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S98 Drone - 4K Dual Camera 1080P Wifi HPV Height Hold RC Foldable Quadcopter Dron Rc Helicopter Drone Gift Toys

S98 Drone - 4K Dual Camera 1080P Wifi HPV Height Hold RC Foldable Quadcopter Dron Rc Helicopter Drone Gift Toys


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Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD

Remote Distance: 200m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Recommend Age: 14+y

Package Includes: Original Box

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Charger

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: Batteries

Package Includes: Camera

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 123

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount

Brand Name: KBDFA

Aerial Photography: Yes

S98  Drone, S98 Drone - 4K Dual

Experience exceptional aerial photography with the S98 Drone, featuring a 4K dual-camera system that captures stunning visuals and a stable flight system for smooth navigation. Equipped with high-definition cameras, this drone lets you capture extraordinary moments with precision and clarity.

S98  Drone, amazing one button switch cool breathing light switch lamp oostaele

Enjoy amazing one-touch flight with a cool breathing light effect, as well as flash mode capabilities, which allows for 4K video recording and 1080P live streaming via WiFi.

S98  Drone, kbdfa aerial photography s98 is a

Enjoy effortless flight and capture stunning footage with our high-definition dual camera, featuring crisp 4K video quality.

S98  Drone, function 360 obstacle avoidance, more powerful performance folding portable appearance .

Equipped with advanced 360-degree obstacle avoidance technology, this drone boasts superior performance, a foldable and portable design, and the ability to record video footage. With its numerous hard-core technologies and excellent flight stability systems, it can capture everything in its path - even when you're not there!

S98  Drone, hd dual camera 360 obstacle avoidance cool gradient light controll

One-touch takeoff, HD image transmission, mobile phone control, gesture recognition, and landing are possible. Additionally, gravity induction trajectory delineation, optical flow hovering, beauty shooting modes, and 3D mode headless are available. This drone also features a 3-headless mode speed switch and VR mode.

S98  Drone, flying skill gives you a flagship image texture, breaking through the tradition

Take to the skies with ease and capture stunning images with the S98 Drone's advanced features. Its unique design, combined with exceptional flying skills, allows you to break through traditional boundaries and achieve breathtaking results.

S98  Drone, stability is the key performance, achieving great leap forward augmentation system

Stable performance is the hallmark of this drone, featuring an innovative folding design that enhances its next-generation flight intelligence. This upgrade surpasses previous heavy-duty drones, offering a leap forward in aerial capabilities.

S98  Drone, hdpixel 15minute 15orice biphoto endurance distance get

This drone features an upgraded aerial photography sensor, allowing you to capture stunning 4K footage and high-definition photos with 1080P resolution. With up to 15 minutes of battery life, you can enjoy extended photo shoots or long-distance flights.

S98  Drone, free flight with forward and backward left and right infrared

Enjoy smooth and stable flight with forward and backward detection using infrared sensors, which actively avoids obstacles if they appear in your path, providing a safe and enjoyable experience even for beginners who can start flying without worrying about crashing.

S98  Drone, wysiwyg powerful image and powerful performance

Capture stunning high-definition (4K) aerial photographs with our drone's powerful dual camera system, featuring adjustable range and a 120° wide-angle view. Switch between cameras to capture better highlights and shadows in your footage.

S98  Drone, uav can maintain a high hover without holding the accelerator

The UAV can maintain a stable hover at any height without manual control, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor flights, and capable of avoiding obstacles.

S98  Drone, 2.4g long-distance signal is sensitive, far away

Equipped with a robust 2.4GHz frequency, this drone boasts a strong signal that can reach long distances without interference, ensuring stable and reliable operation.

S98  Drone, wifi image transmission, hd without delay long range flight .

Enjoy seamless WiFi image transmission, lag-free high-definition (HD) video, and extended long-range flight capabilities for an immersive and more enjoyable flying experience.

S98  Drone, download on the google play app store videolpicture editing and sharing

Download the Google Play app store's video picture editing and sharing software, which allows for real-time editing and sharing with features such as 5x zoom, adding filters and double audio music to captured photos in real-time.

S98  Drone, the camera is aimed at the uav the corresponding

Capture stunning 4K photos or videos while in-flight using hand-gesture control. The cameras on your S98 drone are designed to respond to your gestures, allowing you to effortlessly capture memories without needing to physically interact with the device.

S98  Drone, mobile app lets you control uav flight without pressing the 8

The mobile app enables intuitive UAV flight control, allowing you to steer the drone by simply tilting your smartphone from side to side or up and down.

S98  Drone, uav follows the flight path you drew automatically

Customize your drone's flight path using the mobile app's tracking feature, and let it follow the route you've drawn out automatically, with advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities.

S98  Drone, uav body adopts modular design, more convenient installation,

The drone's body features a modular design for easier installation and plug-and-play functionality. It comes equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery, providing a longer lifespan and an impressive 15-minute endurance on a single charge.

S98  Drone, the above data are measured by the manufacturers skilled professionals in an outdoor open

The performance specifications were determined by trained professionals in a controlled outdoor setting with optimal lighting, minimal wind, and no interference. Please note that actual performance may vary depending on the operating environment and conditions, which may not necessarily match the listed data.

S98  Drone, kbdfa aerial photography s98 is a
S98  Drone, list of accessories [bonus] 0 g malai
S98  Drone, "guidev power switch short press without head long press to back light

Remote Control Guide: The power switch has two functions. A short press turns on the back light, while a longer press allows for one-touch takeoff and landing. The throttle lever controls speed, the steering rod adjusts direction, the speed switch regulates pace, and the obstacle avoidance switch enables fine adjustments. Additionally, the drone features 360-degree rotation.

S98  Drone, kbdfa aerial photography s98 is a
S98  Drone, kbdfa aerial photography s98 is a
S98  Drone, kbdfa aerial photography s98 is a
S98  Drone, kbdfa aerial photography s98 is a

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