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S604 PRO Drone - GPS 5G Wifi 4K 6K Dual High-definition Camera Brushless Motor FPV Professional Aerial Photography Quadcopter

S604 PRO Drone - GPS 5G Wifi 4K 6K Dual High-definition Camera Brushless Motor FPV Professional Aerial Photography Quadcopter


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flight time: About 30 minutes

camera lens: camera

Video resolution: 1080P

Support: Dropshipping,wholesale

Remote control distance: About 3000 meters

Pixels: Above 6 million

Photo resolution: 6K

Origin: Mainland China

Optical Zoom: 10x and below

Maximum travel speed: 10Km/h

Maximum rising speed: 3Km/h

Main Rotor Diameter: 4

Gyro: yes

GPS: Yes

Frequency: 2.4ghz

Flight Time: 27mins

FPV Operration: Yes

Control Channels: 2 Channels

Connectivity: Remote Control

Charging time: About 90 minutes

Camera mode: FPV

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording

Brand Name: CAR-partment

Aerial Photography: Yes

S604 PRO Drone, if you are satisfied with our products and servicesS604 PRO Drone, dropshipping begini -the best customer service free


Advanced features: Beautiful fuselage, ABS high toughness chassis, super drop resistant, LED lighting


Remote control battery: AAA battery * 4 (self provided)


Operation mode: Remote control / APP control


frequency : Remote control 2.4ghz/5chz 5g / WiFi signal


Gyroscope: 6Axis


passageway : 4CH


Charging mode: Universal USB interface


Battery capacity: 7.4v 3000mAh lithium battery


flight time : About 30 minutes


Charging time : About 90 minutes


Remote control distance : About 3000 meters


Camera mode : FPV


camera lens: camera


Video resolution: 1080P


Photo resolution: 6K


Speed shift: Resist 30% midrange 60% upscale 100%


Maximum travel speed: 10Km/h


Maximum rising speed: 3Km/h


Operating temperature: 0-40℃


Basic functions: Remote folding GPS aerial UAV, brushless motor, GPS positioning, ultra long flight, six pass gyroscope, up and down, forward and backward, left and right side flight, steering, one button return, headless mode, one button geomagnetic calibration, one button horizontal calibration, GPS switch, one button unlock, photo / video, speed gear, one button return, intelligent follow, one button surround, trajectory pointing flight, Novice mode switching, MV mode, VR split screen, photo / video, APP control

Package Included:

Aircraft * 1


Remote transmitter * 1


Fuselage battery * 1


A set of spare blades


Android USB cable * 1


Screw driver * 1


Aircraft manual * 1


App manual * 1


be careful:


Please read the instructions carefully before use. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you be assisted by an experienced adult.


Caution battery:


Do not over charge or over discharge.


Don't leave it at high temperature.


Don't throw it into the fire.


Don't throw it in the water.

S604 PRO Drone, 4k movie quality gps smart return 3000m flightS604 PRO Drone, gps return over distance smart return home with one key S604 PRO Drone, gps fixed point + optical flow hover minute to get started

gps fixed point + optical flow hover minute to get started dual positioning; outdoorlinternally anti-shake stabilization stable as mount tai

S604 PRO Drone, hpcesdf geomagnetic headless/re

hpcesdf geomagnetic headless/retur jia lo tl 04/5 calibration highllow speed photolvideo steering rod throttle lever switch gps switch oriot ops 45

S604 PRO Drone, benchmark flagship sparkling eye 4k high-definition pixels |

Features stunning 4K high-definition video capture, combined with GPS-enabled intelligent return-to-home functionality, allowing for up to 3,000 meter (10,000 ft) flights.

S604 PRO Drone, download onine app store for free . tens of thousands

Download our free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to access exclusive features, including tens of thousands of test flights and adjustments that continuously improve flight performance.

S604 PRO Drone, gps intelligent return home and circle flight mv production

Features GPS-assisted intelligent return-to-home functionality, circular flight modes, and MOV file support for professional-grade video production. Additionally, it has headless mode capabilities and features highlight lights, ideal for low-light conditions. The drone's battery life lasts approximately 30 minutes, while its remote control distance extends up to 3 kilometers.

S604 PRO Drone, ufgrade parts list flaosip drone remote control

Upgraded Parts List for S604 PRO Drone: Remote Control (excluding mobile device) x 1, Storage Spare Blade x 2, Protection Frame x 4, USB Charging Cable, Instruction Manual x 2.

S604 PRO Drone, s604 foldable and convenient body 30 minutes battery life fold

S604 PRO Drone features a foldable and compact body, offering up to 30 minutes of flight time with its convenient and portable design. With GPS and anti-lost systems in place, you can enjoy take-off and return-home capabilities. The drone is capable of capturing stunning 4K movie-quality pixels, ensuring exceptional picture quality.

S604 PRO Drone, folded, amazingly expected s604 convenient body folding design

The S604 Pro Drone features an innovative foldable design that allows for easy transportation and storage. With thousands of folds, the drone maintains its stability while in the compact folded state, measuring approximately 19 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm.

S604 PRO Drone, mv production can be directly produced on the app in real time

Media from your production can be edited and shared directly within the app in real-time, allowing you to add music, filters, and more, then instantly share it with friends through Moments, including access to a pre-loaded list of music tracks.

S604 PRO Drone - GPSS604 PRO Drone, 5gwifi 4kcinematic 3km high frequency signal

This drone features 5G WiFi connectivity, capable of capturing stunning 4K cinematic footage, with a flying distance of up to 3 kilometers. It also boasts high-frequency signal HD pixels, GPS positioning, and a battery life of up to 30 minutes. Additionally, the S604 PRO Drone is equipped with an anti-lost system for secure image transmission and a robust design that ensures reliable flight.

S604 PRO Drone - GPS

The S604 PRO Drone supports 4K resolution, which is equivalent to 1080p HD pixels four times over. It also features manual 45-degree adjustable camera angles, allowing for more flexible navigation and shooting options. Additionally, the drone offers a 1108-wide-angle shooting capability.

S604 PRO Drone, smart follow your personal photographyS604 PRO Drone, flying around take great movies with one click set your favorite goal as

Capture stunning aerial footage with ease! Set a desired location as your 'hotspot' and let the drone automatically center on it while flying around.

S604 PRO Drone, novices can get started in seconds headless mode one-key take

Novices can quickly get started with this drone, thanks to its headless mode feature that allows for one-key takeoff and landing/return functionality. Additionally, the remote control offers multiple functions, accessible via a single key during flight.

S604 PRO Drone - GPS

Plan your desired flight route on the app's interactive map, then tap on the created route to start flying along it, which will make for a more intelligent and captivating aerial experience.

S604 PRO Drone - GPS

The S604 PRO Drone features a large-capacity, modular lithium-ion battery that provides up to 30 minutes of flight time. The durable battery design is easy to install and comes equipped with a powerful 3000mAh, 7.4V voltage module.

S604 PRO Drone, what you see is what you get "4k ultimate edition after

What you see is what you get with our '4K Ultimate Edition'. After conducting rigorous testing and continuous improvement over tens of thousands of test flights, we've refined our drone's aerial photography capabilities and overall flight performance to deliver exceptional results.