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NEHEME NH530 Drones - With Camera for Adults Kids, FPV Drone with 1080P HD Camera , RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Gravity Sensor, Headless Mode, One Key Return/Take Off/Landing, Drone with 2 Batteries

NEHEME NH530 Drones - With Camera for Adults Kids, FPV Drone with 1080P HD Camera , RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Gravity Sensor, Headless Mode, One Key Return/Take Off/Landing, Drone with 2 Batteries


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NEHEME NH530 Drone QuickInfo

Model Name NH530
Control Type Remote Control
Video Capture Resolution HD 1080p
Are Batteries Included Yes
Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Item Weight 60 Grams
Battery Capacity 500 Milliamp Hours
Video Output Resolution 1280x720 Pixels
Remote Control Included? Yes


NEHEME NH530 Drone Features


  • Drone with 1080P HD Camera: Simply click to capture High-quality aerial photos/videos and directly save on your phone album; easy gesture selfie and video recording, definitely a fabulous remote control drone flying indoor/outdoor. Note: If you want to use the drone outdoors, please adjust the speed to the highest to reduce wind interference.
  • Multifunction Mini Drone: The NH530 rc drone comes with voice control, 3-speed adjustment, circle fly, 3D Flips and high-speed rotating functions, fulfill your flying time with multiple joy! 2 modular batteries provide up to 18-20 mins long flight time, easy to replace and safe to charge. The size of NH530 mini drone is 6.9 x 6.9 x 1.6 inch (with guards), which makes it very easy to carry.
  • Best Drone for Kids and Beginners: User-friendly features like One Key Start/Landing, Headless Mode, and Altitude Hold, support an easy and stable flight. 4 Propeller Guards free your worries of a collision or injury. Ideal toy drone choice for boys and girls. Great drone for kids to practice.
  • APP Intelligent Control: Control the drone by your smartphone to explore extra surprise. Gravity Sensor Control, Trajectory Flight, FPV Live Video and VR Mode will show you an extraordinary new world!
  • Great Gift Choice: The NH530 fpv drone has entry-level speed and operations for kids and beginners, various novel features for skilled pilots. Perfect gift for lover, friends, family for Christmas/Birthday/Holiday. Comes with a warranty, never worry about any possible issues with the drone.


    Product information


    Product Description

    Drones with camera for adults


    NEHEME drones with 1080P camera


    • One Key Start/Landing


    Support one key start when taking off the drone or one key landing when falling off, easy to fly for beginners.


    • Headless Mode


    Under headless mode, the drone will fly following the direction of the Right Control Stick regardless of the position of your drone’s head or the tail. Friendly drones for kids 8-12.


    • Altitude Hold


    This is one of the default functions of drones. Released your hands off from the remote control, the drone will hover stably by itself at a certain height, which provides the possibility to make stationary images.

    Specification of NH530 Camera Drone

    Drone's Weight 60g / 0.13lbs (FAA Registration NOT Required)
    Quadcopter Dimension 6.9 x 6.9 x 1.6 inch (with guards)
    Drone Battery 2 pcs 3.7V 500 mAh Lipo (Included)
    Flight Time 8-9 mins / per battery
    Charging Time 90 mins / per battery, when it is fully charged, the light goes off.
    Control Distance 80-100 meters



    NH530 Battery for NH530 drone with camera drone NH330-Red NH330-Blue
    NH530 Drones for Adults Battery for NH530 NH760 Drone with 1080P Camera NH525 Foldable Drones for Adults NH330-Red, Drones for kids NH330-Blue, Drones for kids
    Applicable User Adults Adults Adults Kids Kids
    Flight Time(2 batteries) 18-20mins 28-32mins 22-26mins 10-14mins 10-14mins
    Camera 1080P HD 1080P HD & 90° Adjustment 1080P HD x x
    Suitable for Beginners
    Total Functions 13-in-1 11-in-1 10-in-1 7-in-1 7-in-1
    Drone Size 6.9 x 6.9 x 1.6 inch (with guards) 6.06 x 2.87 x 2.58 inch(foldable) 4.7 x 3.2 x 2.2 inch(foldable) 3.7*3.5*0.8 inches 3.7*3.5*0.8 inches
    Drone Control Way APP & Remote Control APP & Remote Control APP & Remote Control Remote Control Remote Control
    3 Must-Buy Points Most Functional, APP Smart Control, wide range propeller guards HD 1080P, Carrying Case, Long Flight Time HD 1080P, Long Flight Time, Foldable Mini Style, Easy to Control for Kids, Safe(Full Propeller Guards) Mini Style, Easy to Control for Kids, Safe(Full Propeller Guards)
    FAA Registration NOT Required NOT Required NOT Required NOT Required NOT Required




