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SKYDROID S1 Electric Control System Highly Integrated Multi-Expanding Laser Obstacle Avoidance Gimbal For Multicopter Rc Drone

SKYDROID S1 Electric Control System Highly Integrated Multi-Expanding Laser Obstacle Avoidance Gimbal For Multicopter Rc Drone


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Wheelbase: Upper Shell

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Radio control Transmitter

Tool Supplies: Radio control Transmitter

Technical parameters: Value 2

Size: 51*41*13

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller

Recommend Age: 14+y

RC Parts & Accs: Transmitters

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Skydroid H12

Material: Metal

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Radio control Transmitter

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Brand Name: U-Angel-1988


Main processor: STM32H743

Gyroscope: BMI088
Electronic compass: QMC5883L
Barometer: LPS22HB
Interface: GH1.25
Antenna length: default 30cm, 40cm, 50cm optional
PWM output: 12 OneShot/PWM output (configurable)
Receiver: Built-in H12 receiver
Receiver antenna gain: 3dBm
Receiver transmit power: 100mW/20dBm
GPS UART serial port: 1
POWER power port: 1
Audio output port: 1
Camera interface: 1
CAN interface: 1
Support models: 3-8 axis
Working environment and physical parameters:
POWER input voltage: 2s-18s
USB voltage: 5V±0.3V
Servo voltage: 5V±0.3V
Working temperature: ﹣40~80℃
Weight and size:
Size: 68*47*13mm
Weight: 62g
Obstacle avoidance dual axis Gimbal:
Size: 57.5*49*47.1mm
Specification: 1/2.7 sensor EFL=2.4mm
Angle: 100°
Video resolution: 1080p 25fps
Weight: 51g
Measuring range: 0.05-20m
Measurement accuracy: 0.05-2m: ±2cm 2-20m: ±2%
Measuring speed: 50Hz/100Hz
Laser resolution: 1cm
Light source wavelength: 750-830mm
Working voltage: 3.5-5.5V
Working temperature: ﹣10~60℃
Power consumption: 60mA@5V
S1: Electronic control system
Features: high integration, integration, multiple expansion
product description:
1. High integration and multiple expansion:
The SKYDROID S1 electronic control system has rich functions, and has a built-in receiver developed by SKYDROID, which can realize long-distance and stable data transmission and image transmission. S1 has built-in high-quality audio decoding, which can be connected to speakers with power amplifiers to realize functions such as shouting and playing audio.
2. Vehicle-level sensors:
SKYDROID S1 is equipped with a vehicle-grade sensor BMI088. BMI088 is a high-performance inertial measurement unit that can provide low noise and low drift characteristics under temperature fluctuations, and has good sturdiness and stability.
3. Rich interfaces:
SKYDROID S1 has 12 channels of PWM, CAN, audio output and other interfaces. With its rich interfaces, it has the expansion ability of undershooting and can be used in different scenarios, different functions and equipment requirements.
4. Easily adjust parameters:
Through the SKYDROID Fly APP, the equipment equipped with S1 can be adjusted in a fool-like manner. Various parameter settings are clear at a glance, making the originally complicated adjustment parameter settings simple and easy.
5. Laser obstacle avoidance Gimbal:
The SKYDROID S1 full package comes standard with dual-axis brushless laser obstacle avoidance Gimbal, 1080P true HD camera, adjustable dual-axis stabilization Gimbal, reduce jitter, stable picture, measurement blind area as small as 5cm, measurement speed up to 100Hz, measurement range up to 20m , The measurement accuracy can reach ±2cm. It can effectively avoid the failure of obstacle avoidance due to insufficient light or mirror reflection.
6. Secondary development:
SKYDROID provides flight control schematics and source code for S1 users to facilitate secondary development.
7. Audio output:
S1 has an audio output interface, which can realize functions such as shouting and text-to-speech after connecting to a speaker with a power amplifier.

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Delphia Kiehn

SKYDROID S1 Electric Control System Highly Integrated Multi-Expanding Laser Obstacle Avoidance Gimbal For Multicopter Rc Drone