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K11 Max Drone with Water Bombs - Professional Aerial Photography Aircraft 8K Three Camera Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter

K11 Max Drone with Water Bombs - Professional Aerial Photography Aircraft 8K Three Camera Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter


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K11 Max Drone with Water Bombs SPECIFICATIONS

GPS: Yes

Video Maximum Resolution[Pixel X Pixel]: 4K(4096*2160)

Max Wind Speed Resistance: <10km/h

Camera Features: 1080p HD Video Recording

Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording

Max Takeoff Weight: <1kg

Sensor Size: 1/6.0 inches

Category: Camera Drone

Equipped with Aerosol Spraing System/Spread Tank Volume: no

Flight Time: 15min

Aircraf Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

Origin: Mainland China

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Drone Weight: 178g

Remote Distance: 100m

FPV Operration: Yes

Video Format[Name/Type]: MP4

Fps: 25*fps

Camera Stabilization: Gimbal Image Stabilizer

Drone Battery Capacity: 3.7V-1800mAh

Gyro: 6-axis

Connectivity: APP Controller

Connectivity: Remote Control

Connectivity: Wi-Fi Connection

Pixels: Above 6 million

Removable/Replaceable Battery: YES

Sensing System: Complete Omnidirectional

Aerial Photography: Yes

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Certification: CE

APP Supported Languages: English

APP Supported Languages: Simplified Chinese

Choice: yes

Features: Water bomb launch function (single shot/continuous shot)+ brushless motor + optical flow positioning three shots (front/vertical/down shot)+ electric lens

Product function: Water bomb launch (single shot/continuous shot)+ brushless motor + three shots (front/vertical/down shot) optical flow positioning electric lens 4k HD pixel storage type remote control air pressure fixed high HD image transmission

Gravity-sensitive trajectory finger painting 2.4G signal stunt roll

Speed switch mobile phone control one down take off one button landing

K11 package includes: "Standard configuration: water bombs (about 3000)

Aircraft *1, Remote control *1, Mobile phone holder *1, Body battery,

Spare blades *4, protective frame *4, USB charging cable *1,

Manual *1"




Related Review Article

Unleashing A New Era of Aerial Fun: K11 Max Drone with Water Bombs Review

In the realm of drone innovation, the K11 Max Drone with Water Bombs takes flight as a groundbreaking and playful addition. Breaking away from conventional norms, this drone introduces an exhilarating feature - water cannons. Let's explore the unique specifications and features that make the K11 Max a game-changer in the world of drone toys.

Design and Build: Weighing in at 178g, the K11 Max Drone boasts a lightweight design that combines durability with portability. Crafted with precision in Mainland China, this drone features a sleek frame that houses cutting-edge technology, setting the stage for a thrilling aerial experience.

Aerial Imaging Capabilities: Equipped with a 4K video resolution (4096*2160), the K11 Max captures stunning visuals from the skies. The 1080p HD and 4K HD video recording capabilities ensure a spectrum of imaging options for users, whether they're exploring the landscape or engaging in playful aerial activities.

Water Bomb Launch Function: The standout feature of the K11 Max is its water bomb launch function, a world-first in drone toys. Offering both single-shot and continuous-shot modes, users can engage in aerial water battles with precision and control. The inclusion of this unique feature adds a layer of excitement and interactivity, making the K11 Max a perfect companion for outdoor play.

Flight Performance: With a maximum wind speed resistance of <10km/h and a 15-minute flight time, the K11 Max provides a stable and enjoyable flight experience. The drone's 6-axis gyro and complete omnidirectional sensing system contribute to smooth and responsive flight control.

Connectivity and Control: The K11 Max offers versatile connectivity options, including APP control, remote control, and Wi-Fi connection. The inclusion of a water bomb launch function, brushless motor, and optical flow positioning enhances the user's control over the drone's movements, creating a dynamic and engaging flight experience.

Camera Stabilization and Imaging Features: The drone features a gimbal image stabilizer for smooth and clear footage. With a sensor size of 1/6.0 inches and a pixel count above 6 million, the K11 Max ensures high-quality aerial photography. The electric lens, combined with 4K HD pixel storage, delivers impressive imaging capabilities.

Additional Features:

  • Gravity-sensitive trajectory finger painting
  • 2.4G signal stunt roll
  • Speed switch
  • Mobile phone control
  • One-button takeoff and landing

Package Inclusions: The K11 package includes the drone, remote control, mobile phone holder, body battery, spare blades, protective frame, USB charging cable, manual, and approximately 3000 water bombs, providing users with everything they need for a comprehensive and entertaining drone experience.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the K11 Max Drone with Water Bombs transcends traditional drone boundaries, introducing a new level of fun and interactivity. With its innovative water bomb launch function, advanced imaging capabilities, and user-friendly design, the K11 Max stands as a testament to the evolving world of drone toys. Elevate your outdoor playtime and engage in thrilling aerial water battles with the K11 Max Drone - where technology meets pure, unbridled fun.

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