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T-Motor MN5208 KV340 Brushless Motor with position lock 4.1KG Thrust for UAV drones quadcopters multi-rotor professional boats

T-Motor MN5208 KV340 Brushless Motor with position lock 4.1KG Thrust for UAV drones quadcopters multi-rotor professional boats


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T-Motor MN5208 KV340 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONS

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Technical parameters: Value 2

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: ESC

Recommend Age: 14+y

RC Parts & Accs: Motors

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: MN5208 KV340

Material: Metal

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Brand Name: T-MOTOR

T-Motor MN52

MN5208 It is not only a motor,but also a work of art with precisely processing and nicer dynamic balanced

T-Motor, T-motor MN52O8 follow MN series external design,utilize the special

T-Motor's MN5208 motor features an exterior design consistent with the MN series, and employs a unique air-extracting cooling system that ensures stable airflow around the rotor.

T-Motor, Compared with the loose winding motor, the instant current would be lower 15% and the load

Compared to loose-wound motors, this brushless motor features a lower instant current (15% reduction) and load current (5-10% reduction), resulting in higher efficiency and more torque. The standard and delicate winding process, combined with a fixed connection to the ESC, provides customers with increased convenience and a superior user experience.

T-Motor, the bearings used for T- MOTOR MNSZxX series are of the double

The bearings utilized in the T-MOTOR MN5208 KV340 brushless motor, as well as other models in the MN5208 series, are significantly larger than those found in comparable motors from other manufacturers.

T-Motor, the 8 M3*12 screw is intended for the installation of propeller, propeller adapt

The MN5208 KV340 brushless motor comes with eight M3*12 screws intended for installing the propeller, propeller adapter, and carbon fiber propeller in conjunction with the cover plate. Note that these screws do not include those used to secure the bracket and motor.

T-Motor, Test Report Test Item MN5208 KV340 Report NO. MN.000

Test Report: MN5208 KV340 (Report Number: MN.00029). Specifications: Internal Resistance: 0.093 milliohms; Configuration: 24NZZP; Shaft Diameter: 4mm; Motor Dimensions: 59mm x 29.5mm; Stator Diameter: 52mm; Stator Height: 8mm; AWG Cable Length: 600mm; Weight (including cables): 196 grams; Weight (excluding cables): 150 grams; Number of Cells (Lipo): 4-6S; Idle Current @ 10V: [insert value].

T-Motor, T-MOTOR MN5208 KV340 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONT-Motor, T-MOTOR MN5208 KV340 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATION

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