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KY601G Drone - 4K GPS Folding HD 5G WIFI FPV Positioning RC Quadcopter

KY601G Drone - 4K GPS Folding HD 5G WIFI FPV Positioning RC Quadcopter


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KY601G 4K Drone GPS Portable Folding HD 5G WIFI FPV Positioning RC Airplane Quadcopter

Product Description

Description :

Item name: KY601G GPS RC Drone
Remote Frequency: 2.4Ghz ;5G wifi fpv
Camera: 120° wide angle camera (Adjustable camera by transmitter, 90°)
Remote battery: 3 x15V "AA" battery(not included)
Drone battery: 7.4v 1800mAh
Flight time: About 20 mins
Charging time: About 2 hours
GPS follow me: About 30m
Quadcopter size: 34 x33 x10cm (unfolded) 14x17x9cm(folded)
Aerial image configuration parameters: 4K
Photo resolution(Front camera)4K:4096 x 3072P

Function: Foldable body, One key start, One key landing, Altitude hold, Wifi connect, APP control, Gesture photo, Gesture recording,Image follow,trajectory flight,Speed Control,Real-time transmission, MV Image and Video Sharing, GPS Positioning,one key return,Electric camera,fixed point surround
GPS Position Mode: With the GPS positioning system, you no longer have to worry about losing the drone, whether the drone loss signal or in low power, it will auto fly back, never lost the drone. You also can press the one key return button, the drone will fly back to the start point.
4k 120° FOV 90° Adjustable HD Camera:Possessing 4k 120° FOV 90° Adjustable HD Camera, allows you to capture high-quality video and aerial photos. High- speed picture transmission without delay,90° adjustable angle helps you view the world with multiple angle record your every wonderful moment,delivers a superior experience.
Follow Me Mode & Orbit Mode & Waypoint Mode: In follow me mode, the drone will automatically follow and capture your every move; ideal drone for selfie and taking photos or videos the way you like. In orbit mode, the drone will fly surround the mobile device, you can take multi-angle self-timer. In waypoint mode, you can draw a route, the drone will fly according to your drawing route.
Powerful batter & steady flight: Enjoy a maximum of 20-min flight time at a time. Enjoy more fun at once and the powerful battery is more durable. Altitude-Hold function ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude. Great aerial pictures and videos are feasible thanks to this function.
Flying Long Distance:Control distance: 1800m (Free interference and no occlusion);5G Wifi image transmission distance: 1000m (Free interference and no occlusion)

Package Included:
Remote Control*1
Spare Propellers*4
USB Charger*1
Protection Frame*4
Drop-proof Floor Stand*2
User Manual*1


Different Version KY601S / KY601G Optional 


KY601G :

KY601G Drone, ky6o1g everyone is the director ofKY601G Drone, kygoig 4k pixel level pixel 4k

kygoig 4k pixel level pixel 4k 4k ultra clear music mv gps precise aerial photography editor positioning remote control distance: about 1800 meters the distance is about 1000 meters

KY601G Drone, drone can automatically follow controller moves and shoots lazy the drone .

Featuring automatic follow shooting, this drone allows for intelligent tracking patterns when using GPS positioning mode. It can also seamlessly follow controller movements, capturing smooth and effortless footage.

KY601G Drone, ky601g gps folding aircraft 4k 4

The KY601G Drone features GPS folding aircraft capabilities, equipped with a 4K camera and wide-angle lens for high-quality video recording. It also offers long battery life, virtual reality (VR) mode, and 3D mode. Additionally, it can be controlled via mobile phone app with customizable waypoints, one-button return to home, and headless mode.

KY601G Drone, automatic point flight select the middle point to set the flight altitude and

Autoflight mode allows you to select a midpoint for setting both the flight altitude and radius, enabling you to fly safely around your environment.

KY601G Drone, 4k hd can manually adjust the camera camera built-in

The KY601G drone features a 4K HD camera that allows for manual adjustments, including built-in electronic stability balance. The camera can be controlled remotely, offering 90° free control and a 120° super-wide-angle shooting range with adjustable angles up to 90°.

KY601G Drone, the flight is stable enough and the aerial photography is clear enough g

The drone features stable flight capabilities, allowing for crisp and clear 4K aerial photography. The GPS system enables precise positioning and hovering, resulting in minimal camera shake and blur during filming.

KY601G Drone, the drone automatically returns when the power of the air is too low

This drone features an automatic 'return to home' function that kicks in when the battery level gets low, but you can also manually guide it back with the remote controller. Additionally, the GPS positioning system ensures a safe and precise return, with a refusal rate of less than 0.28%.

KY601G Drone, product parameters product name 4k hd aerial folding drone product name

Product Name: KY601G Drone. Key Features: Foldable Design, 4K HD Camera, GPS System, Remote Control Distance, Modular Lithium Battery (Flight Time: Approximately 20 Minutes), Expand Size: Black & White (34cm x 33cm x 10cm), Camera Parameter: Folding Size (14cm x 17cm x 9cm).

KY601G Drone, 0 basic easy to get started setting rookie operation one-button

Easy to get started with, this drone features a simple one-button takeoff/landing system, gravity-sensing control for smooth navigation, and a headless mode for added convenience. Additionally, it offers speed switching capabilities.

KY601G Drone, highlight led night light crepe 770 younKY601G Drone, gps signal is good, compass works normally;

The flight control system automatically takes over the drone's controls for more than 6 seconds, allowing you to cancel the return-to-home function by using the remote control's return button. You can then regain manual control with ease.

KY601G Drone, smart recognition is more interesting advanced id technology . the flight

Smart recognition technology enables advanced features. The flight process can be initiated by making a specific hand gesture, which triggers the camera to record or recognize the scene for 3 seconds after the gesture is detected.

KY601G Drone, 20 minute battery 7.4v 1800 mah high-efficiency large-KY601G Drone, mobile phone control aenocnanco google play wifi connection

The KY601G drone comes with advanced features, including mobile phone control via Google Play WiFi connection. The accompanying app offers additional features to enhance your flying experience. You can now monitor and control your drone remotely using your smartphone, capturing high-quality photos and videos in real-time.

KY601G Drone, 5g hd image transmission about 1000 meters, the distance is

Features high-definition 5G image transmission up to 1000 meters, providing an even more extensive range. Additionally, its remote control distance reaches approximately 1800 meters, with a maximum distance of 1000 meters.

KY601G Drone, blue screen display gps geomagnetic switching correction fast

The drone features a blue screen display that provides GPS navigation with geomagnetic switching correction. It also has fast and slow headless mode switching, as well as a one-button takeoff/landing function. The controls include short press for taking photos, long press for camera correction (with a two-second delay), and an additional button for overall system calibration.

KY601G Drone, blue screen real time display watch flight distance and altitude in real time

Monitor your flight in real-time using the blue screen display, which shows distance and altitude. The drone features a range of up to 48 kilometers (approximately 488 meters) and has a GPS mode that can be turned on or off. Additionally, it offers speed settings with a maximum speed of approximately 88 km/h.

KY601G Drone, custom waypoint flight turn on gps custom way point flight

Customizable waypoint flight mode allows for GPS-guided navigation. With this feature, you can set custom waypoints and enjoy a more controlled and simplified flying experience.

KY601G Drone, mv production filter effects photos and videos can be created and shared

Create and share stunning photos and videos in real-time using our app, which offers special effects, music, and instant sharing capabilities.

KY601G Drone, altitude-hold function ensures a steady hover in the airKY601G Drone, in follow me mode, the drone will automatically follow and capture your every