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K109 Mini Drone - 2024 New Breathing Light 4K Dual HD Camera Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Professional Foldable Drone Quadcopter Gifts

K109 Mini Drone - 2024 New Breathing Light 4K Dual HD Camera Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Professional Foldable Drone Quadcopter Gifts


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Video Capture Resolution: 1080p FHD

Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Special feature 2: Drone lights change color as they fly

Special feature 1: Avoid obstacles automatically

Remote Distance: 150m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Batteries

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: Camera

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Operator Skill Level: Expert

Motor: Brush Motor

Model Number: K109 Nano

Material: Plastic

Material: Metal

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Image return distance: 50-80m

Flight Time: 12-15min

Features: Wi-Fi

Features: App-Controlled

Features: FPV Capable

Features: Obstacle Avoidance

Drone Weight: 66.5g

Drone Battery: 3.7V 500mA

Controller Mode: MODE1

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 3xAAA

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Color: Black/Gray

Charging Time: 50min

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: JINHENG

Aerial Photography: Yes

K109 Mini Drone, bceamenglight avoidance k1o9 nano

K109 Nano Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Function, Strong Debut! The perfect drone for you is here: Beam-EngLight Avoid.

K109 Mini Drone, obstacle avoidance 4k "monster" equipped with more advanced flight

This mini drone features advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities, capturing stunning 4K video with its dual HD camera. Equipped with breathing air hover technology, it can avoid obstacles autonomously while providing a smooth and stable flight experience. The drone also boasts impressive specifications, including cool LED lights, level 4 wind resistance, 360-degree tumbling, 50x zoom capabilities, and customizable routes via its advanced pH-of-core control system.

K109 Mini Drone, "breathing colorful lights" almost nothing on the market novel designK109 Mini Drone, obstacle avoidance is paramount cutting-edgeK109 Mini Drone, kiosnand intelligent obstacle avoidance help you fly worryK109 Mini Drone, 109 nano three-way obstacle avoidance worry-free flight with

Equipped with advanced K109 mini drone technology, this device features automatic obstacle avoidance, allowing for worry-free flight. The front-facing sensors enable precision navigation, making your flight experience easier, simpler, and faster to get started.

K109 Mini Drone, no worries about flying, easy t0 get started in seconds K109 Mini Drone, 109 nano intelligent precision hovering novice "get started in a

With its intelligent precision hovering technology, this mini drone allows you to 'get started in a second' and maintain a stable altitude, making it easy to fly anywhere, regardless of your location.

K109 Mini Drone, 109 nano one-click stunt 3609 tumbling during the

Experience thrilling aerobatic stunts with the K109 Mini Drone! With just one click, you can perform impressive 360-degree rolls and tumbling maneuvers during flight, all without requiring complex controls.

K109 Mini Drone, 109 nano filter + beauty beautiful photos in one go post-sho

After shooting, the process can be completed at once, providing a seamless photography experience. Additionally, the K109 mini drone supports the use of filter effects for enhanced visuals, including the 109-nano filter feature for added beauty in your shots.

K109 Mini Drone, 109 nano 50x zoom shooting fearless vision can be achieved through

Capture life's most thrilling moments with the K109 Mini Drone's advanced features. Utilize the accompanying app to achieve 50x zoom shots and shoot with fearless precision. The app's intuitive interface allows for more humanized framing, granting you greater creative freedom.

K109 Mini Drone, 109 nano hd video transmission you can enjoy the distant scenery

Enjoy stunning 4K video transmission with real-time broadcasting at distances up to 150 meters, ensuring smooth and delay-free viewing experiences.

K109 Mini Drone, 109 nano level 4 wind resistance flying as stable as mount t

This mini drone, K109, features exceptional stability even in windy conditions, with a wind resistance level of 4, making it suitable for sea flights and aerial photography. Equipped with 4 high-efficiency power motors, this drone can maintain stable flight despite strong gusts.

K109 Mini Drone, turn on the follow function, the aircraft will follow and shoot automatically

By activating the 'Follow' mode, the drone will autonomously track and capture subjects as you fly it, serving as a reliable companion throughout your aerial adventure.

K109 Mini Drone, define the route 109 nano automated flight draw your desired flight path way

Define your desired flight path by drawing waypoints on the app's map. Then, fly along the predetermined trajectory with ease.

K109 Mini Drone, lens k10g nano 4k hd dual camera folded

Introducing the K109 Mini Drone, a compact and portable quadcopter featuring a nano-sized design with foldable arms. This miniature drone boasts a 4K HD dual camera system, capable of capturing stunning visuals. The device measures approximately 9x6.5x4cm when folded, expanding to 16x20x4cm in flight mode. Its air pressure fixed height system allows for stable hovering at a set altitude.

K109 Mini Drone, k109 nano drone features : obstacle avoidance . wiK109 Mini Drone, when the drone is low power; the remote control will alarm to indicate

When the drone's battery is running low, the remote control will alert you to indicate an emergency situation. This alert will trigger the obstacle avoidance system, which will automatically switch off the throttle, stick direction, speed, and light functions, and freeze the front trim and 360-degree roll movements until you fine-tune the settings using the one-key lift function.


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