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Skydroid MX450 Training Drone - 1080P Camera 5KM Long Range 450MM Wheelbase Multifunctional Training Drone RTF Industrial Drone

Skydroid MX450 Training Drone - 1080P Camera 5KM Long Range 450MM Wheelbase Multifunctional Training Drone RTF Industrial Drone


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The Skydroid FLY APP download Link is
Skydroid MX450 RC Quadcopter Long Range Multifunctional Training Drone

Skydroid MX450 long range drone is designed for multiple functions. The MX450 drone comes with 1080P HD camera, making the picture more clear and true. With Skydroid H12 remote controller, the flight range can reach to 2-5km. The battery comes with the drone is 3S 4200mah high capacity high density smart battery, the no-load flight time can reach 28 minutes.

Main Features:
--High Precision M8N GPS Positioning
--High Strength Frame Structure and powerful power system
--5KM Long range digital video transmission system
--1080P HD camera with 2 axis stablization gimbal
--28 minutes flight time ( no payload)
--100 meters lighting distance
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Item Brand: SKYDROID
Item name: MX450
Diagonal wheelbase: 450mm
The size of the drone without propeller: 361x361x106mm
The size of the drone with propeller: 496x496x106mm
Packing size: 500x405x130mm
Drone net weight: 650g
Propeller size: 9 inch
Battery Voltage: 3S
Battery Capacity: 4200mAh
Battery Weight: 233g
Motor Model: 2312
Video transmission distance: 2-5KM
Telemetry distance: 2—5KM
Flying height: 0-500m
Max take-off altitude: 3000m
Propeller material: nylon+fiber
Arm material: nylon+fiber
Flight time: 28 minutes
Charger: 3S high voltage, 3A, balanced charge

Skydroid H12 Remote Controller:
Product model: H12
Working voltage: 4.2V
Frequency band: 2.400- 2.483GHz
Upgrade: APP online upgrade
Size: 190*.152*94mm
Life time: 6-20 hours
Number of channels: 12
RF power: 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC
Frequency hopping: new FHSS frequency hopping
Weight: 530g
Battery: 10000mA/H
Charging interface: TYPE-C
Application: helicopter, fixed wing, multi-rotor, vehicle and ship

Package Included:
Skydroid MX450 450MM Wheelbase Racing Drone x 1
3S 4200mah Smart Battery x 1 or  3 (optional)
Battery charger x 1
Skydroid H12 Remote controller x 1 
Aluminum Case x 1



Skydroid MX450 Training Drone: A Comprehensive Review

The Skydroid MX450 Training Drone emerges as a versatile and feature-rich RTF (Ready-To-Fly) industrial drone designed for a myriad of applications. With its impressive specifications and multifunctional capabilities, the MX450 promises to be a game-changer in the world of training drones.

Design and Specifications: The MX450 boasts a compact 450mm wheelbase, making it agile and maneuverable. The drone's dimensions without propellers are 361x361x106mm, expanding to 496x496x106mm with propellers attached. Weighing in at 650g, it strikes a balance between portability and stability. The 3S, 4200mAh battery, combined with a 28-minute flight time, ensures extended training sessions.

Advanced Technology:

  1. High-Precision GPS Positioning: The MX450 incorporates an M8N GPS for accurate recognition and omni-directional sensing, enhancing flight safety.

  2. High Strength and Collision Resistance: Upgraded thicken nylon construction, coupled with industrial sensors, ensures stability and collision resistance in various environments.

  3. Brushless Power Motors: Equipped with high-speed brushless power motors (2312), the MX450 delivers superior performance and extended service life compared to carbon brush motors.

  4. Skydroid FPV System: The mature gimbal technology, high-definition J08Op FULLHD 1080P HD non-distortion camera, and SKM long-distance digital video transmission technology combine to offer a realistic FPV experience.

  5. 2 Axis Stabilization Gimbal: The adjustable 2-axis stabilization gimbal ensures a stable image, reducing jitter during flights.

  6. Laser Obstacle Avoidance: The MX450 features a 2-axis gimbal version with laser obstacle avoidance, offering high-precision obstacle detection with a measurement range of up to 20 meters.

  7. 5KM Digital Video Transmission: Utilizing the Skydroid remote control ground station, the MX450 achieves an impressive 5KM ultra-distance real-time digital video transmission, eliminating signal disruptions.

  8. 28 Minutes Durance: The MX450's intelligent charging and discharging system, paired with a 4200mAh smart battery, extends flight times for more productive training sessions.

  9. Aerial Lighting and Multifunctional Thrower: With a high-brightness illuminator under the fuselage and a multifunctional thrower, the MX450 excels in low-light conditions and can accurately deliver payloads.

  10. Skydroid H1Z Multi-function Remote Control: The powerful datalink transmission, high-definition display, and super expandability of the remote control contribute to seamless drone control and operation.

  11. Super Expandability: Offering development SDK and technical support, the MX450 provides a wide range of interfaces, including digital camera support, serial port transparent transmission, S.BUS, and more.

  12. Skydroid Ground Station App: The optimized app, based on Tower and QGC, enhances user interaction, widens map views, and facilitates intelligent route planning for efficient professional tasks.

Conclusion: The Skydroid MX450 Training Drone stands out as an all-in-one solution, combining cutting-edge technology, durability, and user-friendly features. Whether you're a novice drone pilot or an experienced professional, the MX450's impressive specifications and multifunctional capabilities make it a standout choice in the realm of training drones. From obstacle avoidance to long-range digital transmission, the MX450 delivers an immersive and reliable training experience.



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