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Decent flight duration, able to handle breeze outside, light and compact. Great for beginner

    I want to have a drone which also use for property photographing and progress report photos. Apparently these things don't fly themselves, so learning piloting requires cheaper toys which are rather disposable.First I got a 10$ Walmart QuadCopter which I have been playing indoors to familiarize myself with the concept of flight and many other aspects of using a remote control QC. Believe me you need to train your mind to control such a flying device on all three dimensions. Also you need to develop a certain muscle memory and sync with the idea. You will crash the copter several times and learn a lot. So, get a cheap toy first.I think I did my part quite alot by harassing the 10$ item and started looking for something a bit more expensive and higher capacity. So I found The Neheme NH530 Quadcopter which is quite more powerful and equipped, it is strong and well made, durable and high range. I am pretty impressed with it and sort of regret that I didn't get this one at the beginning. First of all, it is not expensive, second, the Walmart QC was a toy and its battery is not replaceable, third the flight time of it was 5-6 minutes and finally, I didn't have a chance to play it outside due to its light weight, low power and low range.Neheme NH530 Honor is a very compact QC which is equipped with gyro, a 720P camera, WIFI connection and live picture transmission, return to base function and so on. But more important than anything it is more powerful, has a decent range and can fly outside. Honestly it doesn't do very well with wind but it can handle breeze.The Camera of the Neheme NH530 Honor has a fixed 720p which provides quite good online picture feed, great videos and detailed enough. The camera has a zoom in function which I couldn't really decide if it is a optical zoom or if it is a digital zoom. If I get to understand this I will update my review in the future.QC's motors protrude from the arms and also serve as extension for the landing gear. The NH530 Honor comes with removable prop guards which are easy to install and remove. That makes the QC a very compact device.The Honor comes with four extra props and a screwdriver as spare parts.The Honor comes with two batteries. These are 500mAh batteries and they give you a flight time approximately 8 minutes while the camera is on. Both batteries have a charging indicator LED on them which glow while charging and turn off once the charging is complete. These batteries require a micro USB cable for charging and one cable is provided. They charge quite quickly when I connect them to my powerbank.The Remote control requires three AAA batteries. Remote control has a spring loaded phone clip attachment to hold the phone. I use a IPhone 8Plus and the clip holds it quite comfortably. Just one caution here: insert the phone clip to a point that it sits securely in the hole but don't push it to the extend that it clicks in. If it clicks in, you can't take it out and the remote control becomes somehow bulkier than it is intended to be. I had to unscrew my remote to release the phone-clip after I clicked it in.To be able to take pictures and video, you need to install the free app on your phone or I pad. The installation is pretty easy and so is the connection. You need to go to your phone or tablet's wifi settings and find the QC in there and it connects easily. After that you will have to give necessary permissions to the app to access your photos so that it can record the pictures and videos you take on your phone. The Honor QC doesn't have its own memory or slot for a memory card.Honor also allows you to use your phone as the remote control. I use the phone as a monitor and use the provided remote control to maneuver it as well as to take pictures by using the buttons on the remote control. Remote control range is around 70-80 m, I guess. It is perfectly possible to control the Neheme NH530 QC only with your phone. If you use your phone as a remote, you can either control the Honor QC by using the virtual sticks or by using the phone gyro and just by tilting the phone.The flight is stable. There are pitch adjustment buttons on the remote to correct unwanted side or front/backward movements while hanging. After the copter is adjusted by using these buttons, it hovers quite still, which allows you to see the picture on your I phone and make small adjustments before taking the picture you want. It also has a return to base button which takes it back to its starting point. Honor also has a land button which lands the QC softly and safely. the Honor QC lands itself safely in case of low battery as well.NH530 Honor has four LED lights at the bottom, two red and two green, which is quite useful to identify direction of the drone from a distance or when it is dark.One big caution: If you operate this QC at home, start it from the floor. If you take off from a high point like a table, it rushes itself all the way to the ceiling and it takes a good five seconds for it to ...


    I really like this drone. It’s a good value for the price. I like the flip feature and the one button landing. The only thing I would change is a longer battery life.


    This is great fun to fly. It was tricky to learn and aircraft pilot skills do not translate into quadcopter operation. I suggest caution when first learning because she can go quite fast and get away from the you unless you are super attentive. After a few crashes while getting the hang of it, I can report it is really durable. I use the prop protectors which come with it and are optional to install, so far I have no need for the spare props. Wind causes havoc to the inexperienced.