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New Z908 Pro Drone - 2.4G WIFI Mini Drone 4k Professional Obstacle Avoidance Helicopter Remote Control Quadcopter RC Drone Toy

New Z908 Pro Drone - 2.4G WIFI Mini Drone 4k Professional Obstacle Avoidance Helicopter Remote Control Quadcopter RC Drone Toy


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Video Capture Resolution: 1080p FHD,4K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: about 200m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Expert

Motor: Brush Motor

Model Number: Z908 Pro

Material: Plastic,Metal

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: About 18minutes

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 13*9*5cm

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 3*AAA battery

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Voltage: 3.7V

Charging Time: About 60minutes

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: Other

Barcode: Yes

Aerial Photography: Yes


Product configuration parameters:
1. Remote control frequency/channel: 2.4GHz/4 channels
2. Product material: plastic/metal/electronic components
3. Adjust the camera: electric adjustment 148° [can achieve upside-down shooting]
4. Product color: black
5. Motor model: 816
6. Remote control mode: left hand throttle
7. Flight time: about 15 minutes
8. Phone clip size: 5.5 inches
9. Remote control battery: AAA battery*3
10. Body battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
11. Remote control distance (no interference): 200m
12. Charging method: USB
13. Charging time: about 60 minutes
14. Packaging method: storage bag + color box
15. Body size: 25*25*5cm
16. Folding size: 13*9*5cm
17. Packing size: 23.2*8.1*18.6cm
18. Image transmission signal: the drone has its own WiFi signal
19. Image return distance (no interference): 50-80m
20. Drone weight (including battery): 138g
21. Packaging weight (color box + storage bag): 460g
Remote control function:

One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left/right steering/360° roll/headless mode/speed and slow gear/one-key reset/direction fine-tuning/lens adjustment angle

Aerial photography APP function:

One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left/right steering/360° roll/headless mode/speed/slow gear/photo/video/switch dual camera/face recognition automatic photo/gravity sensor/track flight/

Camera parameters:

Video resolution: 4K stand-alone 2560*1440

Photo resolution: 4K single shot 4096*2016

Video resolution: 4K dual front camera 2560*1440, bottom camera 2560*1440

Photo resolution: 4K dual front camera 4096*2016, bottom camera 4096*2016

Drone * 1 Remote control*1
Body battery*1 USB cable * 1
Protective frame*4 Screwdriver * 1
Spare fan blades * 4 Drone Manual * 1
APP manual * 1
Color box*1

New Z908 Pro Drone, z9obppd adopt more intelligent three-way obstacle

z9obppd adopt more intelligent three-way obstacle avoidance technology . adopts 4k esc dual camera and intelligent hovering positioning . easy to use and easy to operate .

New Z908 Pro Drone, head-up shooting 1500 1508 electrical phase modulation that is

This drone features an innovative head-up shooting mode with 1500/1508 electrical phase modulation, allowing for cinematic-quality shots with a wider-than-usual shooting angle of up to 150 degrees.

New Z908 Pro Drone, new understand obstacle avoidance, understand you better multi-directional detection of

New Z908 Pro Drone features obstacle avoidance technology, providing better multi-directional detection of obstacles. Equipped with automatic air sensing, this drone can autonomously avoid collisions.

New Z908 Pro Drone, esc camera 4k hd dual multi-directional 50x

This drone features an ESC camera with 4K HD resolution, dual multi-directional capabilities, and a 50x zoom function. It also comes equipped with obstacle avoidance technology, allowing for smooth real-time image transmission to your mobile phone. Additionally, it has long battery life and supports control transmission at a range of 360 degrees, including advanced gestures such as tumbling and trajectory tracking.

New Z908 Pro Drone, intelligent obstacle avoidance security escort the flight ciNew Z908 Pro Drone, stqp automatically avoids obstacles within 30 square meters

Note that this drone does not have obstacle avoidance capabilities when facing transparent or glass-like surfaces. However, it can automatically detect and avoid obstacles within a radius of approximately 30 square meters.

New Z908 Pro Drone, z908pro multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance 60c

The Z908 Pro drone features multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, allowing for safe and worry-free flight with a perception range of up to 60cm. Equipped with LED fill lights, this drone can detect obstacles in its path and will automatically avoid them.

