Toys Gift

I3 Pro Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera Drones Obstacle avoidance with optical flow Quadcopter Christmas Toys Gift


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2023 New Design Hot I3 Pro Drone 4K HD Dual Camera Drones Obstacle avoidance with optical flow Quadcopter Christmas Toys Gift


Product Description
Model: i3 PRO obstacle avoidance drone
Special function :
UAV equipped with front left and right three-way intelligent obstacle avoidance
Front camera ESC 150° (can shoot upwards)
Remote control distance (no interference, no blocking)
Remote control function: 200 meters
Flight time: about 18 minutes
Motor model: 816 hollow cup motor
Adjusting the camera: 150° adjustment by remote control (can shoot upwards)
One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left steering/right steering/headless mode/speed/slow gear/one-key return/obstacle avoidance switch/camera adjustment/light control
Aerial photography APP function
Follow, track flight, VR mode, multi-lens switch, photo/video, lens zoom, MV mode, gesture photo/video/speed switch/gravity sensor
Packing List : 
Remote Control*1
Body Battery*1
USB Charging Cable*1
Spare fan blades*2
UAV manual*1
APP manual*1
Storage bag*1
Color box*1


I3 pro Drone Introducing




I3 pro Drone

I3 Pro Drone - 4KI3 Pro Drone, new design, different core 15 powerful function sections evolving performance . new

Boasting a new design, this drone features a powerful core with 15 distinct function sections that enhance its performance. Equipped with a remote control distance of up to 1508 feet, this quadcopter boasts an ESC camera, obstacle avoidance technology, high-definition image capture, optical flow navigation, and the ability to hover and return transmission. Additionally, it offers long battery life, beauty filters for improved visuals, track-and-follow capabilities, and smart follow features that allow for finger-controlled stunt rolls with just one key press for takeoff.

I3 Pro Drone, esc camera i5 pro 4k movie grade obstacle avoidance

Equipped with an I5 Pro ESC, this drone features 4K movie-grade video capture and advanced obstacle avoidance technology, making it easy to control even in challenging environments - all supported by a precise remote control with 150-degree angle adjustability.

I3 Pro Drone - 4K

Look up and capture stunning footage with the I3 Pro Drone's 150-degree remote control obstacle avoidance system. Say goodbye to difficult control and experience a more breathtaking perspective with its 624-degree upward tilt, allowing for head-up shooting and looking down capabilities.

I3 Pro Drone, full of looks we 13 pro aonce goodbye to difficult control real

Say goodbye to difficult control with the I3 Pro drone, which features obstacle avoidance using optical flow. With its dual camera setup, you can capture stunning 4K HD footage from unique perspectives. No more worrying about crashing - this quadcopter is designed for a smooth flying experience.

I3 Pro Drone, modular battery i5 pro long lasting battery life obstacle avoidance say

The I5 Pro modular battery features long-lasting battery life with obstacle avoidance capabilities, making it easy to control and install. With an increased battery capacity of up to 20 hours, you can enjoy a prolonged flight time of 18 minutes.

I3 Pro Drone, dual cameras i3 pro see more obstacle avoidance say goodbye to

The I3 Pro drone features dual cameras, providing enhanced obstacle avoidance. Say goodbye to challenging controls with support for remote camera switching and enjoy a 24-inch high definition display. The E24 camera captures stunning 4K footage, while the J3 bottom optical flow camera allows you to freely switch between viewing angles.

I3 Pro Drone, 50x zoom we i3 pro fearless prospects say goodbye to

Experience seamless control with our I3 Pro drone, featuring a 50x zoom capability that allows for effortless framing from up to 1,500 feet (232 meters) away. Say goodbye to tedious zooming screens and enjoy unobstructed high-altitude perspectives.

I3 Pro Drone, the flighty# i3 pro no control required obstacle avoidanceI3 Pro Drone, entry-level obstacle avoidance, it is easy to fly obstacle avoid

This entry-level drone features obstacle avoidance capabilities, making it easy to fly. Equipped with front, left, and right sensors, it detects obstacles in three directions and intelligently avoids them, ensuring safer flight.

I3 Pro Drone, one key controlke flac i5 [pro beginners started in

One-key control for effortless flight. Say goodbye to difficulty - perfect for beginners, start flying in seconds!

I3 Pro Drone, smart follower i3 pro follow-up assistant automatically follows remote

The I3 Pro Drone features a smart follower mode that allows for automatic tracking using its remote control. Once enabled, this feature enables seamless aerial photography.

I3 Pro Drone, cleverly folded master it at your i5 pro fingertips obstacle avoid

Experience seamless control with our I3 Pro Drone's advanced optical flow technology, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through obstacles. The cleverly designed quadcopter folds compactly to a size of 130mm x 85mm x 55mm, making it easy to transport or store.

I3 Pro Drone, optical flow hover i3 pro steady as mount tai

The I3 Pro drone features optical flow hover technology, ensuring steady flight as smooth as Mount Tai. Its obstacle avoidance system makes it easy to control, perfect for beginners who want to say goodbye to difficult flying experiences. The stable and intuitive design makes it simple for novices to master, making it suitable for indoor use.

I3 Pro Drone - 4K

I3 Pro Drone features live image transmission in high definition (4K) without any delay. Say goodbye to difficult controls with its advanced obstacle avoidance system.

I3 Pro Drone, difficult control 4k hd esc dual camera optical filow

I3 Pro Drone - Say Goodbye to Difficult Control with Obstacle Avoidance Technology, Capturing Stunning 4K HD Footage with Dual Cameras and Optical Flow Navigation for a Seamless Quadcopter Experience.

I3 Pro Drone, i3 pro intelligent recognition obstacle avoidance say goodbye to difficult control

Introducing the i3 Pro Drone, featuring Intelligent Recognition technology that allows for obstacle avoidance, making it easy to navigate through challenging flights. With its dual camera setup, simply gesture towards the camera to pose and capture stunning 4K photos or videos.

I3 Pro Drone - 4KI3 Pro Drone, parts listyut i3 pro flagship configuration obstacle avoidance

I3 Pro Drone: Flagship Configuration with Obstacle Avoidance. Say goodbye to difficult control! The drone features dual cameras, including up and down camera views, obstacle avoidance, and a short press function for easy navigation. Press 'L' to activate the light, or use the one-touch control stick to effortlessly navigate left.

I3 Pro Drone - 4KI3 Pro Drone - 4K


 I3 Pro Drone Unboxing & Reviews






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Willa Leuschke

I3 Pro Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera Drones Obstacle avoidance with optical flow Quadcopter Christmas Toys Gift

Joaquin Block

I3 Pro Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera Drones Obstacle avoidance with optical flow Quadcopter Christmas Toys Gift

Nettie Rutherford

I3 Pro Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera Drones Obstacle avoidance with optical flow Quadcopter Christmas Toys Gift

Desiree Osinski

Quick delivery to ARG. Exact description. Materials are not super, but for their price you can't order more.