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JJRC X23 drone - 360 obstacle avoidance 5g GPS Positioning 4K Dual Camera

JJRC X23 drone - 360 obstacle avoidance 5g GPS Positioning 4K Dual Camera


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JJRC X23 Drone Parameters

Product Name Manufacturer Professional X23 UAV Aerial Photography Quadcopter 4K Camera Drone Online Big Drones With Camera
Battery of Drone 7.4V 2500mAh
Camera Pixel 640P 720P 1080P
Channel 4
Visual Angle 110°
Cam Adjustable Angle 180°
Rotation Angle 360°
Control Distance About 400 Meters
Charge Time About 120-240 mins
Flight time About 18 mins
WiFi Control Distance About 400 Meters
Product Size 26.3*8.6*21.2cm
Box Size 28.5*28.5*12.5cm
Function Headless Mode, Altitude Holding, One Key Stop/Take Off/Land/Turn Back, Trajectory Flight, APP Control, G-sensor, Speed Control
Flying Environment 1. Please read the instructions carefully before using. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you be assisted by experienced adults.
2. Please choose a wide place without barriers, pets and people and choose a warm, sunny and windless day.


JJRC X23 Drone Details

JJRC X23 drone, intelligent obstacle-avoidance & aerial-photo drone 3608

intelligent obstacle avoidance hd dual-camera drone gps intelligentreturn zrddrone 3608 intelligent obstacle-avoidance & aerial-photo drone 3608

JJRC X23 drone, aerial photography hd 360*obstacle-hd dual

Capture stunning aerial photography with this JJRC X23 drone, featuring 360-degree obstacle avoidance, high-definition (HD) dual-camera setup, air pressure navigation, optical flow stabilization, brushless motor for precision flight, GPS tracking for accurate positioning, autonomous track flight, modular battery design for extended flying time, and app-controlled intelligent follow features.

JJRC X23 drone, o4s 4addnone 3608 intelligent obstacle avoidance

Equipped with 360° intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, this drone ensures your flight remains safe and secure.

JJRC X23 drone, hd dual-camera high quality restore the original scene clearly

The HD dual-camera ensures high-quality restoration of the original scene, providing smooth and detailed images. Every frame captures movie-like quality.

JJRC X23 drone, adjustable camera support remote control switch the views freely by remote; obtain multi

Adjust the camera support using the remote control, allowing you to freely switch between views and capture high-definition photos from multiple angles with JRC's obstacle avoidance technology.

JJRC X23 drone, brushless motor stable flight with high efficiency, fastheat diss

Equipped with a brushless motor, this drone ensures stable and efficient flight, featuring fast heat dissipation for reduced power consumption. Moreover, its low-noise design and wind-resistance performance improve steadily, even in windy conditions.

JJRC X23 drone, gps intelligent return knows theway home no matter how far

Equipped with GPS intelligent return, this drone knows its way home no matter how far it flies. Additionally, the X23 features one-key return, low battery alert with automatic return, and out-of-range warning with auto-return functionality.

JJRC X23 drone, triple positioning air pressure positioning + optical flow positioning + gps

The JJRC X23 drone features a triple positioning system, which combines air pressure positioning, optical flow positioning, and GPS positioning to ensure precise navigation. This 'breakthrough' positioning technology utilizes...

JJRC X23 drone, indoor/outdoor mode switch at will during the fly time .

Equipped with advanced autonomous capabilities, this drone seamlessly adjusts its flight mode to adapt to changing environments, eliminating the need for complex manual adjustments.

gps following flight: shootany time wherever yougo,

cameraman follows you wherever you go via GPS positioning . become accompanying cameraman via GPS following flight .

JJRC X23 drone, 5g-wifi real-time transmission splendid moment ishold

Experience seamless 5G WiFi connectivity with real-time transmission, thanks to our advanced high-frequency transmission technology that allows you to capture and share those special moments instantly.

foldable design travel light back plug-in design for foldable propel

Foldable Propeller Design: Inspired by scientific principles, this drone features a lightweight, collapsible design that allows for easy transportation. The back plug-in design enables effortless folding and unfolding of the propellers.

JJRC X23 drone, modular battery + micir usb charge with the modular battery and the

The JJRC X23 drone comes with a modular battery that allows for easy charging via USB, making it more convenient to charge the battery whenever needed. The Android remote control also features a rechargeable cable, allowing you to top up the battery at any time.

JJRC X23 drone, make 'circling fly and shoot take pictures' by pointing

Control the JJRC X23 drone with ease! By pointing at the drone's camera, you can 'circle fly and capture stunning photos' while making gestures to open or close the camera and track flight functions to take breathtaking photos or videos.

JJRC X23 drone, gps mode light (steady on left joystick transmitter

The GPS mode indicator light will flash on the left-hand joystick transmitter when you're in Headless Mode, while Long-Press Pair/Low-Voltage (Flashing) indicates the Phone Holder Mode has been switched.

please read the instructions carefully before using

This drone features advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities using both air pressure and optical flow technology for indoor flying. In outdoor environments, GPS positioning ensures accurate navigation. The drone also comes equipped with one-key return, low-voltage return, lost-control return, auto-follow mode, orbit mode, track flight mode, and a 'follow me' photo capture feature via hand gestures. Additionally, the drone has fence mode and headless mode capabilities.

size/weight 55mm version a back plug-in design 5570mm version b standard design 4+ 212mm 263choose a wide place without barriers, pets and people and choose please read the instructions carefully before using




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
JJRC X23 drone Review

This is a really good drive for beginners. Does take a bit to get used to the lightweight feature of the drone but overall a very quality drone for the price. One thing I suggest is to be sure that your altitude and distance are set before each flight and even during as it had a tendency to reset to the default parameters. Other than that a really good drone and a really great customer support team that really helped me out!!!

JJRC X23 drone Review

This thing is AWESOME! I wanted aerial images of some land I bought, and we are having a blast taking pics. Flying it was surprisingly simple once I got the hang of the controller. I never played video games so I was shocked at how quickly I took to using the controller. My stepson crashed it into a tree branch on his first try but NO DAMAGE. It's a sturdy little thing. And it doesn't make that horrible high pitch whine that many drones have. You can hear it for sure, but it never hurt my sensitive ears.
Love it!! 👍

JJRC X23 drone Review

This drone is very well priced and easy to set up. This is my first drone I have ever purchased. I’m very impressed with the battery life after reviews of other drones out there.


Very nice drone, I take it out every weekend to take pictures. My technique is getting better and better