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T-Motor T-Drone MX860 Industrial Drone - 9kg Payload 40 Minutes Coaxial Multi-rotor UAV Drone Heavy Payload Platform for Industrial Applications

T-Motor T-Drone MX860 Industrial Drone - 9kg Payload 40 Minutes Coaxial Multi-rotor UAV Drone Heavy Payload Platform for Industrial Applications


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T-Motor MX860 is a coaxial multi-rotor UAV drone with improved safety performance, remarkable load capacity, and flight time. With 5kg payload, the flight time can reach to 40 minutes. It is small in size and easy to disassemble, fold and carry to outside.  MX860 drone also adopts waterproof design. It is suitable for parcel delivering, forest public security, public security monitoring, search and rescue, and etc.
mx860 uav drone
Main Features:
1. Small yet Powerful
Compact design to minimize the size while the maximum payload could reach up to 9 kg.
2. Convenient Design
Easy to disassemble, fold, and carry, Transportation is no longer a hassle.
3. Lightweight Design
Extrusion forming of the integrated body with high-strength aviation aluminum for higher strength and lighter weight.
4. Long Flight Time
Up to 40mins under normal conditions(5kg payload)
5. Efficiency King
Professionally customized propulsion system.Abundant power redundancy, higher safety factor.
6. Multi-Directional Waterproof Protection
1mm objects are no longer a threat to the motor.Free flight in almost all weather.
uav industrial droneindustrial drone for deliveryheavy payload dronelr drone with long flight tim ecoaxial droneuav drone

Model MX860
Wheelbase 860mm
Weight of Drone(With Battery) 9.96kg
Weight of Battery 5.2kg(Two 6S 30Ah batteries)
Max Take-off Weight 19.96kg
Maximum Ascent Speed 5m/s
Maximum Descending Speed 3m/s
Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed 20m/s
GPS Hover Accuracy Vertical:+0.2m;Horizontal:+0.1m (without RTK)
Hover Time 3kg≥49mins; 5kg≥40mins; 9kg≥24mins
Protection IP52
Maximum Tolerable Wind Speed 14m/s
Working Temperature -15℃~50℃
Propulsion System T-MOTOR
Dimensions Folded 433*413.5*250mm(With Landing Gear,Without Props)
Packing Size 520*515*385mm
Shipping Weight 8.5kg(With Packaging)

Package Included:

MX860 Multi-Rotor UAV Drone frame kit x 1
Propulsion System x 4 Sets
Mounting board x 1 
Landing Skid x 1

Note: Flight controller, Radio with receiver and battery are not included. You need to purchase them seperately. 




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T-Motor MX860 Industrial Drone: Elevating Payload Capabilities in Industrial Applications

Unveiling the T-Motor MX860, an industrial drone engineered for superior payload capabilities, extended flight times, and enhanced safety features. With a compact design, efficient propulsion system, and multi-directional waterproof protection, the MX860 redefines the standards for industrial UAV platforms.

Technical Excellence:

  • Model: MX860
  • Wheelbase: 860mm
  • Weight (With Battery): 9.96kg
  • Max Take-off Weight: 19.96kg
  • Maximum Ascent Speed: 5m/s
  • Maximum Descending Speed: 3m/s
  • Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed: 20m/s
  • GPS Hover Accuracy: Vertical:+0.2m; Horizontal:+0.1m (without RTK)
  • Hover Time: 3kg≥49mins; 5kg≥40mins; 9kg≥24mins
  • Protection: IP52
  • Maximum Tolerable Wind Speed: 14m/s
  • Working Temperature: -15℃~50℃
  • Propulsion System: T-MOTOR
  • Folded Dimensions: 433413.5250mm (With Landing Gear, Without Props)
  • Packing Size: 520515385mm
  • Shipping Weight: 8.5kg (With Packaging)

Enhanced Safety Performance: The MX860 is a coaxial multi-rotor UAV designed with improved safety performance. Its remarkable load capacity of up to 9kg and extended flight time make it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. With an IP52 protection rating, the MX860 is resilient in challenging environmental conditions.

Compact Design, Maximum Payload: The MX860 adopts a compact design to minimize its size while maximizing its payload capacity. With the ability to carry up to 9kg, this drone is a powerhouse in a compact frame, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial tasks.

Convenient and Lightweight: Designed for ease of use, the MX860 is easy to disassemble, fold, and carry. Transportation is no longer a hassle, allowing users to deploy the drone swiftly and efficiently to different locations. The integrated body, formed through extrusion of high-strength aviation aluminum, ensures both durability and lightweight performance.

Efficiency King Propulsion System: Powered by T-MOTOR, the MX860 features a professionally customized propulsion system. This system provides abundant power redundancy, ensuring a higher safety factor. The efficiency of the motor contributes to the impressive 40-minute flight time under normal conditions, even with a 5kg payload.

Multi-Directional Waterproof Protection: The MX860 boasts multi-directional waterproof protection, ensuring that 1mm objects are no longer a threat to the motor. This feature allows for free flight in almost all weather conditions, making the MX860 a reliable choice for industrial applications.

Versatile Applications: The MX860's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. From aerial surveying to cargo transportation, this drone is designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals in various industries.

In conclusion, the T-Motor MX860 Industrial Drone sets a new standard in the realm of industrial UAVs. With its compact design, impressive payload capacity, and advanced safety features, it is a reliable and efficient solution for professionals seeking a drone platform for a myriad of industrial applications.



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