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S186 Drone - 4 side Obstacle Avoidance Drone Optical Flow 4K ESC Anti-Shake Folding Four-Axis Remote Control Helicopter Toy

S186 Drone - 4 side Obstacle Avoidance Drone Optical Flow 4K ESC Anti-Shake Folding Four-Axis Remote Control Helicopter Toy


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motor model: hollow cup 8620

maximum climb speed: Up 1.6m/S Down 1m/S

airplane mode: Three-sided obstacle avoidance

Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 150m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 14+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Camera

Package Includes: Batteries

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Operator Skill Level: Expert

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Operation method: Remote control/APP

Motor: Brush Motor

Model Number: S186

Material: Plastic

Material: Metal

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: 9Min

Features: FPV Capable

Features: Obstacle Avoidance

Features: Wi-Fi

Features: Follow Me

Features: Auto Return

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 18*14.5*6.5 cm

Controller Mode: MODE1

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: AA*3

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Voltage: 3.7V 1200MA

Charging Time: 150Min

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: QJ

Aerial Photography: Yes

APP name and system: KY FPVios8.0/Android 7.0

S186 Drone, drone pro is an intelligent flight control system . you know the strengthS186 Drone, s186 drone features : up 1.6m/s downS186 Drone, drone pro triaxial ultra clear four camera technology does not miss every angle

drone pro triaxial ultra clear four cameras the new four camera technology does not miss every angle front lens bottom lens shooting effect shooting

S186 Drone, drone pro all functions are available air pressure four item infrared

This drone features all its functions, including air pressure sensors, four infrared sensors for stunt flying, fixed height mode, obstacle avoidance, and four camera modules that support high-definition image switching. The battery transmission is smooth, with a transmission distance of up to 03 kilometers. Additionally, it has one-click headless flight return, making it easy to navigate.

S186 Drone, drone pro hd drone sharp line design 4k image quality,

Each frame is meticulously crafted to vividly capture the beauty of every moment, thanks to its high-definition (4K) imagery with impressive details and exceptional performance.

S186 Drone, richer shadow image quality makes your aerial photography creation more free and easy

Rich, high-definition images enable you to capture stunning aerial photography and cinematic-quality movies with greater ease. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature allows for a more detailed representation of light and shadow, preserving a wider range of contrast and colors.

S186 Drone, drone pro triaxial hd electric adjustable lens camera, greatly

This drone features a triaxial HD electric adjustable lens camera, significantly improving picture stability through its effective anti-shake mechanism, allowing for more flexible aerial photography at angles of up to 90 degrees wide-angle.

S186 Drone, electricly adjustable ordinary lens anti shake lens drone pro triaxial portable folding

This drone features an electrically adjustable ordinary lens, anti-shake lens technology, and triaxial design for stable flight. It is portable, folding, and comes with a storage bag and a built-in high elasticity anti-collision sponge. Additionally, it includes a complete set of UAV accessories.

S186 Drone, modular battery high capacity and high efficiency battery lasting and stable endurance o

Equipped with a modular battery featuring high capacity and high efficiency, this drone provides long-lasting and stable endurance.

S186 Drone, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance the aircraft is equipped with multiple imported obstacle

This drone is equipped with multiple advanced obstacle avoidance sensors, allowing it to autonomously detect and evade obstacles at distances as close as 30 centimeters during flight, ensuring safe navigation.

S186 Drone, indoors it's easy to cross large buildings outdoors it'S186 Drone, drone pro triaxial air pressure fixed height the uav is

The S186 Drone features a tri-axial air pressure system, which enables it to maintain a fixed height once airborne. This ensures a highly stable flight experience.

S186 Drone, drone pro triaxial portable folding aviation pa pc material, lightweight

Introducing the S186 Drone, a portable folding quadcopter with four-axis remote control. This drone features 4K ESC, optical flow technology, and anti-shake stabilization to ensure smooth flight. It also has 4-side obstacle avoidance for safe navigation.

S186 Drone, drone pro brushless flying in patterns switching at will 360 stunt roll,

This drone features advanced brushless flight capabilities, allowing for smooth and precise movements while performing various aerial stunts, such as 360-degree rolls, track flights, and one-way returns. Additionally, users can customize their flight paths using an accompanying app and key, providing more control and precision.

S186 Drone, one click 360 stunt rollover headless mode, flying in the direction

One-click 360 stunt rollover mode available, with headless flight enabled - the drone will continue flying in the direction it was heading when you release control.

S186 Drone, drone pro triaxial: 2 meters . drone pro: triaxialS186 Drone, one key return reject loss execute the one button return function in headless

One-touch return: With the one-button return feature in headless mode, simply press the button to initiate a return. If you perform any other actions while returning, the return function will automatically pause.

S186 Drone, drone pro triaxial anti interference remote controller high altitude and long-

Enjoy precise control with this drone's triaxial remote controller, capable of navigating through obstacles at high altitudes and flying long distances without any disruptions.

S186 Drone, drone pro triaxial product parameters headless mode; fixed altitude flight

The accessories included are: a charging line, four wind leaves, four protective frames, an instruction manual (four copies), one lithium battery, and one storage bag. The drone also features headless mode and fixed altitude flight capabilities.

S186 Drone, name camera intelligent obstacle four 4k cameras avoidance uav

The S186 Drone features intelligent obstacle avoidance using four 4K cameras. It comes equipped with a UAV flight system that offers various flight functions, including fixed altitude flight and headless mode. Additionally, it has a 'return to home' feature and trajectory flight capabilities. The drone is powered by a modular lithium-ion storage battery pack, which is suitable for all ages. It comes in a black color and is designed for 14+ years old.

S186 Drone, s186 drone features : up 1.6m/s downS186 Drone, s186 drone features : up 1.6m/s down

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