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iFlight Mach R5 HD 215mm 5inch 6S FPV BNF with Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System / Beast F7 55A AIO board / XING2 2506 1850KV

iFlight Mach R5 HD 215mm 5inch 6S FPV BNF with Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System / Beast F7 55A AIO board / XING2 2506 1850KV


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Wheelbase: Bottom Plate

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Frame

Tool Supplies: Cutting

Technical parameters: Value 2

Size: 215mm 5inch

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller

Recommend Age: 12+y,18+

RC Parts & Accs: Antennas

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Mach R5 HD

Material: Carbon Fiber

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

iFlight Mach R5 HD 215mm 5inch 6S FPV BNF with Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System / Beast F7 55A AIO board / XING2 2506 1850KV

  • In response to our customer needs, this is our answer for all the racers in out there: The iFlight Mach R5 BNF!
  • Equipped with XING2 2506 motors for more torque and efficiency as well as high speed and consistent lap times.
  • We use Beast F7 55A AIO, the most powerful of our iFlight AIOs available currently.
  • Quick-swap arm assembly for easy repair on your flying spot or race day.
  • Enhanced canopy design with low wind resistance for maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Super durable design, 6mm arms and 7075 CNC middle plate
  • Super lightweight but superpower with our newest XING2 2506 motors
  • 55A powerful Beast AIO power at small footprint
  • New Caddx Vista Nabula nano HD version
  • XING2 2506 1850KV motors
  • Beast F7 55A AIO board (SKU:B010373)
  • Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System Kit
  • Don't worry about tuning, we did that for you already! A basic PID- and Filter tuning was applied for a great flight experience!
  • To restore lost tunes or updates, please check our linked article on"Firmware/Factory Dumps"
  • Angle-Mode (self-balancing level mode) is enabled by default to make sure your first flight doesn't end in a mess!
  • Please check our linked article on"How to disable Angle-Mode, activate Acro-Mode"
  • GPS Rescue is OFF by default to prevent unwanted or unexpected drone behavior.
  • Please check our linked article on"GPS Rescue Mode // Setup"
FRAME //:Mach R5
  • Wheelbase: 215mm
  • Main body dimension: 152*152mm
  • Arm thickness: 6mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • Middle Plate thickness: 2.5mm CNC 7075 aluminum alloy
  • TPU Camera plate
  • FC: 30.5*30.5/25.5*25.5mm/20*20mm
  • FPV Cam:14mm /19mm Micro / 20mm
FC // Beast F7 AIO Specification:
  • MCU: BGA-STM32F745
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • Blackbox: 16Mb Onboard Flash
  • BEC output: 5V 2.5A
  • Barometer: DPS310
  • Connector: Micro-USB
  • OSD: AT7456E
  • FC Firmware:IFLIGHT_F745_AIO
  • Mounting pattern: 25.5*25.5mm φ3mm
  • Dimensions: 32.5*32.5mm
  • Weight: 8.5g
ESC // 55A 2-6S Specification:
  • UARTs: 5
  • Current Sensor: Yes
  • Input: 2-6S LIPO
  • Current scale: 200
  • Constant: 55A / Burst: 60A
  • BLHeli: BLHeli-S
  • Telemetry: no
  • ESC Firmware:BlheliS G-H-30 BLS
  • Mounting pattern: 25.5*25.5mm/Φ3mm
  • Dimensions:32.5*32.5mm
Mach R5 HD Quad BNF Included Components and Parts
  • Prebuilt and tested Quadcopter
  • 1x Mach R5 HD Frame
  • 1x Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System Kit
  • 1x Sigma LHCP Ipex/UFL5.8g antenna
  • 2sets x Nazgul R5 3-blades (Set of 4 - Color may vary)
  • 1x20*250mmMicrofiber PU Leather Battery Strap (Color May Vary)








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iFlight Mach R5 Review

What's included in the package:

- 1x iFlight Mach R5 HD BNF Racing Quadcopter
- 1x 20x250mm Battery Strap (spare)
- 1x spare battery pad
- 1x spare set of Nazgul R5 3-Blade propellers
- 1x Set of 3D Printed Camera holder (for Nano/Micro size camera)
- Spare screws and nuts
- Stickers
- Micro USB cable

Specifications of the Mach R5:

- Beast F7 AIO FC (Flight Controller) with built-in 55Ax4 BLHeli_S ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
- Caddx Nebula Nano FPV camera with Vista VTX (DJI FPV system)
- XING2 2506 1850KV motors
- Nazgul R5 Tri-blade propellers
- Supports 6S LiPo battery (Recommended 6S 1300mAh)
- Weight without LiPo: 338g

Closer Look:

The iFlight Mach R5 HD BNF Racing Drone features a durable and lightweight frame design with 6mm thick arms. The frame allows for quick swap arms, making replacements easy by removing three screws on the bottom of the center plate. The base plate beneath the FC is made of aluminum (aluminium 7075), providing added strength and eliminating the need for nuts, simplifying assembly and repairs. A 3D printed TPU top fin is included to prevent prop obstruction and improve turtle mode functionality.

