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50W Portable Anti Drone Devices - 4 Band Drone Jammer used to prevent illegal drone flights Anti drone devices cut off remote signal capture drones

50W Portable Anti Drone Devices - 4 Band Drone Jammer used to prevent illegal drone flights Anti drone devices cut off remote signal capture drones


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50W Portable Anti Drone Devices SPECIFICATIONS


Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: Used to prevent illegal drone flights

The anti drone equipment uses a four band transmitter to prevent illegal drone flight and to some extent, affects the return, landing, and fall of the drone. In terms of attack and defense status, it is generally necessary to maintain a certain distance between the robot and the sensitive parts to be defended. The drone flew out from the driver's side and slowly approached the warning line. When approaching the defense range and possessing reconnaissance and interception capabilities, the distance between the drone and the defense range is generally much greater than the distance between it and the operator.

In this case, all signals from the surface (from land) will be weakened. At the same energy, the defense side's message will be better than the controller because they are closer to unmanned aerial vehicles. The defense team will also receive more offline messages. However, in order to prevent the signal received by the control system, the distance between it and the operator is like the distance between a defender and the operator. Therefore, there are no favorable conditions for preventing offline activities.

From the above results, it can be seen that the impact on uplink blocking is significant. Coincidentally, the uplink signal is generally remotely controlled, related to the operation of the drone. Once the uplink signal is disturbed, it will lose real-time control of the signal and only execute according to the predetermined program (usually landing or hovering). The offline signals are mainly based on remote sensing and imaging, and there are also some sensitive information. However, compared to control signals, these are not considered significant, and the upper defense forces do not have an absolute advantage, so they generally choose to ignore them.

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