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KBDFA S128 Mini Drone 4K HD Camera Dron Three-sided Obstacle Avoidance Fixed Height Drones Foldable Quadcopter RC Helicopter Toy

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone 4K HD Camera Dron Three-sided Obstacle Avoidance Fixed Height Drones Foldable Quadcopter RC Helicopter Toy


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Video Capture Resolution: 1080p FHD,480P SD,4K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 200

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y,14+y

Package Includes: Original Box,Batteries,Remote Controller,USB Cable,Operating Instructions

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Expert

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Features: App-Controlled,FPV Capable,Integrated Camera,Obstacle Avoidance,Wi-Fi

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 3.7V 650mA

Control Channels: 6 Channel

Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount

Brand Name: KBDFA

Aerial Photography: Yes

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KBDFA S128 Mini Drone 4K HD Camera Three-sided Obstacle Avoidance Fixed Height Professional Foldable Quadcopter Helicopter Toys

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, kbdfa s128 mini drone 4k

Product Name: aerial photograph UAV
Product size: 20*17*4.5cm
Package size: 21*19*7cm
Service time of single battery: 10min
Charging time: 40min
Remote control distance: 100m
Return distance: 50m
Battery capacity: 3.7V 650mAh
Remote control battery: 1.5V AA * 4
Product material: plastic and electronic components
Charging mode: USB cable charging
Ability training: vision, intelligence development, hands and brains
Article No.: S128
Features: Obstacle Avoidance

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, do not put it in high temperature conditions1.Three-sided obstacle avoidance drone
2.Mini height fixed remote control plane
3.4k dual camera HD aerial photography quadcopter

do not overcharge or overcharge the battery.
With camera function: three-sided obstacle avoidance, height-fixing function, aircraft foldable, six-way with gyroscope; one-key takeoff, one-key landing, ascending and descending, forward and backward, left and right side flight, steering, headless mode, body light/ headlight.
With camera can add functions: gesture photo, video, headless mode, emergency stop, trajectory flight, gravity sensor, music, 50 times zoom, automatic photo.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, kbdfa s128 mini drone 4k1 * aircraft
1 * remote control transmitter
1 * fuselage battery
1 * spare blade a set of USB cable
1 * screwdriver
1 * manual
1 * built-in HD camera
1 * WiFi manual

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, kbdfa s128 mini drone 4k

Read the instructions carefully before using. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that an experienced adult help. Be careful with the battery: do not overcharge or over discharge. Do not put it in high temperature conditions. Don't throw it in the fire. Do not play in the water.

Finally, I wish you a good shopping experience.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini 4k dual camera obstacle avoidance i

s128mini 4k dual camera obstacle avoidance i little artifact a number of technical blessings, recommended for newbies new lookl 4k the supercar in the drone world

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, 4k dual hover at fixed three-way camera perspective height steady as

Experience unparalleled performance with this innovative drone. Equipped with a 4K HD camera, it captures stunning footage from multiple angles, including fixed-height shots with three-way obstacle avoidance capabilities, ensuring a smooth and drama-filled flying experience.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s12 mini drone 5128 folding idea smaller! lighterl folding

Meet the KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, a compact and lightweight quadcopter that folds up for easy portability. Its smaller size makes it more convenient to take anywhere, eliminating the hassle of bulky drones.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128 mini three-sided obstacle avoidance smart security guard

The KBDFA S128 Mini Drone features advanced three-sided obstacle avoidance technology, ensuring safe and secure flight even in the presence of obstacles.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini smart security guard with three-sided obstacle avoid

The KBDFA S128 Mini Drone features advanced environmental perception capabilities, including three-sided obstacle detection (front, left, and right). It also comes equipped with infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance, which can automatically detect distances to ensure safe flight.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone

Capture stunning 4K-quality images, four times the resolution of Full HD (1080p), for incredibly detailed and crisp visuals. The camera also excels at producing high-definition pictures with remarkable clarity.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, dual camera switch 4k hd dual camera 50f zoom shot

Switch seamlessly between two cameras, capturing stunning 4K HD footage with up to 50x zoom. Enjoy greater creative freedom by framing shots from unique perspectives - including flat angles and bird's-eye views.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini smart hover beginners "secrets of flying in

Introducing the S128 Mini Drone, designed for beginners who want to 'master the secrets of flying' in an instant! This smart hover drone features automatic stabilization, allowing it to maintain a stable hover effortlessly - no need to constantly adjust the throttle.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, the drone will automatically maintain stable hover . no need to hold the

The KBDFA S128 Mini Drone features automatic stabilization, allowing it to maintain a steady hover without requiring constant throttle control.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, powerful photography technology, taking pictures and beautifying in one go

Capture stunning images with ease using our S128 Mini's advanced photography technology. With its built-in beauty filter, you can effortlessly enhance and refine your photos without the hassle of manual editing.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini 50x zoom don't be afraid of

S128 mini drone features a 50x zoom function, allowing for high-altitude vision with crystal-clear clarity. The included remote control enables you to zoom in or out to capture more detailed views from afar.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, move your hand to "take a picture" during the flight

S128 Mini Gesture: Control the drone with intuitive hand gestures! Simply wave your hand in a 'taking a picture' motion to capture stunning 4K photos or videos on the fly.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, turn on the track fingering function on the app and draw the flight

To enable autonomous flight, simply turn on the 'Track Fingering' feature in the app and draw the desired flight path. The drone will then automatically follow the trajectory you've created.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini gravity sensor in-depth "flying

Equipped with an S128 mini gravity sensor, this drone offers an immersive 'flying experience' that allows for precise control via a mobile app. Using your smartphone, you can remotely pilot the drone to swing back and forth or move left and right, providing a realistic and engaging flight simulation.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini 3609 tumbling "cool god operation

s128mini 3609 tumbling "cool god operation" in the air during the flight . through the remote control or mobile phone you can control the 3608 stunt roll with one button action .

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, s128mini simple control easy to operate, anyone can fly

The KBDFA S128 Mini Drone features simple and intuitive controls, making it easy for anyone to operate. With the included remote control, you can easily grasp the drone's key commands, allowing for effortless flight control from top to bottom.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, battery life: about 15 minutes body battery: modular rechargeable lithium battery

Features include: * Battery life: approximately 15 minutes * Body battery: modular rechargeable lithium battery with a single rechargeable design * Remote control distance: approximately 100 meters (330 feet) * Noteworthy features: + Three-sided obstacle avoidance technology for enhanced navigation + 4K high-definition aerial photography capabilities + Headless mode and one-touch return to home functionality

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone

The drone has a compact size with dimensions of 8.5cm, 12cm, and 6cm in length, width, and height respectively. It features obstacle avoidance technology, headless mode, one-key return, front trim, and is equipped with an M4 camera.

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, epacket 15-30 days aliexpress 10-30

epacket 15-30 days alixpress aliexpress 10-30 days standard shipping china post registered air mail 20-40 days express business cooperation: 2el 3-10 days return & refund on the way please be patient

KBDFA S128 Mini Drone, vbvvy 5 star communication serrr 5 star

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