New Z908 Pro Drone, z908pro fold just right makes your every trip more worry

The Z908 Pro drone features a classic three-dimensional folding design that ensures stability and worry-free performance during every trip. After withstanding thousands of folds, the machine remains reliable and consistent in its flight.

New Z908 Pro Drone, camera 4k dual camera + esc camera 150" remote control angle

This drone features a dual-camera system, including a 4K camera and an ESC camera, which allows for remote control operation with a high-definition lens. The drone also has an ultra-wide-angle shooting range of 120 degrees, enabling you to capture every wonderful moment in stunning 4K resolution (1508 pixels wide) and 120 frames per second.

New Z908 Pro Drone, 0-1509free shooting shooting from bird's-eye view

Capture stunning aerial footage with effortless freedom - shoot from bird's eye view, looking straight down or upwards, and break free from fixed perspectives thanks to the drone's downward-facing camera.

New Z908 Pro Drone, drone will automatically maintain a stable suspension in real time . easy

This drone features automatic stabilization in real-time, ensuring a smooth and steady flight. Moreover, it's effortless to operate, allowing you to easily adjust altitude without needing to manually control the throttle.

New Z908 Pro Drone, fun google play download on the app multi-function control app store

Enjoy a seamless flying experience with our new Z908 Pro Drone! Download our multi-functional control app on Google Play or App Store, and gain high-definition image transmission capabilities. With wireless connectivity, you can connect your drone to your mobile phone for a more immersive viewing experience and take full control of the drone's movements.

New Z908 Pro Drone, micro film production photos and videos are available directly in the app real-

Using advanced object recognition technology, this drone features intelligent gesture-controlled photography and video capabilities. By making specific hand gestures, you can command the drone to capture photos or videos within 3 seconds, thanks to its advanced gesture recognition system.

New Z908 Pro Drone, the lens adopts a new generation of lens zoom technology .

The drone features advanced lens zoom technology, enabling users to remotely control the zoom function and capture high-quality images of distant scenes.

New Z908 Pro Drone, z908pro track-fingered flight customize the route

Customize your flight route with ease using our 'Track-Finger' feature! Simply enable this option on our app, then draw the flight path you desire to let the drone follow it autonomously.

New Z908 Pro Drone, z908pro 3600 stunt show one-click easy to

Introducing the Z908 Pro's 360° Stunt Show feature, which allows you to effortlessly execute stunning aerial maneuvers with just one click. This advanced function enables smooth, intuitive control, eliminating the need for complex maneuvering.

New Z908 Pro Drone, value is amazingl 2908 pro gray fashion grey black high end black

The color options include Amazing Grey, High-End Black, and Fashion Grey.

New Z908 Pro Drone, z908pro module large battery 18 minutes long battery life

Equipped with the Z908 Pro module and a large-capacity battery, this drone boasts an impressive 18-minute flight time. Additionally, it features high-quality polymer batteries that ensure reliability and support up to 8 minutes of continuous flying, providing peace of mind for a worry-free experience.

New Z908 Pro Drone, obstacle avoidance aerial flight performance photography drone image transmission signal 2.4g

Equipped with obstacle avoidance, this drone offers impressive aerial flight performance, making it ideal for photography and capturing high-quality images. The 2.4G WiFi signal enables seamless image transmission over a range of approximately 200 meters, allowing you to control the drone remotely for about 18 minutes on a single battery charge, which lasts around 200 meters.

New Z908 Pro Drone, renoeguide remote control guide camera up camera dowin obs

Renegade remote control guide: Camera up/down in obstacle avoidance function. Short press for fine tune, long press for auto-correct. One key lake/landing.


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Glenna Homenick

New Z908 Pro Drone 2.4G WIFI Mini Drone 4k Professional Obstacle Avoidance Helicopter Remote Control Quadcopter RC Drone Toy

Mariana O'Connell

좋은 제품 잘 사용하겠습니다..

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배송예정일보다 빨리 도착했어요.

Loren Will

Дишманское говно, но сука такое веселое)))))

Kailyn Gusikowski

New Z908 Pro Drone 2.4G WIFI Mini Drone 4k Professional Obstacle Avoidance Helicopter Remote Control Quadcopter RC Drone Toy