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T-MOTOR 701-X Drone Arm Set - MN701S Brushless Motor + Alpha 80A ESC + PROP combo fit tube size 25/30/35 mm

T-MOTOR 701-X Drone Arm Set - MN701S Brushless Motor + Alpha 80A ESC + PROP combo fit tube size 25/30/35 mm


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Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: ESC

Tool Supplies: Battery

Technical parameters: Value 4

Size: MN701S KV135

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller

Recommend Age: 18+

RC Parts & Accs: Propellers

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: MN701S

Material: Metal

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Motors

For Vehicle Type: Helicopters

Brand Name: T-MOTOR

Please contact us before you you make purchase of our ARMSET.

AND inform us the color and rotation

CW rotation, red LED: 

CCW rotation, red LED: 

CW rotation, green LED: 

CCW rotation, green LED: 

Tube size:

T-MOTOR, arm set series for industrial drones with motors; FOC ESCs and X

arm set series for industrial drones with motors; FOC ESCs and X-carbon props integrated in one . tube sizes available are 3Omm and 25mm with an adapter ring to switch from one t0 another .

T-MOTOR, LV MN605-S Alpha 6OA LV Polymer Folding Propeller

LV MN605-S Alpha 6OA LV LV Polymer Folding Propeller . _ 22" 18" 20" 224" 225" 230" 233" 240" 243" 235" 216" 208" 212" 214" 205" 210" 211" 202" 222" 232" 204" 206" 207"

T-MOTOR, MNZ01-S Alpha 80A HV Round U8II Alpha 6OAT-MOTOR 701-X Dr

The sine-wave FOC (Field-Oriented Control) electronic speed controllers (ESCs) are the default match for our drone arm sets. With their efficient, accurate, and stable motor control thanks to intelligent algorithm, they meet the demands of various applications.

T-MOTOR, carbon is a new patent polymer folding prop series of high RPM; high efficiency,

Introducing our new patented Carbon Prop Series, designed for high-RPM and high-efficiency performance with robust power output. Our Carbon Props serve as the default matching option. Additional propellers from T-MOTOR are also available.

T-MOTOR, built-in LED light for better maneuverability . built-T-MOTOR, Convenient installation Free of complicated mounting process 6024 NT-MOTOR, KV240 ALPHA G0A HV MF1503 P1sx

The T-MOTOR ARM SET LIST includes default propellers, custom arm sets, motor tube sizes, and ESC propeller options. The specifications are as follows: * Motor: MN701S Brushless Motor * ESC: Alpha 80A * Propeller options: + KV240 + G0A + HV MF1503 P1sx5 + FA15.2x5 + FazO 2*6 + .6 FLAME .60a HV * Compatible with tube sizes: 25mm and 30mm (MN605-S, compatible with 25/30mm motor tube sizes)

T-MOTOR, KV340 FLAME LV MF2211 P22x6.6,622x

This product features two motor options: the KV340 FLAME LV, which is suitable for tube sizes 30mm/35mm; or the KV240 ALPHA 60A HV, with specifications including Pi5x5 and FLAME 60A. The X-501 MN701S brushless motor comes paired with an Alpha 80A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) in this combo.

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