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MT4008 380KV 470KV 600KV (CW CCW Thread) Brushless Motor For Multirotors

MT4008 380KV 470KV 600KV (CW CCW Thread) Brushless Motor For Multirotors


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Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Recommend Age: 12+y

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Metal

Brand Name: EMAX

high-end brushless motors for multirotors . EMAX MT

high-end brushless motors for multirotors . EMAX MT4008 lightweight design Longer duration of flight . high quality NMB bearing of Ndfeb with strong magnctic and high temperature resistance .

MT series motor got CW thread and CCW thread to decrease potentlal safety

The MT series motor features both CW (clockwise) and CCW (counterclockwise) threads, reducing the potential safety hazard of installing counterclockwise propellers. Additionally, its low center of gravity (CG) and lightweight design enable increased efficiency, longer flight duration, and more power. Each motor is 100% balanced to minimize vibrations to a near minimum level.

EMAX Toys is a brand name from Mainland china . EMAEMAX Toys is a brand name from Mainland china . EMA

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United States 10-15 Canada 15-20 Mexico 25-35 Puerto Rico 10-15 New Zealand 10-15 Australia 10-15 Poland 8

This product is suitable for multirotors and is available with various voltage options: MT4008 (380KV, 470KV, or 600KV) brushless motor with CW or CCW thread. Shipping estimates are as follows: United States - 10-15 days, Canada - 15-20 days, Mexico - 25-35 days, Puerto Rico - 10-15 days, New Zealand - 10-15 days, Australia - 10-15 days, Poland - 8-10 days, Spain - 10-20 days, Norway - 20-25 days, Netherlands - 8-15 days, Turkey - 10-15 days, Ukraine - 10-15 days, Austria - 7-15 days, Romania - 10-15 days, Belgium - 15-20 days, Switzerland - 5-10 days, Germany - 10-15 days, Portugal - 10-15 days, France - 10-15 days, Finland - 10-15 days, United Kingdom - 5-10 days, Czech Republic - 15-20 days, Bulgaria - 10-15 days, Italy - 10-15 days, Vietnam - 8-15 days, Thailand - 10-15 days.

your feedback is very important to our business development . we sincerely invite you to leave positive

If you're pleased with your experience using our MT4008 brushless motor for multi-rotors and appreciate our customer service, we would be grateful if you could take a moment to share your positive feedback in the comments section below.

Yinyan Electric Technology Ltd is leading supplier in design, R&D and manufacture

Yinyan Electric Technology Ltd, a leading supplier in design, research and development, and manufacturing, specializes in high-end brushless motors and sets for the UAV industry, robots, and other applications. EMAX, renowned for its exceptional products, primarily caters to Radio Control (RIC) models and FPV racing enthusiasts.

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