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T-motor U12 II KV60 KV120 Brushless Motor Max Thrust 20kg IP55 1500 Flights U Efficiency Type Outrunner Drone Motor

T-motor U12 II KV60 KV120 Brushless Motor Max Thrust 20kg IP55 1500 Flights U Efficiency Type Outrunner Drone Motor


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T-motor U12 II KV60 KV120 Brushless Motor SPECIFICATIONS

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Technical parameters: Value 2

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Motor

Recommend Age: 14+y

RC Parts & Accs: Motors

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: U12II

Material: Metal

Brand Name: T-MOTOR

T-motor, U1211-A leap of thrust improvement *Redesigned iron core *Sine wave

U1211-A leap of thrust improvement *Redesigned iron core *Sine wave features #FOC ESC *Silver winding #Innovative cooling design .

T-motor, Ui2ukv1zo 1 3 'Tnotor JMADEeinT-motor, 62% Payload increase Power Ratio ( Tlkg thrustlkg 30 27.

Compared to the previous model, this motor boasts a significant 62% increase in payload capacity, with a power ratio that offers: * 30% more thrust at 27.73kg * 25% more thrust at 20kg * 17.22kg of thrust (a 15% increase) * 16.71kg of thrust (an additional 14.5% increase)

T-motor, Imported Silver Wires are adopted for easy control over aircraft from fast motor response speed,

Equipped with high-quality silver wires, this motor features enhanced control and responsiveness, allowing for faster motor response speeds and reduced copper losses. This results in a 30% decrease in motor heat.

T-motor, new design helps provide more thrust better efficiency while maintaining the best weight value [Wb/m

After rigorous testing, comparison, and refinement over several months, we've selected a new iron core that enables increased thrust, enhanced efficiency, and maintains an optimal weight-to-power ratio [Wb/m].

T-motor, new iron core design, thrust 15 13.641kg of new U12 reaches 20kg

Featuring an innovative iron core design, the U12 motor achieves a significant increase in thrust, reaching an impressive 20kg from its previous 13.64kg. This notable upgrade enables greater aircraft payloads.

T-motor, SSS Efficient Cooling Co Juuhattr's air-cooling

Efficient Cooling Co's proprietary air-cooling system, integrated into the motor design, ensures effective heat dissipation. This superior cooling performance ensures reliable operation during prolonged use in environments up to 50°C.

T-motor, Efficient Cooling DESIGNMANUFACTURE KV12O FeceeRo

Designed for efficient cooling, this motor (T-motor U12 II KV60/KV120) meets RoHS standards. Manufactured in China by T-motor, it ensures safe flight performance even in heavy rain or desert conditions.

T-motor, New Dust Prevention Network Protect motors from sand, dust, foreign matters and magnetic particles

Introducing our patented 'Diameter Imm' technology, which effectively prevents foreign matter such as sand, dust, and magnetic particles from entering the motor network, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

T-motor, Iron Core Special anti-rust treatment: passing 48h salt spray test Special Anti-rust Treatment

Featuring an iron core design, this motor has undergone special anti-rust treatment, which ensures it withstands a rigorous 48-hour salt spray test.

T-motor, Service Life 1500 flights are out of question 4ominsiigh . Redesign of

The service life of this motor is expected to be at least 1500 flights without any issues. Additionally, the redesign of our custom bearings has enabled us to prolong their lifespan to 1000 hours under normal operating conditions.

T-motor, N42 UH Arc Magnet High grade magnets improve torque for high efficiency in high temperature

Featuring high-grade N42 UH Arc magnets, this motor boasts improved torque for enhanced efficiency even in high-temperature applications. The remanence (Br) measures between 1.3-1.33 Tesla (T), with coercivity exceeding 20 kiloOerstels (Koe), and 25 kA/m (Koke).

T-motor U12 II KV60 KV120 Brushless Motor SPECIFICT-motor, Specifications Test Item KV120 Weight (Incl: Cable) 778g

Specifications Test Item KV120: Weight (including cable), 778g; Motor Dimensions, 10.06mm x 47.6mm; Internal Resistance, 2.22mΩ; Lead Enameled Wire length, 90mm; Configuration, 36N42P; Shaft Diameter, 15mm; Rated Voltage (Lipo), 10-14.5V; Idle Current at 18V, 1.5A; Peak Current at 1 second, 954mA; Maximum Current, [no value specified].

T-motor U12 II KV60 KV120 Brushless Motor SPECIFICT-motor U12 II KV60 KV120 Brushless Motor SPECIFICT-motor, if something is missing, please contact online customer service or leave message to onlinesales@

If anything is missing from your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to our online customer service team by contacting us at or leaving a message.

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