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JPC-12 portable short wave antenna pac-12 shortwave antenna field balcony gantry antenna

JPC-12 portable short wave antenna pac-12 shortwave antenna field balcony gantry antenna


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JPC-12 portable short wave antenna SPECIFICATIONS

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Brand Name: HKNA

Pac-12 Lite Edition Shortwave Antenna pac-12 gp Portable Shortwave Antenna with Slide Regulator

Note: When using, let the shrapnel be between the two coils, do not deliberately put on a coil

The following picture shows the new type of antenna with a sliding regulator

The new version of the antenna replaces the adjustment screws and plugs on the original jpc-7 and pac-12 with a sliding adjuster, making it easy to adjust the standing wave, and it is not difficult to adjust the screw to adjust the standing wave. Now, just slide the adjustment slider with your finger.

Reference data for slide adjuster use: 14 mega slider position between 6 and 7 turns on the side of the whip antenna, 7 megabytes between 7 and 8 turns on the side of the aluminum tube

Note: When using, let the shrapnel be between the two coils, do not deliberately put on a coil

The new PAC-12 base replaces the original ppr tube with a carbon fiber tube, making the entire antenna look more graded (without feeders)

Note: Because the matching between the hook adjustment screw and the plastic nut is a little tight, gently clamp the screw with pliers before use, and screw the plastic nut back and forth twice on the screw.

The coil bobbin is made by die-cutting. The material is nylon, non-ppr pipe is made by hand. The strength is very high. The coil is now wound with 1.0mm 304 stainless steel wire, which has higher strength and overcomes the deformation of tinned copper wire. The weakness is that all the screws are made of stainless steel screws, and the vibrator aluminum tube is sandblasted and oxidized into black. Note that it is not a simple aluminum rod and two screws. This is an aluminum tube. Even if it is erected horizontally, the sag is very high. Small, not as drooping as an aluminum rod is very serious. The base is oxidized to black, and the custom 2.5 m stainless steel rod antenna is used for higher strength and the communication efficiency is greatly improved.

Antenna characteristics:

1- Light weight, small size and easy to carry

2- can work easily in multiple bands

3- Easy to set up and fast, one person can be set up in 3 minutes

4- Very suitable for field stand, business trip or balcony erection

5- The coil bobbin is made by die-cutting. It is made of non-manual car. The material is nylon. The strength is very high. The coil is wound with 1.0mm stainless steel wire.

6- All screws are made of stainless steel screws

7- Aluminum tube blasted into black, the base is oxidized to black, very beautiful and graded

8- Customized 2.5 m stainless steel rod antenna

Antenna performance parameters:

1. Carrying weight is about 1.4Kg

2. The length of the contraction is about 34.5cm, and the length of the erection is about 410cm.

3. Frequency: can work in 8 bands of meters (7Mhz-50Mhz)

4. Impedance: 50Ω

5. Carrying power: 100W

6. Standing wave: 40m band SWR<1.3, other bands can be adjusted to 1.1

Packing List:

1. One aluminum alloy base (anodized to black)

2. Multi-band additive coil (40m - 10m, material: nylon, Note: Adding coil for mold opening and making non-manufacturing)

3. One ground anchor, size 10×240mm (not plated to maintain good grounding)

4. Alumina tubes 4 (black), size 19 × 320mm (anode sandblasting oxidation)

5. Top 2.5 m stainless steel rod antenna 1 (customized thickened)

6. One cable with 2.5mm plug (adjustable band)

7. 1 set of hooked screws for adjusting the band

8. One network of 10 strands of ground wire (use it as needed to tear open, generally tear 3 strands)

9. Special cloth package

Because the antenna is simple to set up and also saves energy, it is not equipped with paper instructions.

Antenna use precautions:

1 Put the connecting ring of the ground net directly on the screw of the ground anchor and screw it onto the base. Note that the washer is tightened between the ground anchor and the ground net.

   Then there is the connection seat--shield (to prevent the base from being scratched when the vibrator is attached)--four-section aluminum tube--sensing coil--rod antenna
2. The adjusting screw with hook should not be tightened too much, because the coil is made of tinned copper wire, which is soft and too tight, then the coil is deformed.

3. The opening side of the adjusting screw with hook is facing the rod antenna. When the adjusting screw is not used in the 40-meter band, it is recommended to take it off to prevent the short-circuit coil.

4. Don't circle the feeders, you must turn the feeders all on, otherwise it will affect the adjustment of standing waves.

5. When the standing wave is adjusted, if there is a talent meter, first find the lowest point of the standing wave and see if the resonant frequency is high or low. If the resonant frequency is high, the antenna is short, and the rod antenna should be lengthened or increased. Increase the number of turns of the coil, shorten the rod antenna or reduce the number of turns of the coil

   If there is no talent, use the station's own standing wave meter, set in FM, AM or RTTY mode, adjust the transmission power to about 10 watts, press the launch button, adjust the radio frequency knob, find in each frequency band. The minimum point of the standing wave, look at the level of the resonant frequency, and then use the appeal method to adjust

6. When the ground net is used, tear 3-4 pieces off. Adjust the angle of the ground net to change the impedance of the antenna.

 Reference data: 7.050 from the side close to the aluminum tube, the first 8 turns, the pull rods are all pulled out, standing wave 1.1

14.270, the sense coil is from the side closer to the antenna of the whip, the sixth loop, the whip antenna is all pulled out, standing wave 1.1-1.12

21.4 with 4 aluminum tubes plus rod antenna 7 knots +10cm, standing wave 1.2

29.6 only use the rod antenna, all pull out and retract half a section, standing wave 1.2

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