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S60 Drone - Professional quadcopter Drone with 4k camera

S60 Drone - Professional quadcopter Drone with 4k camera


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S60 Drone Parameters

Product name
2.4G remote control folding aerial drone
Aircraft size (CM)
26*27*6cm (expanded size) 14*14*6cm (folded size)
Product color
Body battery
3.7v 2000mAh lithium polymer battery
Remote control battery
3 1.5v AA (need to buy another)
storage package size (CM)
Charging time
90 minutes
usage time
15-18 minutes


S60 Drone, gotsi 5 macine 75656 p38478

equipped with 4k hd dual camera 4kdual camera barometric fixed height and gesture control creative folding gotsi 5 macine 75656 p38478 ecextoe secici astraze

S60 Drone, 4k cinema camera support 45 to adjust shooting angle 16 million bottom lens

Equipped with a 4K cinema camera, this drone supports adjustable shooting angles (up to 45 degrees) and features a 16-megapixel bottom lens for seamless switching between aerial views.

S60 Drone, s60 drone parameters product name 2.4g remote control folding aerialS60 Drone, equipped with 4k ultra-clear wide-angle camera on the

Equipped with a 4K ultra-clear wide-angle camera mounted on the front and an HD camera situated on the bottom, this drone offers manual control over the front camera's direction at a precise 45-degree angle. Additionally, it features seamless perspective switching capabilities.

S60 Drone, rear wings swivel and fold the fuselage's

The rear wings on this drone feature a unique design that allows them to swivel and fold, enabling rotation and reconfiguration. Additionally, these wings employ a clever rotating folding mechanism, making it possible to hold the entire drone in one hand.

S60 Drone, rear wings swivel and fold the fuselage's

The S60 Drone features retractable front and rear wings that can be easily deployed or stowed away in one step. The front wing rotates and folds seamlessly, while the rear wing employs a clever folding mechanism that can be grasped securely in one hand.

S60 Drone, 5 3 8 14cm 27cm storage bag configure travel storage

5.3 x 8.14 cm, 27 cm - Storage Bag: Configured for Travel, Convenient Storage and Travel.

S60 Drone, fuselage battery adopts a drawer-type modular design .

The drone's fuselage features a modular battery design with a drawer-type mechanism for easy installation and removal. It is recommended to use multiple power packs, which increases the battery voltage and capacity to 37V 2000mAh, allowing for more powerful flight performance.

S60 Drone, headless mode one-click one touch retumn (

Headless mode can be engaged with a long press of the trigger. This feature allows for one-touch return to home, high-speed correction, medium-speed switching between 3D roll/emergency stop modes, and low-speed stops. The throttle stick provides left and right fly trim adjustments, while the steering rod offers one-click control.