FC Stack:

The FC stack consists of a compact and clean setup with a single board. The Beast F7 AIO FC integrates a 4in1 55A BLHeli_S ESC. Despite its size, the FC supports 6S batteries and can handle powerful 5" propellers. The Vista VTX is mounted under the top plate, allowing easy access to the FC by removing four bolts.

FPV Camera:

The included Caddx Nebula Nano FPV camera has received mixed reviews within the FPV community, as it is locked to 60FPS and a 16:9 aspect ratio with the top and bottom of the image cropped. This may not be ideal for racing through gates and gaps. However, some newer batches of the Mach R5 come with the Caddx Polar camera, offering better image quality. It is recommended to check the product page to confirm the camera included in your package. Swapping to the Nebula Pro or the stock DJI camera is suggested for improved performance.

Motor and Prop:

The Mach R5 is equipped with XING2 2506 1850KV motors. These motors feature blue anodized motor bells that match the blue props, giving the drone an attractive appearance. The larger stators of these motors provide increased torque and responsiveness compared to standard 5" quad motors. While they are heavier, the weight is less noticeable when flying with a 6S battery.

VTX, RX, and Antenna:

The Mach R5 utilizes a stubby VTX antenna and a mini-sized Crossfire RX antenna. These choices prioritize crash durability but may affect range. Since the quadcopter is designed for racing, flying far distances is not its intended purpose. Shorter antennas also contribute to reduced frame resonance and vibration, resulting in smoother flight characteristics and easier tuning.

Is it for You?

The iFlight Mach R5 is exceptionally fast, delivering impressive flight performance in terms of both top speed and agility. It is well-tuned, exhibits no jello in video, and maintains stable flight characteristics. However, due to its racing-oriented design, it may not be the best choice for beginners or those who prefer flying freestyle and require greater range. Additionally, for

cinematic footage, a throttle cap may be necessary to ensure smooth and steady recordings. The price of the Mach R5 is relatively high, but it offers excellent power and speed, making it a worthwhile option for those seeking raw performance and convenience.


The package includes a stock CLI dump for setup. The board is an IFRC/IFLIGHT_F745_AIO (STM32F745) loaded with Betaflight version 4.2.4. To bind the Crossfire receiver, connect the LiPo (props removed) as the FC USB connection does not power the RX. Confirm stick movement response in the receiver tab. Test the motors in the motors tab (without props) using a smoke stopper for safety. The quadcopter is configured for props out, meaning the motors will spin in the opposite direction of the default configuration.

Recommended setup steps include removing Angle mode and assigning switches for Arm, Beeper, and Flip over after a crash in the Modes tab. Disable RX_LOST in DShot Beacon in the Configuration tab to prevent motor overheat when losing signal, but enable RX_SET since there is no physical buzzer. Configure OSD elements, keeping in mind that some elements may not work correctly with the DJI system. Activate and update the Caddx Vista with proper cooling to prevent overheating, ensuring you have the latest firmware version for optimal performance.


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Customer Reviews

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iFlight Mach R5 HD 215mm 5inch 6S FPV BNF with Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System / Beast F7 55A...

The product is very good, the logistics is fast, it arrived in a week. The seller is a professional and taught me how to assemble it DIY. Now I can finally fly, and I will practice hard next.

Audreanne Kohler

товар остановили на границе я его не получил , деньги вернули спустя 2.5 месяца

Tristian Hayes

iFlight Mach R5 HD 215mm 5inch 6S FPV BNF with Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System / Beast F7 55A AIO board / XING2 2506 1850KV

Elvera Emard

Muito satisfeito! Muito rápido!

Ena Abernathy

iFlight Mach R5 HD 215mm 5inch 6S FPV BNF with Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System / Beast F7 55A AIO board / XING2 2506 1850KV