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KST DS145MG Servo - 5kg 0.12 sec High Precision Metal Gear Digital Wing Glider Servo for UAV RC Car Robot Arm Boat Helicopter

KST DS145MG Servo - 5kg 0.12 sec High Precision Metal Gear Digital Wing Glider Servo for UAV RC Car Robot Arm Boat Helicopter


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KST DS145MG Gear Digital Wing Glider Servo SPECIFICATIONS

Wheelbase: Bottom Plate

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Gear

Tool Supplies: Assembled class

Technical parameters: Value 8

Size: As show

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Servos

Recommend Age: 14+y

RC Parts & Accs: Servos

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: KST DS145MG

Material: Composite Material

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage

For Vehicle Type: boAts

Brand Name: uuustore

KST DS145MG 6V 5kg 0.12 sec wing servo high precision metal gear Digital servo for glider Servo Motor Robot UAV Hobby Education

KST Servos are renowned for Quality at realistic prices. From Hobby helicopters and gliders to Industrial and UAV applications KST servos have earnt a reputation for performance even under the most demanding conditions. Whether you need to win your next competition event, power a mission critical UAV or operate industrial grade machinery or robotics KST has a solution for you. Talk to our sales team today, OEM and ODM services are also available for custom installations.

At only 10mm thick this great wing-servo can easily fit in thin glider and jet wings. With a massive torque the KST DS145 is appropriate for F3F, F3B, F3J, F5J, all fast gliders, and jets.


Operating Voltage:DC4.8V-6.0V
Size: 30*10*30mm
Torque: @ 6.0V @ 4.8V 
Speed: 0.12sec/60deg @ 6.0V 0.15sec/60deg @ 4.8V
Weight: 23g
Working Frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 800us-2200us
Motor: Core motor
Ball Bearing: 2BB


We can build servos with features like these and more!

Torque ranging from 2kg*cm to 700kg*cm

Travel speeds from 0.03s to 0.5s

Travel angles: from 40deg to 360deg

Communication protocols such as TTL. RS232, i2C, RS485 or PWM

Servo positioning and current feedback

Gear materials from plastics to titanium

Voltage ranges are also customizable from 4.8v to 28v

Size, Shape and design can be customized to your needs

A variety or motor options such as brushed, coreless & brushless

We can offer Potentiometer or magnetic induction control


Potential Applications.

1. Electric lock (anti-heft door lock servo) 

2. Luggage case lock servo 

3. Washing machine safety mechanism servo 

4. Water/gas valve control Servo 

5. Smart lamp Switch Servo 

6. Camera gimbal control servo 

7. UAV heavy duty servo 

8. Servo Release Servo Drop

9. Curtain Servo 

10. Automatic Perfume and liquids Sprayer Servo 

11. Smart bike gear change servo 

12. Electric car mirror servo 

13. Car seat adjustment servo 

14. Car window winding servo 

15. Medical equipment servo 

16. safety lock servo 

17. Robot servo 

18. Wheel servo 

19. Robot arm servo

KST DS145MG Servo - 5kg 0.12 sec High Precision Metal

KST DS145MG Servo - 5kg 0.12 sec High Precision MetalKST DS145MG Servo - 5kg 0.12 sec High Precision MetalKST DS145MG Servo



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KST DS145MG Servo Review

KST DS145MG High Precision Metal Gear Digital Wing Glider Servo Review

The KST DS145MG is a high-quality digital servo designed specifically for gliders, UAVs, RC cars, robot arms, boats, helicopters, and other hobby and industrial applications. Renowned for their performance and durability, KST servos offer impressive precision and reliability even under demanding conditions. Let's delve into the features, specifications, and advantages of the KST DS145MG servo.

Quality and Performance:
KST Servos have established a reputation for delivering quality at realistic prices. Whether you're participating in a competition event, operating industrial machinery, or powering a mission-critical UAV, KST servos are built to perform reliably. With a focus on precision and durability, KST servos are designed to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals.

Thin and Powerful:
Measuring only 10mm in thickness, the KST DS145MG wing servo is specially designed to fit thin glider and jet wings. Despite its compact size, it boasts an impressive torque of at 6.0V, making it suitable for various fast gliders, including F3F, F3B, F3J, F5J, and jets.

1. High Precision and Speed: The KST DS145MG servo offers excellent precision with a speed of 0.12 seconds per 60 degrees at 6.0V, ensuring quick and accurate movements for precise control.
2. Impressive Torque: With a torque of at 6.0V, this servo provides sufficient power for controlling various applications, allowing for smooth and precise maneuvers.
3. Compact Design: The slim profile of the DS145MG servo allows for easy installation in thin glider and jet wings, making it ideal for aircraft where space is limited.
4. Versatile Application: Designed to meet the needs of gliders, UAVs, RC cars, robot arms, boats, and helicopters, the DS145MG servo offers versatility for hobbyists and industrial users.
5. Customizable Options: KST servos provide various customization options, including torque, travel speed, travel angles, communication protocols, gear materials, voltage ranges, size, shape, and design, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.

In conclusion, the KST DS145MG servo is a high-performance and reliable choice for hobbyists and professionals seeking precision and durability in their RC and industrial applications. With its slim design, impressive torque, and high-speed performance, this servo is ideal for gliders, UAVs, and various other vehicles and robotic systems. Whether you're a hobbyist or an industrial user, the KST DS145MG servo delivers the quality and performance you need to enhance your RC experience or meet the demands of your industrial operations.

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